It was near the end of spring, right when you could feel the warmth of summer starting to pick up in the wind. Touya had been traveling the Unova region for almost a year now. The demonstrations of Team Plasma were really beginning to unsettle the people and Touya was not exempt from their influence. Much of what they said, what Ghetsis said made sense to Touya but he could not see living without his trusted Pokemon. But despite these thoughts there was one whose words really struck at his heart.

Touya was leaving Nuvema Town after a visit with Professor Juniper when he got a buzz on his Xtransreceiver. He opened it up to answer but the screen was blank with static. Touya frowned a bit, wondering who had called. Someone had been trying to contact him but had hung up right before he answered. He shrugged and continued walking, now a good distance from his hometown. He could have flown if he'd wanted to, but Accumula Town wasn't very far and besides, he felt like walking.

The grass was tall around his ankles as he walked, making sure to be cautious lest a wild Pokemon jump out at him. This route wasn't particularly hilly so Touya could see the tall apartment buildings of Accumula off in the distance. His Xtransreceiver went off again then suddenly stopped after a couple rings. Touya stared at it when it started to ring yet again. He answered it, this time getting it to pick up on the other end. However, the screen was black.

"Hello?" he asked. "Hello?"

Touya got only silence on the other end. He hung up and continued to walk when it started ringing again. He answered and got the same thing. He was beginning to get frustrated at the prank calls. He had better things to do with his time other than entertain some person's childish whim. He did wonder who was calling him, since he didn't recognize the number. He tried to remember if he'd given his number to anyone recently and nothing came to mind.

Luckily, Accumula was just in sight. But as he was arriving, he noticed that most of the townsfolk were gathered in the town square. He came closer and saw why they were gathered. Team Plasma was giving another demonstration. Ghetsis himself was heading this one, a rare sight these days. Touya found himself stopping in the back of the crowd to listen in

"…it is as much for the Pokemon's sake as it is your own that we live separately and divide our ways. You must release your partners and allow them to live as they naturally would, free and in the wild…"

Ghetsis stood before the gathered crowd, his words ones Touya had heard many times before. His words were cheap and empty but they were getting their desired effect. Many of the people in the crowd were becoming uncomfortable and muttering to each other. Ghetsis' words left Touya unfazed however. They weren't the same as that one's speeches, the passion and the drive wherein lacking here. That one whom he hadn't seen in months. That one who he…

A warm hand slipped itself into his, fingers curling delicately around his own. Touya gave a start at the sudden touch and looked up. His eyes widened a bit.

"Hello Touya," said a tall green haired young man. He smiled and squeezed Touya's hand a little bit. "It's been a while."

Touya stood there like an idiot with his mouth hanging open. He stared up at N, who stood at least another head taller. N continued to smile at him, enjoying the shocked look on Touya's face.

"What's the matter? Don't recognize me anymore?" N said teasingly.

Touya's mouth snapped shut. "As if I'd forget you," he replied with a smirk. "But give me a bit of head warning before you disappear again."

"Aww, but then I wouldn't get to see your surprised face when I show up again," N said, giving a fake pout. "Besides, I did let you know."

"What? You never-,"

N cut Touya off with a small wave of his free hand. He was watching Ghetsis give his speech with a careful eye. "Come on. Let's go somewhere a bit more quiet and private."

He started to tug on Touya's hand and lead him away from the throng of people. Accumula was a small town, so there really weren't many places that were private. Touya followed N to the edge of town where a long set of stairs lead down to a courtyard and an apartment building. The building was built right up against the tall retaining wall, giving plenty of shelter. The wall curved slightly and once the two of them were on the other side of this said bend, N swept Touya up in a hug and kissed him.

"Mhhmm! N-not here, someone will see us!" Touya protested, pulling back from N's kiss.

"No one can see us down here unless they look straight down." He wrapped his arms around Touya's narrow shoulders and drew him in closer. "I've missed you."

Touya flushed and proceeded to bury his face in N's white shirt. He curled his arms around N's waist. "…I missed you too," he mumbled.

N slipped off Touya's baseball cap and fluffed his brown hair, a habit he'd formed shortly after they'd met. "I know…but I had to keep some face. I can't afford to be seen with you like this, you know that."

"But I hate being apart from you like this!" Touya stated. "It's not fair!"

"I know," N repeated. "It pains me too to not see you." He parted Touya's bangs and kissed his forehead. "But it makes it all the sweeter when I do get to see you again."

"Mmmhmmm…" Touya was enjoying being close to N again, being able to smell him, feel him breathe. It made him feel calm hearing N's heart beat steadily against his ear.

"I'll try harder next time," N said quietly. "For your sake."

Touya harrumphed and leaned back to look at N's face. It was still as sad as he remembered; eyes filled with conflict yet jaw set with such firm convictions. He knew the turmoil it put N in to have such feelings for Touya. N had never trusted people until Touya came along. He was the first one he'd ever opened up to.

"You'd better," he said, reaching up on his toes to kiss N's lips.

N just smiled at him again and gently returned the kiss. Touya always enjoyed the salty sweetness of N's lips when they kissed. It'd been far too long since he'd had that luxury and he was going to savor every moment of it. He gave another kiss a bit more force, opening up his mouth more to sample more of N's flavor. N didn't hesitate nor falter in his stride; he seemed to be content with giving Touya what he wanted.

N's hands came up to cradle Touya's face as he continued to bestow tender expressions of adoration on him. Touya's arms were still coiled around N's waist and they instinctively drew his body in closer. He was beginning to lose himself in the gentleness of the one he'd missed for so long. N finally pulled away and Touya made a noise of disappointment. N shook his head.

"I'm sorry Touya. I want to continue too, but Ghetsis is almost done with his speech. When he leaves, I must too."

Touya frowned. "No! I don't want you to go!"

"Neither do I," N replied softly, giving him another appeasing kiss. "But you're being selfish."

"So what if I am?" Touya was getting flustered as his emotions started running high. "It's not…fair…why do we have to be on opposite sides like this? I don't want you to leave me again…"

N stroked the top of Touya's head to comfort him, leaving the silence between them to speak. He could hear Touya forcing back tears, unwilling to show a moment of weakness.

"Two weeks from now," N stated after a few minutes of stifled sobs from Touya. The other boy looked up, confused.


"When you can see me next," N continued, looking down at him. "I have a villa I rent in the summer in Undella Town. Meet me there two weeks from now and I promise you'll have me all to yourself."

"Undella Town? But…that's so far from here…"

"Then the promise of seeing me there will be your drive," N said. He gave Touya one last kiss and a hug. "I have to go now. Remember; two weeks and I'm all yours."

Touya reluctantly let go of N and stepped back. The taller youth fluffed his hair once more before heading back up the stairs. He paused however halfway up and turned back to Touya.

"Oh yeah, I'm sorry about the hang up calls. I've never worked one before so I kept fumbling with it."

N quickly turned and ran up the rest of the stairs. Touya had to think on his comment and then remembered the strange calls from his Xtransreceiver. He smiled and giggled a bit at N's embarrassment. But once that was gone, he was left alone with nothing but his thoughts and the lingering tingle of N's lips on his own. He could hear the crowd above beginning to disperse.

"Two weeks…yeah…I can wait two weeks…"

Touya replaced his hat and adjusted his backpack, a new fire burning in his eyes. Undella Town was on the other side of the Unova region, easily a fortnight's journey. N would be there, waiting for him. Touya swallowed, the thoughts of what they might do there making him blush.

He'd fallen in love with the enemy and he was not ashamed of it. He and N were destined to fight to the bitter end as rivals. And yet they had found comfort in each other's differences. If he and N could find common ground and even attraction, then maybe the others of Team Plasma could too.

Touya started back up the stairs and after a quick respite at the town's Pokemon Center, started off towards Undella Town all the while thinking of his N.