Okay so this my first fan fiction so go easy on me please. I would really appreciate it if you could review whether you liked it or not.

Disclaimer: I own nothing except my oc.


Once upon a time, in a kingdom far, far away, a princess was saved by a prince. They soon fell in love and married. The princess bore many children and they ruled over the kingdom. They lived happily ever after.

Things like that don't happen in real life, though. Women all over the world are on danger and need their own prince to save them but that doesn't mean that they always get rescued. In real life, some form of suffering can harm anyone and those who don't get saved are normally innocents. That suffering isn't always intentional but still they can't be helped.

There is always someone, though, who tries to help. Policemen, Firemen, the Army, even normal guys with normal jobs. They're never 100% successful though. In comics, movies and books there are heroes that always save the day. Whether they're superheroes, supernatural beings or crime solving sleuths, they never fail to beat the bad guys.

I'd thought my entire life that superheroes were just that. Stories. It turns out I was wrong. Better yet I'm one of them. Thinking myself to just be different, I one day found out what I could really do.

This is my story. The story of how I met my very own prince, how he saved me from the dangers of the world and myself. This is the story of how I got my very own happily ever after.