Before humans populated seemingly every aspect of the globe, they lived in villages. Although these villages ranged in size and distance from one another their authority was determined by the power and quantity of the Metas living and working there.

Metas are humans who are either born with or gain unique super human abilities, the most common type being warrior, one who can form a connection with Pokémon.

While all Meta's were encouraged by villagers to gain training warriors were required to go into a master and apprentice relationship. This is partially because it was easier for these masters to teach their apprentices because the power was ultimately the same, but it was also crucial for young warriors to find the Pokémon they could bond best with and work to make the strongest connection possible.

You see, warriors can forge a connection with a wide variety of Pokémon, however, there will only be one kind (and its evolutions) that the warrior can achieve the strongest connection with. The connection between a warrior and his/her partner is the key to their strength. The connection not only accounts for how much stronger the Pokémon will be in a fight (those with stronger connection are sometimes able to beat those they would normally be weak against) but for that special connection, warrior and partner are able to share a telepathic connection. One can see how that would be effective in battle.

So it was the master's job to help their apprentice find their one true partner and teach them how to foster their connection so it would grow. They would often go on missions across the land (when the apprentice was around the age of ten) to achieve this goal, coming back to the village to check in, rest, fight for it. On some rare occasions, master, apprentice, or both would find a new village to fight for and protect though most masters would return home after they either finished training their apprentice or found someone else to train them.

And so the years past, there were times of war and peace, growth and death, destitute and prosperity. Populations expanded and cities were built in large part due to the invention of the Pokéball. The Pokéball everyone to own Pokémon which of course helped with production, (construction workers could own Machokes) led to breeding jobs, (people could have them as pets) allowed for battling to become a hobby as well as a professional job (much like baseball) and increased crime rates.

Metas and Warriors continued to exist; however, it became less prudent for them to enter the master and apprentice relationship so promoted in days gone by although some still did. After all, in a world where everyone has the potential to use Pokémon for evil, somebody has to rise to stop it and Metas and Warriors are still more powerful than the average citizen.

This is why, in Jump City, a bank robber, large in the chest and with a strong, square jawline, becomes nervous when a shadow passes over head and stammers to explain as a Birdrang knocks the crowbar from his hand.