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Sometimes I wonder, how do I get in situations like this.

Normally, I would blame it for family genes, but this was getting ridiculous. Even I, in my humble person, couldn't blame it for genes. Which was pretty weird, since I could blame my five years old cousin for setting my room on fire, when he was in different country.

Actually, I can't believe how people believed me, that it was his fault. Especially since in that moment I had matches in my hands.

Since that moment my best friend Rose, who by the way was completely crazy, considered my acting and lying skills as one of mysteries of this world. One of mysteries of this world was also how was she my best friend… How did I exactly had patience to deal with her?

Oh.. Right. I didn't.

Anyway, let me tell you short version of what happened.

Stupid friend. Request. Refusal. Blackmail. Plane. Italy. Lost. And stupid rock.

Yeah… If you actually understood that, you are… Well, I don't know who you are, and if I know, I'll probably act like I don't, but you must be my stalker, whom I never meet, but was always sure, that I had one.

Khem… Back to the topic, I'll try to tell longer version.

It all started when I was staying in my home, watching… TV. Yes, I was watching TV.


In perfectly normal room was sitting perfectly normal and innocent girl. She was watching TV to learn, how to… look after little children. Suddenly, doors to room were violently open. Standing there was her best friend Rose.

Rose looked like she just come back from marathon. Girl, who was watching TV almost immediately stood up to help her. Yet, before she got close, something stopped her. There was something new in Rose eyes. Something that put alarm in girl's heart.

"Scarlet, I have great idea!" Rose spoke up. "We're going to Italy! I already bought tickets and got your passport from your parents! Let's go!" Rose took Scarlet's hand and started dragging her to exit. "No way! I'm not going to be your interpreter (translator) again!" Scarlet showed her resistance.

Rose instantly stopped, turned around and looked into Scarlet's eyes. "If you won't go with me I'm going to tell your parents about you-know-what!" "That's blackmail! It's illegal!" "It's not blackmail, it's completely legal persuasion."


After that I got dragged to plane and the only thing I was able to take was box with things I got after my grandmother died. In others words her collection of expensive jewelry, which I never used, but couldn't sell, because of my mother naggings that they're precious mementos,

Eh… It was better than nothing. Sometimes I got dragged to other country only in my pajamas. It was one of this moments that I hated knowing many languages or rather saying that I know them to my friend. Since then, Rose used me as the interpreter, dragging me to other countries on spur of moment.

Anyway, back to my trouble

After we were in Italy, Rose immediately set out for somewhere muttering under her nose about finding "Vongola", leaving me alone. Really, why did she even go to Italy to search for a clam?! And why did she drag me along, just to leave me alone? In moments like this I wanted to cry…

So, after being left alone, I bought the first bag I saw, put in it content of box I had with me, and started to search for Rose.

It went bad. Really bad.

Before I knew, I was in weird park, in which, I think it's easy to figure out, Rose wasn't. Rose wasn't, but other people were. Suspicious people.

Of course, in the moment like that I started to ru- I made tactical retreat.

And then, I tripped.

Because of stupid rock.


I wasn't angry that I tripped. I was angry that I hit my head and lost consciousness. And let's not forget, that I woke up in completely unfamiliar place. It wasn't even a city I was in before. Or more like it wasn't even a city. No concreted roads. No tall buildings. No pollution in the air.

That last was good, till I remembered that in 21th century pollution in air was normal.

And now I was sitting on bridge balustrade, looking down at clear water, while trying to come up with… Something.

To sum up I didn't I didn't know what to do, so I was sitting without doing anything.

Still, water before me was clean and nice to look at.

Could it be that I'm starting to go insane?

Nah! I'm just bored! Maybe I'll sing a song. So completely like at home, I started singing.

"I just had sex.

And it felt so good!

A woman let me put

my penis inside of her!


I just had sex.

And I'll never go back

To the not-havin'-sex

ways of the past."

Yes. It's true that I sang this out loud. Even, if I don't know where I am. However, I didn't expect to not notice a cart pulled by a horse, which was driving over the bridge.

Advice for the future, while singing stupid songs don't close your eyes.

Feeling slightly awkward and hoping, that cart didn't stop and spared me ashamed moments, I looked behind me. This action was easy, looking behind I mean. So, only after my mind cached up I understood why my body suddenly become frozen.

In cart there were two people, wearing and looking like from 17th century.

Was that rock some kind of time travel machine?

"You have beautiful voice! Are you going to 'Notte Cielo' , too?" Spoke man, in Italian language. Does that mean that he didn't understood what I sang? Yey! "Antiono, it's not possible for her to go to 'Notte Cielo'. Look at the way she dress! She must be some peasant girl who run away from home." Spoke the other man.

I think we won't get along. At all. Tch. It's time to activate my skills.

I surrounded myself with my hands, as to 'feel more comfort'. "I didn't run away!" Tears forced it way from my eyes. "Our village was attacked and my m-moth- " My voice faltered and I looked on ground. "I don't have h-home anymore…"

MUHAHAHA! Take that! Direct hit with my acting skills!

Effects? Luigi looked like someone kicked puppy and Antonio had tears in his eyes.

Am I this good?

Antonio's face suddenly brightened. "If you don't have a place to go, you can go with us to 'Notte Cielo'!" I think my face showed question, since Luigi explained. "'Notte Cielo' is a exclusive place, where people meet. Well, I guess you could call it bar. Either way, you can sing there for money. If you are liked you'll get room to sleep in for some time and money."

I smiled, wiping tears that marred my face. "You could take me there?" It was the best choice for me. If I am really in 16th century, I should at last find a place to stay in, for some time. Antonio nodded and soon I found myself in cart with them.

After some time, I suddenly had weird thought. "Ne, Antonio?" He turned to me. "What happens when people don't like what you sing?" He sighted. "No one really knows, since there's no official punishment."

So, the worst thing, that could happen, would be getting laughed at? God, thank you.

"I think it's probably something bad, since in 'Notte Cielo' meets only mafia." Finished Luigi.

Luigi… Since the beginning, I had known that you would be the end of me. That was killing blow, Luigi. Killing blow…

And so on, I fainted.

Maybe, going to 'Notte Cielo' wasn't my best choice.

And that's the end of my first chapter. Yes, I know it's short, you don't have to remind me T.T

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