Chapter 19:

"Try to unlock it from inside" I said jiggling the door handle

"I'm trying! The button is on safe mode" Beck said

"Then take it off of safe mode!" I said

"You need the keys to do that" He said

I groaned, falling back against the seat

"I. Am. So. Done. For" I said

"It's not that bad" He said

"We're trapped inside my Father's possible girlfriend's car. This is like way passed bad" I said

"Somebody will eventually come for us" He said

"Yes, but when they do don't you think they might want to know why there are 2 teenage kids in the car? This is breaking and entering! This is illegal" I said

"Okay…maybe it is, but we found out what your Dad was being so secretive about" He said holding up the document

"Yeah I know, he's adopting a child" I mumbled, looking down

"It's not that bad, wouldn't it be nice to have another sister or brother?"

"But I don't understand why he had to keep it from me. What did he think? 1 day a girl would show up at our doorstep, or yeah by the way I forgot to mention this to you, I adopted a child, say hello to your new sister"

"Or brother" He said

"Not the point" I said

"If we just calm down and wait it out I'm sure it'll be alright"

I sighed

"I guess you're right, especially since it's our only choice"

We laughed.

"May as well get comfortable" He said getting back in the trunk of the car

He took my hand and helped me in. We sat down next to each other, our backs against the seat so we were facing the back window.

Suddenly, a boom of thunder roared through the dark nigh sky. It caught me off guard, making me jump.

"This rain is getting crazy" I said

"At least we're safe in the car and didn't like…lock ourselves out of the house or something" He said

"Now that would be bad" I said, smiling

He always knew how to cheer me up.

"So, do I tell him?" I asked

"Tell who what?" He asked

"My dad, you know, that I know about the secret" I said

"He'll tell you eventually, so why waste time waiting? I say you tell him" He said

"If I tell him, then wont all of this…this. Hiding a big waist?" I asked
"Not really" He said, leaning on his side and laying down

I copied his position, except I laid the other way around, so his feet were by my head.

"How is this not a waist of time?" I asked

"Cause I get to be alone with you" He said with a yawn

My face flushed bright red, but I don't think he could see it, considering he was faced the other way.

I smiled, taking a peak over at his face. He was smirking!

I took my foot and lightly wacked his head.

"What was that for?" He asked laughing

"You know what that was for" I said back, laughing as well

We weren't sure, considering we didn't have a watch or phones, but we estimated it to be about 2:30 when we first began to drift off.

The pitter patter of the rain kind of drifted me to sleep. Well…the pitter patters of the rain…and the thought of Beck being next to me.

"I can't believe I got you into this" I whispered

"Shhhh, go to bed" He whispered jokingly

I smiled again, turning over and shutting my eyes.


I felt someone patting on my shoulder


Now they were shaking

" you have to wake up!"

I was in a pretty deep sleep, considering we'd fallen asleep at 3am.

"Paul, why don't you check the garden. I just can't seem to find my keys"

That's when my eyes shot open. I heard a womanly voice speaking, and know exactly who it came from.

"Beck!" I screamed, in a whispered tone

"I have been trying to get you up for an hour. They've been searching for the keys for an hour now" He said

"Sorry, I guess I didn't hear you" I said

"Well crouch down, cause they're coming this way" He said

The 2 of us flattened down to the floor, so they wouldn't see us.

"Where do they think I am, if I'm not in my bed?" I asked

"They think you've already left for school" He said

"School? What time is it?" I asked frantically

"I'm not sure, but I think it's 9" He said

"9! We're going to be late for school!" I said

"Not the biggest of our issues at the moment" He said

The voices began to get nearer to the car.

"Maybe they fell out of your purse on the way out" I heard my Dad say

"I…" I began to say, but was cut off by him wrapping his arm around my head and covering my mouth.

"Stay quiet, cars aren't sound proof" He whispered into my ear. The way he said it…it kind of made it sound sexy…

Did I just think that! No I did not…erasing that from my memory…

I nodded, as he slowly pulled his arm back. We went completely silent, and I could hear my heart pounding.

"Maybe you're right. Why don't I just retrace my steps since I exited the car" Suzan said

"Good idea" My Dad said

They were now literally right next to the car. If Helia wasn't there with me, I would probably die.

"Oh my god Paul! I found them!" Suzan screamed happily, lifting the keys I'd dropped on the street up in the air.

"That's great!" My Dad screamed

I heard 2 beeps, then the front door opened wide.

My eyes flew open.

Suzan got into the front seat and put the keys into ignition.

"Then I guess this is goodbye for now Paul. I had a wonderful time" Suzan said

"You're welcome here anytime, we always except beautiful women"

I decided to take a small peak over the seats.

My mouth shot open. My Dad is flirting!

Suzan laughed, turning red.

"You always were quite the gentlemen" Suzan said

"I try" My Dad said

"I'll stop by a little later so we can just talk a bit about the whole ordeal" Suzan said

"When will she be arriving?" My Dad asked

She? So it's a girl. Wooopididoo, I'm getting a new sister.

"Tomorrow, around 5" Suzan said

"Tori and Rose will be home by then" My Dad said and he almost sounded….scared.

"Don't worry about it Paul. I told you, we'll talk about the details later" Suzan said

My Dad nodded

"Alright, I'll see you later then" My Dad said, then I heard a slamming of a door.

"We're in big trouble" He mouthed back

I am officially freaking out right now. Suzan has pulled out of the drive ay and we are on our way to who knows where! He and I have no way out without her calling the cops on us.

He and I sat, barely breathing in the front seat as Suzan hummed along to the tunes playing on the car radio. 15 minutes later, the car stopped.

When it stopped looked up at He, who looked at me.

"On the count of 3, I'm going to slowly open up the trunk. I want you to roll out as silent as possible" He whispered

"What about Suzan?" I asked in hushed tone

"That's the thing, right then she gets out we have to move. You understand?" He asked

I nodded.

The radio stopped playing as she took the keys out of the ignition. Her car door opened as she stepped out.

"Now!" He screamed in a whispered tone.

I didn't realize it would be this fast…my slippers fell of!

He opened the trunk of the car a little bit.

I did just as he said, I rolled out of the car as fast as possible, scurrying into the bush before Suzan could notice.

Beck on the other hand, wasn't as lucky. Before he could roll out, Suzan locked the car again, leaving him on the inside.

You have got to be kidding me!

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