And now for Three Christmases SG1 spent off-world.

Christmas 1:

It was their first Christmas together with Cassie added to their family, and they had to spend it off world. Freaking great. Of course SG3 had to get the stomach flu the week of Christmas. "Stupid heads," Cassie muttered once Janet was out of hearing range.

Christmas 2:

It was their 5th year together and once more SG3 had caught the stomach flu. Only this time it was an alien stomach flu that didn't cause them to throw up, get a fever and have a migraine of a headache, no this stomach flu caused them to break out in either neon green hives or to turn bright pink all over... including, ahem, a person's private areas. "Don't worry, the hives and discoloration will fade in one to two weeks our time!" The local healer assured them. "How long is that our time?" The General asked. "Roughly 5 to 6 weeks your time!" Jack groaned and had his team head off to get ready for SG3's mission.

Christmas 3:

They were entering their first year aboard the Odyssey when the holiday came about. If Sam had had her way, they would've ignored it entirely. But Cam insisted and Vala wanted to celebrate an Earth holiday. So she conceded the point and celebrated with them.

SO sorry I haven't updated sooner! But finals were a bitch and so has my schedule. And in other news I have developed an obsession with One Direction, Big Time Rush, Supernatural and Twitter! I also am moving to California in May, much to my displeasure. And virtual blue cookies (don't ask) to anyone who knows what movie the "stupid heads" line comes from!