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A petite girl with long wavy brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and a curvy figure looked at her surroundings. Gakuen... Hetalia? She looked at a sign in front of the large building. Yep.. This is it.. she thought.

She looked once more at her outfit. Although she was to wear a specific uniform, the authorities allowed her to wear another type. She wore a plaid red skirt, that was longer than needed, because she thought it was too... revealing, a white blouse, a black tie, and navy blue blazer. But of course, she had to add her own touches, which included a golden sun with 8 rays pin in her hair that was given by her father figure, a bright yellow belt that hung loosely at her skirt, a special locket necklace, and a black choker that was given by her... close someone that was gone, or should I say, somepeople.

After taking a long, deep breath, she walked inside. Okay... so no one's here.. That's just great, I'm late on the first day! Dios ko..

She wandered around the walls aimlessly, trying to look for the office. Dios ko, this place is like a maze! I doubt I'll get anywhere! she thought, before her thoughts were interrupted when she bumped into a certain someone. "EH?" He said. "Oi, watch your going- huh?" The brunette boy took a good look at her face in disbelief and amusement. Then she chirped,


"Sorella?!" Romano gave the girl a huge hug, coiling his arms around her waist. The said girl put her arms around his neck. "Yep~! It's me~!" Romano hugged her tighter. "Umm... Romano?"


"You're... hurting.. me!"

"Oh, sorry Piri!" He instantly released her with a heavy blush dusting his cheeks.

"It's fine.. Umm, do you think you could lead me to the office? I'm been wandering around these halls for awhile now..." He nodded, the blush clearly still on his face. "Alright. Let's go." He put his hand out, motioning her to take his hand. She gladly took it in return.

Lovino and Maria silently walked to Maria's homeroom class. You would've thought that they would catch up, seeing as they haven't seen each other for God knows how long! But the tension was so thick, you could stab it with a fork. Maria was so nervous, anxious, and shy, just like how anyone else would feel after going to a new place. And Lovino, on the other hand, had no idea WHAT THE **** was going on. Normally his older sister would start a conversation, just rant on.. But now he felt like something had happened after they met. Did he do something?!

Lovino was usually able to sense the atmosphere, but now he was just as worried as hell. Then, Maria finally broke the silence.

"... Romano...?" Lovino slightly jumped at the sound of her voice.


"How is it here...?"

Lovino sighed with relief. So she was worried about that...

"It's pretty good. Some of the people here can be a real bast***, but it's alright, I guess. But you'll have to watch out for the Second Players." Lovino said with extreme caution and seriousness for the last sentence.

"Second Players...? Some gang or something?"

"Something like that... But just stay away from them. They look like some of the people you'll meet, but they're completely different from each other. They're only here 'cause they're personifications that live off of the crimes and violence in countries."

Maria already knew by the tone of her younger brother's voice that they were one not to be messed with. She understood quickly and nodded. It wasn't long 'til they reached the classroom. Maria already knew that Lovino had overslept, being raised with him. Then they said their goodbyes and parted ways.

Maria held her breath as she knocked on the door.

She heard the class quiet down with curiosity as the teacher said, "Ah, so she's here. Class, we're having a new student today. I want you to be nice to her." The teacher's feminine voice was comforting and soft, and Maria relaxed a bit after hearing it.

Until she heard her last sentence that is.

"Or I will kill you."

Ooh crap, oh crap, oh crap, oh crap... Please don't tell me she's a Second Player..! Maria thought. She heard the class swallow hard with fear as the teacher walked towards the door. Maria resisted the urge to run as the door opened, but when she saw the teacher, she couldn't help but stare. The teacher looked only a few years older than Maria, and she had pale skin, bright cerulean eyes, and silky, dark chocolate brown hair that reached past her waist. She wore a white blouse with a long navy blue skirt that reached her ankles, while simple black flats adorned her feet.

She kept staring, not realizing how long until the beautiful woman asked, "Um, is there something on my face?" She snapped back into reality and replied, "No, nothing at all, po. Sorry for staring po." The woman giggled and smiled warmly at her. "No need for the respect, Ms. Cruz. I'm so glad that you'll be in my class. My name is Elle Dravis, but you may call me Elle." Maria warmly smiled back. Elle's voice had a maternal ring to it. She definitely wasn't a Second Player.

"Now, let's introduce you to the class. Everyone can't wait to meet you!" Elle gently grabbed her hand and led into the room. Maria noticed that everyone was staring at her, some just staring, some blushing, and some were even drooling. Maria blushed, embarassed at the attention, which caused some of the girls to squeal a bit.

Maria looked over to Elle. Her eyes were silently encouraging her, saying 'Go on, you can do it!'

Maria took a deep breath and said as she gave a slight bow,

"My name is Maria De La Cruz. I'm the personification of the Republic of the Philippines, and it's a pleasure to meet you all."

And thus, the chaos began.

*Dios ko = My God

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