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My feelings at the moment could be summed up in one word.


Yes, I know that I'm very, very eloquent, but what else could I say?!

Seriously… People! What would you do, if your very own brother, although adopted, but let's ignore this fact for a small moment, would arrange marriage for you?! Without even consulting it with you before!? Well… You probably would take it as his joke and ignore it, since in 21th century something like this don't happen, or at least I don't think it does…

The problem – I'm in the freaking 17th century!

There are no cars! No concrete roads! No tall buildings! No fast foods, which when I think about it is kind of good…! No people on the moon! No planes, or any other flying machines! No gay marriages! No peace! No peace… When I think about it, there are many wars in the future…

Ah, whatever… I will get to my century before I will see any.

There are, however, many things, which weren't normal in 21th century. Like for example cleaner air! No high pollution! Freaking 17th century clothes! Damn beginnings of mafia! There are kings, queens, princesses, princes and many other random things/people…

There are also arranged marriages.

Without the knowledge of the participant.

Wait! Let me remake that sentence, since it's wrong.

Without the knowledge of the both participants.

Oh great… I'm apparently marrying the guy, who, from what I understand, is going to kill his boss. Not to mention, his boss- His mafia boss, is actually accepting the fact that he's going to die, even though he has other guardians that should protect him.

It means that either his guardians are bad at their job or the Alaude dude is strong.

Let me make an easy calculation.

Strong = Powerful.

Powerful = Insane.

Insane = Unpredictable.

Unpredictable = Possibly Violent.

Strong + Possibly Violent = Scary.


Scary Alaude + Me = Impossible.

Yep, I'm so getting out of here. Right now!

"Ohohoho!" I laughed, hiding my mouth behind my hand. "While the marriage must be a marvelous idea to preserve the peace between the Vongola and Cavallone's families, it's sad that Vongola's Primo will die." I spoke. "Why did the Primo arrange the marriage when he knows it would bring him early death by the hands of his Cloud Guardian?"

Daemon Spade nufufu'ed again. While I admit that his laugh is weird, it somehow suits him… "Saa…" He smirked. "Giotto happens to be randomly stupid." He spoke loudly. The blonde guy became even more depressed as he heard those words.

I ohoho'ed again, before I spoke. "Well, I'm very sorry, but I have do decline your proposal. My schedule is too full." Then I theatrically gasped. "Oh, no! I have to hurry to the next village for my performance!" I bowed gracefully. "It was very nice to meet you Mr. Spade."

"It's my pleasure." Mr. Spade kissed my hand again. "I hope we will meet again."


I don't want to meet you ever again, even if you could be my potential best friend.

Dude, you are like my grandgrandgrand….father.

I smiled brightly. "I hope I will meet you again!" And then I turned away from him and went in the direction of my long awaited freedom.

I almost skipped happily as I walked through the Cavllone mansion. With the directions from maids, I could finally find my way out.


Just as I was about few meters away from the exit of the mansion, I heard a voice behind me. "Miss Scarlet, where are you going?" The voice creepily reminded me of Fernando…

I twitched as I slowly turned around.

Yep, it was Fernando. Why, oh, why is it always me?

Wait! How does he know who I am?! I'm still in my disguise of the mysterious… Mysterious

Who the hell thought of that fucking - the mysterious, masked singer in maid clothes - name is genius… Genius of stupidness (Is that even a word?). How people are even supposed to remember it in the first place?


Back to my current problem, meaning Fernando.

"I'm going for a walk…?" Yes… Couldn't I make up anything better!? Where are my famous acting skills?

I almost gulped as I looked into Fernando's eyes. Oh my holy fucking God… I don't like that glint. I don't like it at all. Frankly, I hate it.

"Ohohoho." Why is laugh sounding so monotone? Or rather, why does he pronounces every syllable separately? "We can't have that. We can't." And then I saw darkness.

Much later, I remembered that Fernando knocked me out.

That damn bastard…

In the near future...

How do you usually feel when you wake up? In my opinion, the answer depends on the way you were woken up. If you woke up by yourself, then you are satisfied from the long rest, if you are woken up by an alarm clock, then you are probably in a bad mood, and so on...

Situations can be different.

I woke up by myself.

Well, not really... I woke up, when the thing I was sleeping on made a sudden move, but seeing as no human action woke me up, I decided that I woke up by myself.

Any problems?



Khem. Anyway, I woke up.

... ... ...

... ... ...

... ... ...

The first thing I noticed? I was tied up.

The second? I didn't see anything, because of the damn fabric covering my eyes, but I could feel vibrations, as if I was in some kind of moving object (Probably not in an auto... Duh! I was in the 17th century! ...Unless I woke up).

And here, my thinking process began again.

Fernando caught me while I was trying to escape, from my dear brother, and also the arranged marriage.

Blacking out.

Waking up in an unknown moving object, while I'm tied up.

And did I mention how strange I feel? Like if I suddenly have some bondage fetish. No, it's somehow wrong, like saying I hate chokeberry juice. I deeply hate being restricted in any way, almost as much as I loathe to drink that freaking chokeberry juice, which, to my horror, my grandmother Jenny always make and gives out as a presents.

There were two conclusions of my thinking.

Either I was kidnapped by someone, like Fernando, who in reality some kind of a serial murderer, or I was... Given to the Vongola's dudes?

Oh my Holy Crap!

For all I know, I could be going to meet my future hubby?!

I panicked.

I started jerking all over the seats I was on, as if my idiotic movements would help me free myself. I don't know, why I was doing that, since I would need a brutal strenght to free myself in this way, a strenght I didn't have.

Sometimes I wish I was a strong woman on a steroids, but well, I'm too lazy for that.

About twenty minutes later, after I calmed down (Read: after I stopped jerking, because I was starting to feel pain, from the tight ropes. Again, I hate any kind of bondage. Well, any kind of bondage performed on myself...), I started thinking rationally.

Firstly, I sat all of my priorities in a right order.

1. Escape somehow from the ropes.

2. Escape somehow from the thing I was in, and the people who 'kidnapped' me.

3. Run away as far as I can, preferably to another country. A country without mafia... Like Japan for example. (They didn't have mafia, right? ...Right?)

4. Have some free time to panic.

5. Search for a way to go home. Mainly to the correct timeline.

Yep. My priorities are okay... How to carry out them however is a completely different matter. ..

Retrospect time!

4. LaL! (Lesson about Life!) "How to get out of the ropes?"

By Conrad James Stone

My innocent eight years old self stared at the ropes in the hands of the tall man. Conrad James Stone, at the first glance, seemed like a businessman, and well, he was a business man. He had short, brown hair, trimmed elegantly by a very expensive barber, and blue eyes, so much like mine. Well, we did have similar genes...

Uncle Conrad, practically always wore a black suit and tie, with a white T-shirt. And when I say he wore those clothes 'practically always', I mean it. I remember a situation, when he wore it to a beach, until anut Elizbeth ordered him to change it. Why does he always listen to my aunt Elizabeth, I have no idea. Maybe because she's his older sister?


Conrad's face was usually emotionless. And believe me, as weird as it may sound, it was better when it was emotionless. The only times, when his face changed its expressions was when he was either amused or angry. Neither of the two was good...

For the people around him.

Anyway, my innocent self, still so naive (stupid), despite the previous LaL!'s before, stared at the ropes in the Uncle's hands, wondering what he was going to do with them. Conrad smiled, or rather smirked, but aunt Elizabeth said it was smile, and I didn't dare to go against her words, since even Conrad listened to her, and my younger self smartly wondered who was murdered at the moment.

"Scarlett, my favorite goddaughter," Yep, he was my godfather. And I was his only godchild, so it was rather oblivious that I was his favorite, but at that time I didn't know this, so I just happily looked at him for being 'the best'. "I just suddenly had a great idea!"

In the future I learned, that I should run away, when my uncle has any good ideas.

"I'm going to teach you, how to get out of the ropes! Isn't that great?" I nodded happily, at that time having no idea what he meant by 'getting out of the ropes'.

For a five, too long, hours, I was being tied, in a many different ways and then taught how to get free. Needles to say, I was traumatized, and since then I hated being tied in any way.

...At that time I also learned how to set the dislocated bones.

And that my godfather was a delinquent in his younger days. A very, very terrifing delinquent. He actually became a legend, used by parents to scare their kids.

Retrospect time ends!

Damn... It's such a shame I wasn't consuincous, when I was being tied. It would the whole escape much easier, but well, the show must go on, as some people say.

I quickly assessed the way I was tied. It seemed that whoever tied me, thought I was probably one of those ladies who are living to just look pretty and don't do anything else. Only my wrists and ankles were tied in a very simple way. The ties were really tight though, so my kidnapper wasn't too stupid. With obscured vision added to that, I would evaluate, in the bondage aspect, 6/10.


It was my honest opinion.

And made me wonder, why did I panic before... Probably because of the trauma from childhood... Yeah, probably because of that.

I took a few deep breaths, then I clenched my teeth as hard as I could, and in a quick movment I dislocated the joints of my wrists.

... ... .I whimpered, somehow managing to stifle the pain inside me.


I DIDN"T REMEBER IT HURT SO MUCH! (Right... My memories from that time weren't very clear...)

Damn it, I should've thought of a different way to free myself... There had to be another one. Why do I usually do the first thing, which comes to my mind?! It always ends up in a mess, with me in the center of it!

ROSE! MY FUCKING BEST FRIEND! You're planning to be a doctor in the future, RIGHT?! Come to me and give me painkillers!

...Well, at least I'm sure I'm not a masohist. Probably... I'm about 93% sure about that.

My eyes got unforconfortably wet, and to my horror, I couldn't rub the damned tears away, because I didn't free my hand yet and my eyes were still covered by the damned... Thing?

I clenched my teeth again, wondering for a moment, if I won't actually damage them, by clenching them too hard. Sometimes pain does wonders to your strenght...

It would be quite ironic, if I hurt myself more, because of the pain I feel.

Okay... I should really free myself now.

In a smooth, and hurtful, movement I freed my hands from the rope.

I would say, that in this moment I should be overflowed with happiness, kinnda like the blonde dude from before, but with much more happiness, instead of depression, but now I had to somehow fix my hands, while still being 'blind', to free myself completely from those life-draining leeches.

Unbelivably long time, to me, later... (In truth, about fifteen minutes later.)

I did it! I don't know how, but somehow I managed to set my joints correctly! Or at least I think I did it correctly... Who cares?! I finally can use my hands, even if every movement feels like someone is stomping on them with the intention of hurting me...

I didn't know I had this high tolerance of pain... Meh, probably the results of adrenaline.

I slowly reached to untie the cloth around my eyes.

... ... ...

... ... ..New problem.

Who knew that undoing that thing is so hard when you are in the moving object and your hands hurt as hell? In a way, it should be rather oblivious... Am I mentally challenged...? Nah! Probably the result of adrenaline... Adrenaline doesn't make you think, like you always do.

... ... ...

... ... ...

... ... ...

... ... ... ..Aaaaaaaand DONE!

Ha ha! Take this, bitches! The reason why I'm blind is gone! No more seeing dark darkness! ...No more seeing dark in the darkness...? Hm... Oh! Right!

No more seeing the evil darkness, which hides the beautiful, magnificent colors, full of life and brightness, thanks to the large star in the sky we call the 'Sun'!

Or something like that...

I don't care anymore.

I opened my eyes, and had to blink for a few seconds before my eyes adjusted. I'm really starting to wonder how long I was 'out'. ...They didn't feed me any drugs, did they? I hope they didn't...

I stared at my surroundings blankly. Well, at least I know where I am. Sort of.

As I suspected I'm in a moving object, or to be more specific in a carriage.

When I was six years old, I wrote in a letter to my the Santa, that I want to ride in an elegant carriage, I didn't expect my wish to be fulfilled in this cristumances... And so late. Damn the bastard in red for being so unpunctual...

Dark wood and the seats made with some kind of black material, gave off an eerie feeling. Blood red curtains hide the view from outside and inside, as if they were a wall, separating different realities.

I resisted the urge to move them a bit and see what exactly they seperated, but the urge was growing so I moved my gaze to my feet, hoping it would somehow distract me. And it did, when I saw that I didn't have the maid's clothes on me anymore. Instead I had a light blue elegant dress. I touched my face to see if any make up from before, was left on it, but I didn't feel anything.

Now I know I was 'kidnapped' as a Scarelt Cavallone, not as a mysteri-... A mysterious someone. (I don't remember who, but there's no way I will admit that... Out loud.)

I shook my thought off, and moved to free my ankles. To my irritation I found out that I had shoes with high heels. Great... I'm so fucking happy. Grumbling lightly I removed the rope from my ankles easily.

I paused as I threw the rope to the seats in front of me. Something was wrong.

The question is, what.

I heard humans footsteps and the sounds of talking and then I realized, that the carriage stopped.

Oh my freaking freak...

On impulse, I took off my shoes, and held them in my hands like a weapon, as I stared at the doors in the carriage.




... ... ... ...

Twenty four...

Twenty five...

The door knob was turned and the doors opened.

Immediately I threw one shoe at the person who opened the doors, hitting the forehead perfectly and making the person collapse, I'm not sure if from the sudden impact, or if from the surprise.

I stared at the sights before me.

A mansion. Not the Cavallone's mansion.

Where the devil am I?!

Then I blinked as, I realized, that there were many people staring at me dumbly, before moving their gaze to the guy I attacked. Some of them I remembered from the Vongola's people I have met before in the Cavallone's mansion (Pineapple King... It seems we meet again. Sadistic dude... Do you gamble sometimes? Because you are good at predicting things... Awesome tattoo-sama! I see your awesome tattoo again! Death-by-the-clouds-san... You are still alive...?) and some I saw for the first time. Their gaze moved from the guy back to me.

For a few moments we stared at each other.

Then I mechanically took the door knob and closed the doors. And sat down back in the seat, I was on before.


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