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They had been fighting this witch for what felt like hours. Nothing seemed to be working. All five of the magical girls had used almost every trick they had, but this witch wasn't backing down or even getting weaker.

Julie and Maya were already visibly drained. Their attacks were hardly doing anything to the witch; they seemed to be hurting themselves more than the creature they were fighting. Julie's brown beret had fallen off somewhere in the midst of the fight causing her shoulder-length brown hair to fall messily around her face, caked in blood. Maya's dark skin was covered in cuts and bruises, and the skirt of her dark blue knee-length dress was ripped to shreds.

Tessa and Anastasia were down, having been yelled at by the others to stop using magic. The girls were all out of grief seeds and Tessa and Anastasia's soul gems had been quite muddy before they'd even started fighting. None of the girls wanted to take the risk of their soul gems turning completely dark, even though they didn't know what would happen if they did. Because of this Tessa and Anastasia were holding themselves up against a wall in the labyrinth, yelling at the other three girls when the witch got close.

Sammy, although still considerably weaker than she had been at the start of the fight, was the strongest of the five and the only one still in a reasonable condition to fight. She drew a line in front of her with her staff creating a row of fireballs before whacking them at the witch using her staff like a baseball bat. She then waved it in a circle above her head creating a small army of black clouds and making a powerful wind to blow them over to above the witch. Lightning struck the witch at the same time as the fireballs, causing it to be hidden behind a smokescreen for a few moments. Sammy drew her staff back, waiting to get a better aim once the smoke cleared, not wanting to miss and hit one of the other magical girls by accident.

Unfortunately the witch seemed to have a better aim, or be able to see through the smoke, as it struck out with its tentacles and hit the four girls already weak before striking Sammy causing her to slam into the wall next to Tessa and Anastasia. Julie and Maya flew into the wall just after her.

All five girls were now on their knees, panting and covered in blood. None of them were able to hold themselves up on their hands and knees for long, all the strength they had now sapped out of them. They all fell to the floor.

Sammy could see the life seeping from her four friends. Maya's eyes were already closed and Tessa's skin was even paler than usual. Anastasia had fallen with her back to Sammy so she couldn't see her face, but she could hear her panting heavily. From where she was lying she could see Maya's dark blue soul gem on her armlet was turning black, an indication that she was losing hope that they could win this fight. Sammy could only presume that her other friends' soul gems looked the same.

Sammy was now battling her closing eyelids. She could see the witch slowly approaching them, a terrifying grin on its distorted face.

"I guess this is it," Sammy murmured quietly.

Julie, who was lying next to her, strained to lift her head. "Sammy, I'm so sorry," she sniffed, starting to cry. "If I'd been stronger then I could've helped more…"

Sammy moved her hand to lay it over Julie's. "Jules, this isn't your fault," she smiled weakly. "This is none of our faults. This witch was just too strong. We probably shouldn't have even fought when Tessa and Stasia's soul gems were already mucky. If it is any of our faults then it's mine. I'm the one who pushed us to go find the witch."

Julie found the strength to shake her head slowly. "You were just being a good leader," she murmured quietly, her eyes starting to close. "And don't worry…I have no regrets about making a contract…"

Her eyes closed fully. Sammy squeezed her hand, starting to sob quietly herself. She didn't like to show any weakness in front of the girls as she was the most experienced having made a contract before the others and she had to be a role-model to them. But even she couldn't hide her fear when death was imminent.

Just as her eyelids were winning the fight, a pink light flashed in front of Sammy's eyes. As much as she wanted to open her eyes to see what it was, she just couldn't. As her eyes closed over she heard a kind voice speaking softly.

"Don't worry; it's gonna be alright. I won't let you die."