3 things Vala loves about Earth


A wonderful concoction. How in the galaxy the Tau'ri made it she would never know! And a great comfort food that goes well with coffee.


Amazing people and even more amazing is the fact that they trust her. Her! Former space-pirate-con artist-thief who tried to steal their ship! But even so they trust her with their lives every time they step through the Stargate.

And she, Vala Mal Doran, will never, ever, betray that trust.


A stubborn man, sure, but even so she still loves him. He's stubborn, loyal, smart and steadfast in his beliefs.

What's not to love!

Short I know but this is what I came up with. Muse has run off so I'm on my own for the mo. If you want a '3things' for a specific character leave it in a review along with those 3 things and I'll see what I can do!