Well, here it is, the first chapter to my first nabari long fiction! A friend on here has been asking me to do something more then a one shot for a while, so I hope it's passable!

"What if... Yoite... Where are you?"

Miharu was sprawled on his bed with Yoite's hat on his face, the tan cap still carried the scent of it's owner, a sweet scent of cherry blossums and lemon flowers.
Moments like this were dangerous, peaceful moments when a lonely heart missed it's other half.

Yoite had been gone for three weeks, and the pain was still fresh and completely over taking. Miharu longed for the thin, warm arms and the angelic face, but those had disappeared at least a month ago.

Even now Miharu was holding back tears, but if these fell they would be angry tears; the green eyed boy was angry at himself for not following his heart, and then angry for wanting to betray Yoite by saving him.

Miharu had so many regrets, they had never kissed, Yoite's last memory of Miharu was one streaked with tears, he was in so much pain...

And then there was the horrible uncertainty. The two of them had fallen in love at first sight, and Miharu was sure Yoite had loved him just as much, if not more, then Miharu did. But what would the angel of death have done if Miharu had clung onto his existence? Would Miharu have seen anger in those beautiful eyes before they left him alone forever?

Sometimes the green eyed boy would think that he would be happy as long as Yoite was alive, but he was lying to himself. Miharu wanted to share his life with that beautiful, blue eyed boy; he wanted it so much that he felt like his heart had been shot and it was bleeding to a slow, painful death.

"Miharu!" Came his grandmother's panicked shriek from downstairs, startling Miharu's thought back to reality. He would've jumped if he had been standing up, but all he did now was jerk his head so Yoite's hat fell off of his face.

"Grandma, what is it?!" Miharu called down as he rolled out've bed.

"J-Just... Come down here..." She sounded terrified, and that made Miharu bolt down the stairs into the okonomiyaki shop below.

The sight that greeted the emerald pools almost made their owner nearly faint.
There was a heap of rotting flesh outside of their doorway; a barely recognizable wool coat hanging off of skin an bone shoulders; and the little skin that was undamaged was a unhealthy gray-blue color.

The most disturbing fact was the perfect black hair and once angelic features... This couldn't be, Yoite?

But the closer he looked the more was familiar...

This hardly breathing corpse was the boy he had fallen in love with in the blink of an eye, the person that Miharu had gone through so much with, the one who had broken through Miharu's ever present apathy.

I can't bear to live this life all alone...

Miharu grabbed for his cell phone, nearly dropping it in his hurry, and punched Juji's number fast as he could.

As the phone rang Miharu began to shake.

"Juji just pick up the phone! Yoite's slipping farther away every breath we take!"

"Miharu-San?" Came Juji's small gentle voice through the phone speaker.

"Juji, please come to my house now, and bring all the medicine you have! IVs, healing jitsus, monitors, ANYTHING! Contact Saraba and Kazuho, tell them to both get over here NOW! And bring all the heated blankets you have!" Miharu hang up leaving the teal haired girl not even enough time to get a word in.

There was a determined look in Miharu's green eyes; his grandmother mad never seen him like this, he looked like... As long as Miharu was alive, this stranger would NOT fall off the edge of life and death.

This time he would survive, they would save him, no matter what it took.

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