Hey guys! As you all know I have a poll up on my profile about if I should do a QQ or just a regular games….but QQ Won sooooo here goes….

President Taine's POV

My heels bounce up and down on the ground. I am to excited to stop. This is the second Quarter Quell I have been the President for. The first being very effective, the 100th annual hunger games were a hunger games to remember. I remember that that was the only year the careers were wiped out before the final eight. My hands shake with excitement and I can't help myself from jumping up onto my feet and peeking out the window.

Clumps of people, stand outside the President's mansion, cheering. They want to know what this years quell will be. I want to know just as badly as them. This year, I have decided shall be my last, as I have just turned sixty-three years old. I just held my work up until these games, which shall definitely be the best games the Capitol has ever seen.

"President Taine everybody!" I hear my announcer call, I quickly shuffle over to the stage and mount the steps. I plaster a wide smile onto my face and wave at the crowd. They all go wild.

"Welcome to the 125th annual hunger games!" I shout into the crowd, my voice ricocheting off of all the walls. "This year will be the 5th Quarter Quell!" I recite the speech I have said every year since my first day as President. "Hansel! Bring me the Quell box!" I say, as if talking to the small balding man. A little blonde boy comes forward, hands me the box and scuttles away. My hands shake as I pull out the envelope marked the 5th Quarter Quell. I quickly tear the seal open and glance down at the card. My lips form a smile and I face the Capitol crowd.

"For this years Quarter Quell as a reminder that whole families can be eliminated, people of all ages shall be reaped, but your family must come with you, to fight off the other families and become the victory family!" I shout, with each word my voice gets louder. "May the odds be ever in your favor!" I screech into the crowd. Applause is heard as I am led off the stage.

"Good?" I ask Hansel as he appears by my side. The small man nods and takes my hand.

"Very." He says simply.

I hope you guys liked! Okay so basically…Any aged tribute can be reaped, but their ENTIRE family has to come with them. And they have to fight in the hunger games to be the last standing family.

For the tributes….Please submit them ONLY in PM…so that this story does not get deleted.

If I do not use your tribute as a tribute…I will use him/her as a mentor. The more detailed the more likely the tribute is to be in the story!

Here is the tribute form! Again please ONLY submit through PM

Tribute Form


Age (Any possible age in the world):


Appearance (Hair and Eye color, Hair length/texture, build):





Parents? (Their names and ages, dead or alive?):

Siblings? (Their names and ages,):

Daughter or son? (Their names and ages):

Spouse? (Name and Age):

Anything else about their family?:


Where do they live? (In town, Out of twon?):

Rich or Poor?:


Volunteered or Reaped:

If volunteered why?:

If Reaped, what was reaction?:


Who came to see the whole family?:


Chariot Ride_


Training Center_

What stations do they go to?:

Allies with another family?:

Romance with someone from another family?:


Training score? (For individual):

Training score? (For entire family):




Plan? (Ex: Stay with family, hunt other family's):


During bloodbath, run to or away from cornucopia?:



Weapon Strength:

Weapon Weakness:



Anything Else I missed?:

There we go guys! I hope u guys submit tributes! Please do! And remember not everyone has a ginormous family!