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Chapter 1

October 1, 1977

Lord James Charlus Potter was the proudest man on earth at that moment as his wife Lady Lily Rose Potter nee Evans had just given birth to a beautiful little boy. This little boy, Harry James Potter, with the trademark Potter hair looked every bit like his father as a baby. It could be said he was an exact replica. Harry James Potter was a surprise albeit a pleasant one to the Potters, who had decided that they wanted to wait for another year before having a baby. Although they had used contraceptive spells, Lily had become pregnant within a month into their marriage.

James and Lily Potter were indeed very proud parents surrounded by James' mother and Lily's Parents Dorea Potter nee Black, Rose Evans and David Evans; As well as, James' closest friends Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Peter Pettigrew, his God-brother Frank Longbottom, and Frank's wife Alice were in attendance. The moment each held little Harry Potter they fell in love with him, except for one Peter Pettigrew.

"He is going to be a charmer like his old man!" James exclaimed unable to stop smiling.

"Hopefully not as big-headed." Lily said smirking at her husband, who was so lost by looking into his son's eyes, did not even hear the comment to make a protest.

"Sirius, you will be Harry's Godfather, right?" James asked his best friend.

Sirius looked terrified for a moment and asked, "But what if I am a terrible godfather?"

James and Lily laughed at him and assured him that he would do great. After this talk he looked determined, he readily agreed to be Harry's Godfather.

Alice was asked to be Harry's Godmother and Frank was asked to be his secondary Godfather in case anything happened to Sirius too, which both of them agreed. Remus understood that he could not be the secondary Godfather due to his furry-little problem, but he resolved to be the best uncle to the little guy. Peter, on the other hand, resented the fact that he was not asked to be the Godfather of the boy.

March 15, 1978

James, Lily and little Harry Potter were in waiting room along with their friends Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew. They were waiting to visit their friend and brother Sirius Black who was injured in a death-eater attack. When they were given permission, James rushed to his brother's (in all but blood) side. However, he stopped from hugging Sirius keeping in mind that Sirius was injured.

Sirius sat on the 's bed looking cheerful, but James and Lily could tell their friend was upset about something and he did not want anyone to know. Although Lily had initially disliked James and Sirius during the first five years of their Hogwarts years, she had come around to like James during their sixth year. While she was dating James, she got to know Sirius who became a brother to her. After Harry was born, it was rare not to see Sirius around at the Potter Manor except for when James and Sirius were called in for work due to the death-eater attacks, as they were Aurors.

Once the Healers cleared Sirius to go home, he was immediately guided to the Potter Manor. After Remus and Peter had left and Harry was put to bed, James and Lily confronted their friend concerned as Sirius had started to become moody.

"Padfoot, what is the matter? Why are you so upset? Do not think for a moment that we are fooled by your cheerful face! Your eyes say otherwise." Lily said when she saw Sirius was about to interrupt her.

Seeing James and Lily's concerned face, he sighed.

"Bellatrix cursed me with some dark curse which has made me completely sterile. I can never have a child, James. All because the bitch is angry that my grandfather refused to disown me and officially made me the Heir of the Black family. What am I going to do Prongs? I cannot marry now; it would be unfair to any girl as they would be looking forward to having a child. I would never have the joy or pride of being a parent. I was just starting to realize the joy a child would bring and now I could never have my own!" Sirius said becoming hysterical in the end. Lily pulled Sirius into a gentle hug silently as James joined in. Both the Potters knew meaningless words were not what Sirius needed. After sometime, they gave him a Dreamless Sleeping Draught and went to bed.

A week later...

"Prongs, Lils, can I talk to you guys?" Sirius asked as he came down to the kitchen. He had a determined look which James knew too well. Both of them just nodded their heads and motioned for him to continue.

"Will you let me blood-adopt Harry? I can never have a child of my own and I love the little guy as my own. I don't want to take your place, but just... Bellatrix cursed me knowing I would die without an Heir which would make the entire Black Fortune hers, since Regulus died just 5 months back. If I blood-adopt Harry, he would be the Heir to the Blacks in case anything happens to me and Bella would never get her hands on the Black fortune. Please?" Sirius asked not looking up at his friends faces scared that they would be angry with him for even suggesting such a thing.

James and Lily looked at each other before smiling and hugging Sirius, giving him permission for the blood-adoption. It had been on their will that if anything happened to them, Sirius could blood-adopt Harry.

The preparations for the blood-adoption were ready within the next two days and Harry was blood-adopted by Sirius with few people like James' Godmother Minerva McGonagall, Dorea Potter, The Evans', Remus, Peter and few others from the Order of the Phoenix as witnesses. Harry James Potter became Harry James Sirius Potter-Black, Harry Potter-Black for short. Uncle Pa'foo became Paddy as a mixture of Papa and Daddy, also a shortened form of Padfoot. Paddy was the name James had suggested. When Sirius protested telling that he could never take over James' place, James reminded him that he was the one who suggested the name in the first place and that Sirius was also Harry's Father.

30 July 1980

Three year old Harry was led by his parents to 's again. This time it was to welcome his new god-brother to the world. Harry looked like a miniature James, but he had his mother's Almond shaped emerald green eyes. Harry also developed a mischievous streak. While it made James and Sirius proud fathers, Lily was resigned. Little Harry's parents always told him their own school-days experiences as bed-time stories. Harry, as mischievous as he may be, had also inherited his mother's kind-heartedness.

James and Lily were asked to be little Neville Franklin Longbottom's godparents to which they agreed. Harry was happy to play with his little god-brother and immediately took up the mantle of big-brother and was protective over Neville. When both the Potters and the Longbottoms were asked to go for an Order meeting, Harry and Neville would be left with either Augusta Longbottom or Dorea Potter. The older Evans' were killed in a car crash a year ago, when they were on their way to meet their older daughter Petunia Dursley nee Evans.

Harry proved to be both protective and powerful. When little Neville was held upside down by his great-uncle Algie, who was visiting Augusta, and dropped him accidentally, Harry's magic halted Neville and slowly floated the eight month old crying boy to Harry. When Augusta came upon the scene, her shouts at Algie were greater than any howler.

Harry proceeded to calm the little boy and glared at Algie anytime he so much as looked their way. When Algie tried to come near and Neville started to cry, Algie found himself frozen in place unable to move anywhere and Augusta half-hearted tries to release him did not work. Only after the Potters and Longbottoms returned from the Order meeting, ten minutes after that incident, and calmed Harry enough to release the man was he able to move again.

October 31, 1981

James and Lily Potter had gone into hiding with little Harry almost three months ago with Sirius as their secret-keeper due to a prophecy given to Albus Dumbledore. As Sirius was also living with the Potters, there was no danger to him. Unfortunately, a week before the fateful day, while Sirius went shopping for groceries and other necessities, he was captured by the death-eaters and tortured for information on where the Potters were hiding. Sirius was almost driven to the point of insanity, but the Death-Eaters decided to stop and continue interrogating him the next day.

Fortunately, John Crabbe was the night time guard opened the cell to taunt Sirius, who turned into his animagus form which looked remarkably like a Grim just before the man came into the room. On seeing the Grim, he fainted, while Sirius made his escape under the cover of Darkness and returned home, very weak and bloodied. James and Lily immediately cleaned him up and made him rest. The next day he suggested that they change the secret keeper to Peter as he would be the least likely choice. He explained how he might have given in if they had continued to torture him and that if he was not the secret keeper, even if the Death-Eaters captured him again and tortured him for information he would not be able to give it. The Potters were finally convinced and changed the secret-keeper to Peter without informing anybody two days before the fateful day.

Unfortunately for them, they had not anticipated the attack, and were unable to escape. Sirius had gone to meet Peter to see if he was fine and if he needed anything. Voldemort deciding that he wanted to kill the Potters himself went to Godric's Hollow with the information Peter Pettigrew had given him. He killed James who had dueled him to try and stall him to give Lily the chance to escape with Harry. Voldemort, who had not wanted any of them to escape, had put up an anti-apparition ward himself before revealing himself.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

Lily took Harry to his room when she discovered she could not apparate and they had not been connected to the floo. Lily closed the bedroom door and warded it knowing it was not going to be much help, but still bought her time to talk to Harry.

"My beautiful little boy, always remember that I love you. I can only hope that you survive this night. On the chance somebody gets here and is able to rescue you, look after Paddy. Daddy and I will always love you and we will watch over you. There are a few letters for you, Paddy, Uncle Moony in your trust vault. Just remember to live your life to the fullest, prank a lot, stay happy. I love you." Lily said hugging Harry with tears flowing down her cheek.

"I love you too, Mummy!" Harry said not understanding fully what was happening but just that his mother was sad, and it was at that time that the wards flickered and died down making Lily put Harry behind her back.

Voldemort entered the room and asked Lily to step aside, that he was only there for Harry and that she need not die as his faithful follower had asked for her life. Lily, being the brave, spit-fire red head, looked Voldemort right in the eyes before she spit on him telling him that she would rather die for her baby, than live without him.

Voldemort killed Lily immediately and turned his wand on Harry Potter who stared back with intelligent emerald eyes. He wondered why his mama was not waking up, and wondered where his Daddy and Paddy were. When Voldemort uttered the two words of the killing curse, a green light sped towards Harry and engulfed him for a moment. This made Voldemort confused, but immediately the green light was turned to golden and was reflected back towards Voldemort who was frozen and was unable to move out of the way of the Golden light which destroyed his body. Voldemort fled as barely a spirit while Harry James Sirius Potter-Black had a lightning bolt shaped cut on his forehead.

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