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Last time!

And thus, the chaos began.

Back to present!

And when I say 'the chaos began', I seriously mean 'the chaos began'.

Everyone was yelling around, just goofing off. Well, the ones who weren't goofing off, just sat quietly and spaced out in their seats. Totally unfazed by the noise.

Maria turned towards her strange but kind teacher, who looked a little ticked off.

Scratch that, a lot ticked off.

Elle turned towards her desk and reached out a long and slender, but deadly and sharp sword.

A friggin' sword.

And slammed it on her desk. Maria jumped at the noise, along with the other students in the room. Although, she was quite relieved that Elle didn't mean to uh….."injure" someone with it. The class (finally) quieted down, and everyone took their place.

Oh Lord, if this is what Maria has to go through everyday…

Maria nervously looked around the room. Everyone's hands were raised, eager to ask questions. She looked over to the teacher, who quickly informed her. "After a new student introduces themselves, I let the students have a bit of 'Q's & A's' with the new student. They'll say their names afterwards."

After explaining, Elle pointed towards a 'girl' with a blonde bob and green eyes, wearing a pink outfit. Isn't that against the rules…? Maria thought, before the 'girl' asked, "OHMIGOSH, you could, like, totally use a makeover~! How do you feel about a pink dress~?!" 'She' squealed before saying, "Oh, and, like, my name's Feliks Łukasiewicz! I'm Polish!"

Maria cutely giggled a bit, already knowing that she and Feliks could easily get along and become friends. Squeals were heard after hearing her. "That would be great!" She replied. This time, Elle pointed to a girl with chocolate brown eyes and short black hair. Almost like… Maria's thoughts were interrupted. "Maria-san, do you watch any animes, or read any manga?" The girl spoke quietly. "And my name is Sakura Honda. I'm from Tokyo." Maria's widened a bit with shock and surprise after hearing Sakura's last name, but she quickly shook it off, and replied with a warm smile, "Yes, I do."

Sakura's chocolate eyes widened before responding back quickly. "You do?! Do you know Soul Eater and Kuroshitsuji?! OH, and what about xxxHolic?!"

"Of course, I know them! Ohmigosh, in Soul Eater, remember the episode when Soul jumped in front of Maka to save her from Chrona's sword?!"

"Hai! And in Black Butler, when Ciel had to crossdress to find out who was the culprit?!"

"I LOVE THAT EPISODE! By the way, which do you prefer, ZashikiWatanuki, or Himawari/Watanuki?!"

"ZASHIKIWATANUKI!" Both girls exclaimed at once before giggling, not realizing they were in the classroom. The other students were stifling their laughs, and both girls blushed heavily. Luckily, Elle came to their rescue and shut up the entire classroom. She turned towards both of them and gave each a smile, before saying, "I'm stuck between SoMa and KiMa." She grinned as her students replied with a giggle. Maria gave Sakura a warm smile, which Sakura happily returned, happy to have met someone with the same interests.

Elle pointed towards another girl, this time with long, brown wavy hair with a flower in it, and emerald eyes. "Maria, what do you feel about… yaoi?" Maria, Sakura, and Elle's eyes widened at shock at such a question. She gave a slightly creepy smile before introducing herself. "By the way, my name is Elizabeta Héderváry. I'm Hungarian."

"I like it. I have a few books about it at home." Maria replied rather calmly, seeing as no one else but Elle, Sakura, and herself had understood what Elizabeta said. But there was no mistaking the light blush that had dusted Maria's sun-kissed cheeks.

Elizabeta squealed before giving the younger girl a kind smile.

Like Sakura, she was glad to have met someone comfortable with…. that, let alone enjoy it!

Again, Elle pointed towards another. This time, an albino boy, with a cute chick resting quietly on its master's head, asleep, as if it wasn't adorable already! The odd boy let out a strange laugh, before smirking and asking,

"Are you single?"

And cue the reactions.

Elle slammed her sword down on her desk again, while shooting a throwing knife that almost hit the albino's cheek. Sakura and Eliza (Maria's new nickname for her) glared intensely at him, while the other students who thought Maria was like a little adorable and innocent sister, who should be kept innocent. Maria herself just blushed like one of her father's famous tomatoes.

"What?!" The albino exclaimed. "I was just asking!"

"Oh, really?!" Another student said, rolling their eyes with an annoyed look on their face.

Elle slammed her hand on her desk, successfully getting the whole class's attention. While intensely glaring at albino, she said with a serious tone "Gil, just introduce yourself. Maria you don't have to answer his question. "Gil" frowned before smirking widely and saying, "I'm the awesome Prussian Gilbert Beilshidmt! Kesesese~!"

Maria couldn't help but laugh lightly, causing Gilbert to blush lightly. Luckily for him, it went unnoticed by the incredibly dense girl.

"So are you single or not?"

Tension and suspense increased, while Elle walked towards Gil and whispered into his ear with a tone so low no one else but the two could hear. As Elle finished and started walking away, Gil was left slumped in his seat, with a pale face that looked as if he had just seen a ghost.

Maria just stood there, her knees feeling slightly sore from standing too long. How much time has passed anyway? She thought to herself. As if Elle had read her mind, she spoke gently while giving her a worried glance. "Maria, you can sit in your seat now. Your legs must hurt from standing too long. You can answer questions from your seat." She pointed towards an empty seat right next to Sakura, who was in the second row.

"E-eh?! N-no, it's fine. I'm alright-" She spoke, although the sore pain from her legs protested otherwise. She felt a warm hand grasp her own, and Maria was slightly surprised to see it was Elle. Still holding her hand, Elle picked up her large and heavy backpack, which she carried as if it were nothing but a mere feather. She led her to her seat while gently dropping the backpack next to her. Once Maria sat down, her teacher whispered to her,

"Don't strain yourself."