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"That's all we can do for him,I can't tell how far in the damage goes, I'll stop by tomorrow to see if the inflamation has gone down. Try to get him to take the pills I gave you, and use the herb paste Juji gave you and the ointment I just put on his limbs. Keep him as warm as you can and give him the herb paste every 5 hours, i think the ointment should be every 6. " Kazuho said tiredly, it was nearly midnight.

Saraba had already taken Juji home, the small girl had started falling asleep.

Before anyone had even arrived Miharu had carried Yoite to his small bed and laid him in it; the only way Mimharu could've carried Yoite -who was two years older then him and much heavier even though he looked like skin and bones- up the stares all by himself. It must've been on pure will power.

Right now they were standing in Miharu's small room, looking at the almost lifeless figure covered in blankets.

Yoite's injuries looked a little better then they had at first, Kazuho had dried the blood and pus off of the rotting flesh, and Juji had exhausted herself with healing jitsu as she covered the decaying boy with medicinal herbs.

They hadn't wrapped his injuries because the decay would only spread if it was hidden from the air; Yoite was wearing a very thin hospital gown under all of the blankets.

As Kazuho was talking to him Miharu didn't take his emerald eyes off of that beloved face; Yoite's face was too still, too pale, too expressionless.
The cold blue tint had faded a bit after Miharu had piled heated blankets onto Yoite, but he was still cold to the touch, and too weak to shiver.

"Miharu..." Kazuho shook his shoulder gently, and spacy green eyes looked at her.

"You understand that everyone's going to try their hardest?" Miharu felt a sense of dread at her words, he knew what was coming next and he didn't want to hear it.

"He won't necessarily li-"

"He will live!" Miharu cut her off loudly, looking at her with huge, fierce green eyes. "I promised him, he's going to get better! We're going to live together!"

The blond woman retreated from the bedroom with all the medical equipment in it, the look Miharu was giving her made him seem a little dangerous.
It was a little odd for Kazuho, all she remembered of Yoite was his health in her office and the few stories her older brother had told her. But Miharu seemed madly in love with this barely breathing boy.

Maybe he will live if he's loved this much...

Miharu sat down tiredly and looked at Yoite's unconscious face, it seemed somehow scared.

The green eyed boy couldn't even hold Yoite's hand, the rotting flesh would get damaged if he did that. All Miharu could do was keep the older boy warm and talk to him.

"Yoite... I still can't believe this isn't a dream... I can't believe it's you..."

Miharu ignored his growing sense of uselessness, if he hadn't sealed the Shinrabansho away then he could save Yoite right here and save the blue eyed boy from the pain he must be going through.

"I guess all I can do is give you the medicine they brought... It'll help" said Miharu, forcing a half-hearted smile.

It's a good thing it's winter break, Miharu isn't going to sleep or leave Yoite's side.

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