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Nuclear Badlands

Chapter 1: Not of this World

Konohagakure no Sato

The streets of fire country's shinobi village were filled silent, not a sound filled the air as the moon shined brightly within the clouded skies. One peculiar blonde haired boy walked out of an alleyway, seeing as how it was the only time where it was safe enough to actually walk without being chased or having glass bottles, trash or rocks pelted at him.

The boy's name was Naruto and he was currently depressed, not because of the villager's actions, but because he had failed the academy for the second time. He was twelve years old and had already met the age requirements to become a shinobi, sadly due to his poor academic skill he had been deemed the dead-last of his class and with the title, followed its meaning.

Not that it was his fault, the academy instructors had only refused to teach him anything; for whatever reason, he will never know. The blonde looked up in the roof to see if there were any shinobi that were watching him; he had to be ready to run if any decided to try anything. Luckily there were none and he continued his path to his personal spot, the academy swingset.

Half an hour later, Naruto was seated on the hanged seat looking sadly onto the red building, how could he gain the respect of the villagers when no one would give him a chance. He closed his eyes and gave a small sigh, after sitting there for several minutes he figured it was time to return to his poorly crafted apartment room; hopefully the villager's wouldn't have vandalized it... or try to burn it down.

Before he could make it out of the courtyard, a strange blue glow surrounded the area, "Huh!?" he said, quickly noticing several small rocks levitate into the air. The blonde began to feel himself be pulled up into the air, "W-What's going on!?" he stammered as he looked down to see how high he was. Naruto using all his strength looked up and was forced to close his eyes due to the blinding light.

'What's happening!' he mentally shouted, before he disappeared into the light, the glow along with it; the night sky was then given an audiable 'boom' waking many of the village residents, unknown that the blonde Jinchuuriki was now out of the village, out of their reach, and out of this world.

Naruto began to stir in his sleep before, he was able to weakly open his eyes which were slightly blurry. He went wide-eyed as his line of sight landed on something no one could possibly imagine; on both sides, were standing two diminutive, hairless, yellow/green skinned humanoid creatures. Both had short wiry limbs, disproportionately large heads with heavy lidded solid black eyes showing no visible iris. Their hands appeared to have only three long fingers which slightly resembled suction cups, they also wore a bright alloy colored suit with silver boots.

He watched nervously as the two extraterrestrials conversed with one another, giving clicks and babbles before one pressed several buttons on a monitor, bringing up a large tubular machine with a rather large needle at the end of it. Naruto tried to struggle as the sharp object advanced towards him, only to find that he was strapped tightly and had little to no mobility. The machine gave a small yet bright blue light and began to scan the blonde organism, Naruto stared at the light before feeling the pain of the needle enter his chest, he quickly passed out.

Two Weeks Later

Naruto was brought into a familiar room, filled with a small post with a circular hologram along with many buttons. The aliens that had brought him in pressed three before it babbled at the blond, "Y-You want me to... talk to this thing?" he asked, apparently the creature didn't like the response and grabbed a metallic pole-like object from its waist, which sparked to life and with it poked the blonde in the waist.

The blonde fell to the ground, gritting his teeth in pain as electricity coursed through his body, the alien then babbles again and repeaditly zaps Naruto, "O-Okay, All right I'll do it, just stop!" he shouted causing the alien to stop its assault. The blonde weakly gets up, using the controls as support and got close to the recorder.

"U-Um... Hi... my name's Naruto, Naruto Uzumaki... two weeks ago, I was taken from my village, I don't know where I am or why they've brought me here... I've seen things through the windows... the stars... they seem to go on forever... I don't know what these things are or what they've done to me... they've been doing things to my body... I just hope its not anything bad-" he was cut off as the alien babbled once more and once again struck him with the baton it held.

"S-Stop it! I did what you wanted, just leave me alone!" he said before the alien pushed him out of the room and back to his cell, which was blocked out by a electrical barrier.

Six Years Later

Naruto grit his teeth in anger, he had witnessed another human being mutate into a half alien abomination. Over the years of captivity, his captors had continued experimenting on his body, injecting him with many unknown sustenance; he along with several very lucky humans had gained several mutations from the tests, before further mutating into abominations.

Unlike the others however, the aliens had a rather high interest in the whiskered blonde; after injecting him with a strand of extraterrestrial DNA, the blonde had become somewhat telepathic. Not to the point of being able to levitate items, but at least read and speak into the minds of others and literally download bits of their knowledge.

Another successful experimentation was the serum they injected into his skeleton, from what Naruto was able to gather, they called it Adamantium; making his bones nigh indestructible. The aliens were also fascinated by the blonde's healing factor, which they noticed after 'accidentally' shooting him with one of their Atomizer's. The extraterrestrial's began to make implants on the blonde's body in which they had to sedate him in order to continue.

His skin as of now was much more resistant to their energy weapons, in which they tested out at their shooting range. Needless to say, Naruto slept weak and covered in faint scorch marks.

Two weeks later, the Blonde began to show high signs of strength, intellegance, perception, and agility; this was during a brief escape when Naruto managed to exit his cell by rewiring several components within the shielded door. With his new strength, he had comatosed five alien officials before nearly making it to the nearest teleporter; they had to strap him in an special straightjacket and gave him a good beatdown to insure he never tried it again.

The prisoner's thought that the boy would have gone insane by now, due to all the painful experiments, fortunately this wasn't the case. It was the sheer will to survive that kept his mind straight, he knew that he would someday escape captivity and when he did, there would be hell to pay. So for the following years to come, he was able to escape his bonds and had been sneaking in alien power modules, biogel, epoxy, crystals, Atomizer's, Shock Baton's, and several extraterrestrial equipment he had pick pocketed off the workers and officials.

Using the knowledge he had downloaded off various aliens, he was able to create a new device that could store items into a personal cyber-space and bring them out whenever he desired, this included several other components he had the pleasure of installing. This included hacking/reprogramming, decryption, video/audio/holographic communications, repairs, even a high temperatured knife; he called it, the Omni-Tool. It was a handheld device that Naruto wore as a small, stronger than steel watch, the aliens had discovered it but due to its appearance they merely thought of it as a time-telling machine.

Naruto knew that with his Omni-Tool he stood a better chance of escaping, with the right timing and patience, he would get that chance.

Five Months Later

Naruto slept quietly or at least that's what he looked like he was doing, he was mentally plotting an escape route. He knew that the aliens have been upgrading their technology and would make things a lot harder than they already were, but he knew that it now was his only chance to escape and if he failed, then his captors would be less merciful. He waited for the aliens to leave the cells, once they did he removed the straightjacket and walked towards the electrical barrier.

With his Omni-Tool he cut an opening on the doorway, and proceeded to rewire the conduits. Seconds of hot-wiring and he was able to shut-down the barrier, this of course didn't go unnoticed by his captors and proceeded to intercept him. Naruto grappled an alien by both wrist and collar before tossing it to the side, he then stopped an incoming baton by the grip, brought out his Omni-Blade and skewered the unfortunate alien. With the Baton still in hand, he struck the second alien's leg, crippling it in the process; before the alien could screech in pain, Naruto dislocated the creature's toothless jaws with a hard strike. Due to the creature's small mouth, it was needless to say that the hit had crushed most it's head, effectively killing it.

Naruto grabbed clenched the Shock Baton as more alien's rushed it, he cracked his neck and readied the slaughter.

Biological Research Lab

The sounds of energy based weapons filled the area as aliens, crazed humans, and mutated creatures fought for dominance. Naruto who was in the observatory, had deactivated the turret system and let loose the raiders and gouls from their cyro stasis pods. He now wore a black tank top, black leather pants, finger-less gloves, steel shoulder-pad, and leather straps around his left arm (AN: Raider Commando Armor).

Strapped to his waist was a blue hilted Katana, something he came across when he got lost in the Waste Disposal. On his back was a dufflebag containing alien power modules, biogel, epoxy, crystals, as well as a few other weapon ammo; the weapons he had collected were safely stored in the cyber space within his Omni-Tool.

He currently stood infront of a workbench, he had locked the door to insure nothing would disturb him as he worked. Naruto had taken several Shock Baton's, Atomizer's and Disintigrator's and had broken them down into spare parts. With alien knowledge, the possibilities were near endless, he looked up to see that the raiders and gouls were loosing greatly but, continued his work.

A minute later, the last of the raiders fell dead and Naruto then reconfigured the turret system before activating them, the three turrets then fired their cannon like shots at the unsuspecting aliens. On cue, Naruto had finished his weapon as the last alien had its head blown off, he powered down the turrets and exited the room.

His Omni-Tool watch was now part of his gloves, a metallic backhand with a cybernetic design to it with several glowing bars surrounding his wrists, on both forearms, was a silver/blue module his left he had crafted out of Atomizer's and Disintegrator's while his right out of Shock Baton's, power cells, and crystals (AN: Dead Space Kinesis/Stasis Modules).

Naruto grabbed an Atomizer off the floor and ran out, hoping to find the Hanger.

Hanger - Two Hours Later

Naruto pistol whipped an alien as more open fired on the blonde, it took him two hours to locate a teleporter to the Engineering Core. He grabbed the downed alien and began to fire rounds through it and at his captors, only five shots and his 'shield' combusted into a pile of ash; the aliens took advantage and took aim. Naruto held up his right palm and fired a blue ethereal blast, promptly freezing them in place; the blonde quickly searched the alien's minds before rushing the controls.

He watched as the gravity field surrounding the Alien Recon Craft slowly shut down. Naruto knew he had a few seconds left before the stasis that had captured his opponents faded away, so he jumped off the observatory and rushed towards the ship. He opened the door and got in as the ship sunk deeper into the Zeta.

He watched through the tough glass as the aliens fired from the observatory, before he could strap himself to a seat a Shock Baton nearly collided with his face. Naruto dodged the swipes from the helmet wearing alien, it was growing frustrated and brought out it's blaster; Naruto pushed the weapons aside and knee'd the alien in the gut before smashing a clenched fist at it's helmet, one strike cracked it, a second smashed it, a third knocked it to the ground, and finally decapitating it with a quick slash from his Katana.

Naruto sighed and wiped the green blood off his hand and quickly tapped into the alien's mind before the brain shut-down, he got the required info to pilot the craft and sat down, and strapped in as the Theta's thruster gave a full boost through the holographic shields and into space. The blonde would have sighed in relief if he hadn't noticed the planet he was heading into, a tan/pale blue planet.

'This... isn't my home world-' he thought before the red alert began to flare, he noticed that the mothership was preparing to fire it's main gun. 'Shit... gotta, dodge it!' he mentally screamed, as the ship charged a green ray cannon.

Theta was then surrounded by a red, super heated haze, indicating that the blonde was entering the atmosphere. He tried his best to maneuver out of the way, but was barely able to dodge Zeta's ray as it tore through the Theta's left wing. Naruto was officially crash landing through the planet's atmosphere as he continued to pilot the ship to the right; it was then that the flames began to cool down as he entered a sea of clouds.

Naruto pulled up on the control panels to avoid a nosedive crash, minutes later the ship pushed through the clouds and onto the air, he was shortly blinded by the sun and pulled up even harder. Barely watching were he was going he powered down the ship's thrusters in attempt to slow the craft down, slightly helped. The blonde went wide-eyed and braced himself as the ship crashed through an abandoned house before sliding through the ground and stopping on a pile of rocks.

The impact broke the windshield and nearly breaks the straps on pilot's seat, the corpse of the dead alien flew out and onto the ground while Naruto took deep breathes and carefully yet weakly looks around. He sighs in relief, "I did it... I did it-" he whispered to himself, before taking a deep breathe and un-strapping the belt on his seat.

He jumped out through the windshield and onto the ground he shielded his eyes from the sun once more, "Being inside a ship for six years... you'd think I'd remember the how bright the sun would be" he spoke out loud. The whiskered blond reached down and picked up the dead alien's Blaster along with the few power modules that were scattered before walking up hill, in attempt to get a good view of this new world.

"What is this place?" he thought, looking at what appeared to be a large wasteland. Naruto strapped the Blaster to his waist and headed back to the ship, he didn't know what kind of creatures inhabited the planet and if they held high intelligence than he would make sure to take everything useful from Theta, power modules, biogel, epoxy, etc. he even checked the mainframe, everything was bust, Theta would definitely not be taking off anytime soon, so with that in mind he ventured off into the wilderness.

Mothership Zeta

The Alien Captain held his head down as a holographic image of their general babbled angrily, it didn't take too kindly of their most enhanced subject's escape and was forced to fire their main gun at him. They had lost their most valuable asset and as Captain of the ship, it takes full responsibility for the actions that occur onboard.

Konohagakure no Sato

Hiruzen Sarutobi and Kakashi Hatake stood infront of the memorial stone with grim looks on their faces, it had been six years since the blonde haired Yondaime clone had disappeared. Jiriaya the Gama Sannin had his spy network working at one hundred percent to find him, but had absolutely no results, its as if the blonde had vanished off the face of the planet.

"Naruto... where are you?" Hiruzen spoke out.

MDPL-13 Power Station

Naruto walked into the office just outside the complex, he was slightly impressed by the tattered equipment, it sure was less advanced than the technology on the Zeta. He heard a scratching sound and turns to see a dog-sized mole rat, it growled and rushed the blonde. Naruto moved to the right as the giant rodent attempted to bite him, he merely drop kicked it into a wall, leaving a spiderweb cracks on it as the mole fell to the ground, dead.

The whiskered blonde shook his head and scavaged around the office, he found a weapon blueprint for something called a Railway Rifle; he had it downloaded onto his Omni-Tool. "Medical Crutch for the for the stock and grip, Pressure Cooker as a firing chamber, Fission Battery as a firing pin, and a Steam Gauge Assembly as a grip, ammunition storage, and gun barrel... huh... not bad for a homemade weapon" he said while reading the the print.

After several tries, he managed to power on the terminal on the desk; he was easily able to hack into it using his Omni-Tool. He looked through the files, just some updates and rule regulations on the station, by the looks of it, they were drafted years ago. Before he left he activated the lock key and opened the safe beneath the desk, there he surprisingly found at least seventy-five bottlecaps and a strange tin can with two black and red wires wrapped around tape, it had the word RADIATION written on it.

He didn't know what it was or what someone would do with so many bottlecaps, but he just opened a free storage slot in his Omni-Tool and kept them for later use.

As he left the building he noticed several people walking through the open path, he remembered seeing similar people in the BRL on the Zeta, Raiders. They noticed him and would have let him go due to his armor but sadly they knew something was off about the blonde, something to do with the Katana and the peculiar looking energy weapon.

"Nice looking sword you got there-" one said, Naruto sneaked into their minds, and his eyes widened slightly. 'This world... it's killed or be killed' he thought, eyeing the Raiders as they kept a firm grip on their rifles, however, Naruto was quicker.

He drew out his Blaster and fired a round at the first Raider, turning him into a pile of ashes, "WHAT THE FUCK!" one yelled and he along with the others were ready to rain a hell-storm from their assault riffles, when Naruto rushed forward with his Katana. He slit the throat of the first and skewered the second; with his blade still through the Raider he turned him around, gripped the rifle and fired at the others. The remaining two shot through human shield in attempt to get to the blonde, Naruto pulled his blade out and pushed the corpse forward.

The whiskered blonde through his Katana at the crazed men, which dodged to avoid being hacked only for Naruto to rush forth, 'punch' a raider in the chest and slam him into the ground. He grabbed the sledge hammer on from the man's back and gave a hard blow to the second's leg, before caving his skull in with a straight swing.

Naruto turned to the last raider who was getting off the ground, and threw three 'pins' on the ground infront of him. The Raider struggled to get the explosives off his leather strap, he screamed as he was blown to bits, Naruto shielded his face a blood and body parts fell towards him. He reached down and grasped one of the Hunting Rifles and examined it, 'Strange weapons, not like the ones in the Zeta-" he opened the bolt chamber and removing one of the bullets.

He looked at the .308 Caliber Round before placing it back in its slot, he heard a grunt but didn't turn, he knew that his human shield was still alive, just barely. The Raider reached back and grasped the hatchet he had strapped around his waist, and with his remaining strength, threw it at the blond. Naruto raised his left arm and sparked a faint blue electrical wire around the axe, sustaining it in mid-air before flinging it back at the shell-shocked Raider.

The Hatchet now embedded into the man's forehead, fell back as blood trailed down his face; Naruto shook his head and opened up a slot in his Omni-Tool, placing his Blaster in storage while he strapped the rifle around his back. He then proceeded to loot, the corpses for anything he could find; ammunition, strange 'chem'icals, and surprisingly, more bottle caps.

He scratched his head and continued onward down south.

Scrap Yard - Five Hours Later

Naruto walked through what looked like a parking lot of various tattered cars, he didn't know what these machines were or what they used to do. He walked past them and eventually made it through one of the busses were he found a still functioning radio unlike the one in the power station, it just seemed to turn on with a single push of a button.

"Hey nifty America, it's me, your President John Hen- Hahaa, gotcha! Three Dog here, how's everyone doin?"

Naruto blinked as he heard a man's voice over the radio, he sounded like a good man despite how everything on the planet had gone to hell.

"People of the Capital Wasteland, you can HEAR MEEEE! YEEEEAA HAAAA! You can't stop the signal, baby! That's right, from Megaton to Girdershade, Paradise Falls to the Republic of Dave, we are coming to you loud and clear, in a special live report! But Three Dog! You're in that cool radio studio in D.C. How do YOU know I can hear you, all the way out here in the middle of no where?" the radio man said.

Naruto sweatdropped but mentally nodded, "Because of the kid from Vault 101, that's how! That gal actually managed to repair our antenna relay, how's that for ingenuity, folks? From here on in, it's bye-bye stupid static, hello magnificent music. So sit back, relax, and absorb these classic tunes, Kid, you get you're ass back to GNR, you hear me? We got stuff to talk about! As for now, some music-"

The blonde blinked again as music began to play from the small machine.

I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to start, a flame in you're heart

Naruto grabbed the radio and opened the back component, making sure not to disrupt the playing music.

In my heart I have but one desire, and that one is you, no other will do

He examined the wiring a proceeded to open up several car hoods, looking for spare parts.

I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim, I just want to be the one you love, and with your admission that you feel the same, I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of

Naruto using hefted a tattered engine and placed it on the ground and removed the wires on the motor.

Believe me, I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want to start, a flame in your heart

He took several pieces of scrap metal and began to craft a component, that transmitted radio signals.

I don't wanna set the world on fire honey, I love ya too much, I just wanna start a great big flame, down in your heart, you see, way down inside of me, Darlin' I have only one desire, and that one desire is you, and I know nobody else ain't gonna do

After completing the component, came the hard part, having it uplinked to his Omni-Tool.

I've lost all ambition for worldly acclaim, I just want to be the one you love, and with your admission that you feel the same, I'll have reached the goal I'm dreaming of

Naruto hooked up the small wired and connected the radio component onto his stasis module, not a second later was the part successfully uplinked.

Believe me, I don't want to set the world on fire, I just want start, a flame in your heart

The song came to an end and Naruto turned the radio off, before tuning up his own as he walked out of the yard and back into the Capital Wasteland, all while playing 'Civilization' aka 'Bongo, Bongo'.

GNR (Galaxy News Radio) - Five Hours Later

"Hey alright, The Hero of the Wasteland returns!" one Three Dog said.

An orange haired beauty stood in the room, her hair curled and tied in a ponytail; she wore an armored blue jumpsuit with a three number on the back, 101(AN: Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit). On her wrist was a tacpad that read, PiP Boy - 3000; on her back she had a Chinese assault rifle strapped, and a peculiar 10mm pistol in its holster, next to her was a fully matured Siberian Husky with slightly roughed fur.

"Thanks, Three Dog. I was just glad to help with the Good Fight" she responds.

"Hey, you're the one who deserves all the thanks! You struck a major blow against tyranny. Now GNR can be heard across the Capital Wasteland again, that'll give Eden and those Muties something to think about. But before I get back to my calling, I bet you wanna hear about your dad"

"Well, yeah! Where's my dad gone?"

"When your dad passed through here, he and I talked for a good long time, he's a real stand-up kind of guy, he mentioned some scientific mumbo jumbo which didn't make sense to me and mentioned something called 'Project Purity'"

This got the young woman thinking, 'Where have I heard that before?'

"He also mentioned something about visiting a Doctor Li in Rivet City, then he left in a hurry"

"Then that's where I'm heading, goodbye Three Dog" she said, getting a nod from the dark skinned man.

"Goodbye, and remember to keep us tuned in while you're out there... and Katherine-"

Said girl turned back, "Watch yourself out there" he said.

With Naruto - Same Time

The whiskered blonde walked through the ruins of an old city, he was currently following a signal from a frequency he had tapped into. The message continued to repeat itself.

"This is Defender Morrill, any Outcasts listening on this frequency report to sector 7-B, Bailey's Crossroads. This is a high-priority message, backup is needed at our location. Any personnel listening on this frequency please report at once."

Next Chapter: Into the Virtual Battlefield

AN: Sup guys, like I've said before I'd start a Fallout crossover, now I did say that it would be an AU of Konoha's Dovahkiin but, then the idea of him being abducted, kept prisoner, and experimented on by the aliens of Zeta came to mind. And well, now you know how the crash site appeared on the map, only question that will go unanswered is what was destroyed by the ship's deathray, well you guys can use your imagination.

Anyway, like I said before I won't be updating for another month or two it will give me time to play through several games as well as write chapters for all my stories, so please be patient.

Now for those of you wondering since Naruto was enhanced by the aliens what would his stats and inventory be, well here ya go.

Naruto Uzumaki


Strength - 10

Perception - 8

Endurance - 10

Charisma - 4

Intellegance - 10

Agility - 10

Luck - 10


Barter - 20

Energy Weapons - 100

Explosives - 20

Guns - 30

Lockpick - 50

Medicine - 90

Melee Weapons - 100

Repair - 100

Science - 100

Sneak - 80

Speech - 20

Survival - 100

Unarmed - 100


Adamantium Skeleton (Limbs can no longer be crippled, +75 to unarmed)

Commando (50% more proficient with two handed guns)

Concentrated Fire (75% more accuracy)

Friend of the Night (Able to see in low-light conditions)

Gunslinger (50% more proficient with single handed guns)

Iron Fist (+15 to unarmed)

Lead Belly (50% less radiation with every drink from an irradiated water source)

Monocyte Breeder (Wounds heal quicker over time)

Paralyzing Palm (30% chance to paralyze with unarmed attacks)

Phoenix Elite Implant (+30% resistance to laser, plasma, and fire weapons)

Piercing Strike (Negate opponent DT with unarmed attacks)

Plasma Spaz (50% more proficient with energy weapons)

Quickdraw (Draw weapons 75% faster)

Rad Regeneration (Wounds heal 10% quicker with radiation)

Rapid Reload (Weapon reloads are now 25% quicker)

Shinobi (+15% critical chance and 90% sneak damage on all melee and unarmed attacks)

Silent Running (+10 to sneak, running no longer factors a successful sneak attempt)

Slayer (50% speed increase to all melee and unarmed attacks)

Sniper (+50% headshot chance)

Toughness (+30% DT)

Unstoppable Force (Additional damage against enemy blocks)

S.P.E.C.I.A.L Implants (+2 to all S.P.E.C.I.A.L traits)

Sub Dermal Armor (Increase DT, +90% damage resistance to small guns and unarmed weapons)

Xenotech Engineer (+90 to repair and science)

Xenotech Expert (50% more proficient with alien based weapons)

Xenotech Psychic (Can telepathically communicate and steal information)


Weapons: Alien Blaster, Alien Disintegrator, Atomic Pulverizer, Combat Knife, Electro-Suppressor, Katana (GRA), Hunting Rifle, Nuka Grenade.

Appeal: Raider Commando Armor, Kinetic/Stasis Module, Omni-Tool.

Aid: Alien Biogel x500, Alien Epoxy x500, Jet x2, RadX, Mentats

Misc: Bottlecaps x139, Alien Crafting/Engineering Tools, Small Alien Crystal x 500, Large Alien Crystal x300, Railway Rifle Schematics.

Ammo: .308 Caliber Rounds x32, 5.56mm Rounds x85, Alien Power Module x5000

Now the reason why Naruto's Charisma is low, is due to his experience in both Konoha and Zeta, in Konoha we already know that but, in Zeta, the other prisoner's were worried about the blonde's mental health due to so many successful experiments and grew fearful of him whenever he made an attempted escape. Now incase you're wondering, Katherine or Kat, aka The Lone Wonderer is just starting off a few weeks after leaving the vault, so she has some experience and already has Dog Meat as her companion, her weapons are a Chinese Assault Rifle and New Vegas's Weathered 10mm Pistol, now this is her stats.



Strength - 6

Perception - 8

Endurance - 6

Charisma - 10

Intellegance - 10

Agility - 7

Luck - 6


Barter - 70

Energy Weapons - 25

Explosives - 40

Guns - 60

Lockpick - 30

Medicine - 45

Melee Weapons - 70

Repair - 50

Science - 100

Sneak - 60

Speech - 100

Survival - 70

Unarmed - 30


Animal Friend (Hostile animals are friendly and will come to your aid)

Child at Heart (Children seem to have chosen you as an idol)

Commando (25% more efficient with two handed guns)

Computer Whiz (Can automatically hack computers)

Concentrated Fire (50% more accuracy)

Daddy's Girl (+15 to Science and Medicine)

Deep Sleep (More actively aware if well-rested)

Finesse (10% critical chance with all weapons)

Grey Matters (25% head damage resistance)

Gunslinger (25% more efficient with single handed guns)

Rad Regeneration (Wounds heal faster with radiation)

Rad Resistance (25% resistant to radiation)

Robotics Expert (+25% damage to robots, can shut down by sneak)

Swift Learner (Can learn skills quicker and more efficient)

Survival Expert (+20 bonus to poison and radiation resistance, additional +15 to medicine, science, sneak, and speech)

Toughness (+15 to DT)


Weapons: Weathered 10mm Pistol, Chinese Assault Rifle

Appeal: Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit

Aid: Stimpack x50, Doctor's Bag x5, Purified Water x10, Rad Away x15, RadX x30

Misc: Rock-It-Launcher Schematics, Key(s), Lucky 8 ball, Vault 101 Canteen.

Ammo: 10mm Rounds x350, 5.56mm Rounds x200

And there you have it, like with what I did with Konoha's Dovahkiin Naruto will be doing the DLC and side quests while our main guy does the main quests, however the two will meet at somepoint haven't decided yet. The questline will go as is - Mothership Zeta (Part 1), Operation Anchorage, The Pitt, Point Lookout, Broken Steel, and Mothership Zeta (Part 2).

I hope you guys liked the first chapter, he will meet the Kyuubi at some point during Anchorage during a glitch in the system, and he will teach him a few things, and I mean a few, not jutsu and what not just an increase in speed, strength, reflex, etc. Anyway there will be more Dead Space and maybe a little more Mass Effect, not sure yet, major New Vegas parts will be added like weapons, perks, mods, etc. which brings me to my next point after Mothership Zeta part 2, Naruto will begin the New Vegas Storyline, in other words he is Courier Six. Look forward to the next chapter, Ciao.