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District Two Reapings:

Lithium Swan's POV Age 17

It's very bright outside as I make my way over to my brother's house, clutching a basket full of food in my arms.

"Lith, we'll leave you along with your brother kay? See you at the reaping." My best-friend Daisy says, throwing her arms around me.

"Okay, bye." I say. I watch my two best-friends, Claire and Daisy walk away chirping loudly.

As I come upon Christopher's front door, I lift my hand up to knock.

"Hey!" My older brother Christopher chuckles. He slings an arm around my shoulder and kisses the top of my chestnut-colored head.

"I brought you food." I say, shrugging his arm off from around my shoulder. He grabs the basket from my hand and sets it on the table.

"Just like your dad liked." He says, shifting through the contents. He holds up packets of lemonade.

My father committed suicide when I was younger. I still remember the smile broadening on my face as his body was whisked away. He wasn't exactly the best father. He was always rude and mean and refused to take care of us. After he killed himself, Christopher promised to care for me forever and always.

On the other hand, Chrisopher's father was the best father any body could hope for, but he died of starvation.

"Did Josh find you?" Christopher suddenly blurts out, turning to look at me.

"He was looking for me?" I ask, trying to act as if I hadn't seen him.

"Yeah, he came here asking for you." Christopher says, winking at me.

"No, I guess I never saw him." I lie. I had seen Josh, he was walking down the path to my house and I had quickly hidden behind a large by the side until he passed. Josh is my "fiancée," which my mother picked out for me. You could say we have a very interesting relationship…He swears he loves me, but I know he doesn't. All he cares for is my attractiveness, all I have ever wanted in my husband is for him to love me for me, not for some hot chick that he wants just to sleep with.

Christopher drops the subjects and hands me the basket.

"You should get going, mom will be worried." He says.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, mom this mom that." I groan, rolling my eyes. I can hear Christopher chuckling as I head out the door.

"See you at the reaping, Chris!" I shout! I can hear a muffled respond and assume that his girlfriend showed up.

"There you are!" I hear a voice call from behind me. I freeze in place, not willing to move any muscles. "Lithium!" The voice calls again. I roll my eyes and relax, turning on my heel, I face Josh.

"Hey Josh." I say, putting on my brightest smile. My mom said that I needed to be nice to him, for he was the only suitor willing to marry me. I am not exactly the kindest nor funniest girl you will ever meet.

"I missed you earlier, babe." He says, looping his arms around my waist. He pulls me close and our lips meet. Neither of us pull away for awhile. Be Nice, Be Nice. I remind myself, letting our lips to keep being locked together. Finally, he pulls back for air and I almost sigh in relief. His glance stays on my face and my cheeks heat up.

"We should get going." I mumble, breaking away from the embrace. He clears his throat. "Are you nervous?" I ask after awhile of silent walking. "For the reaping, I mean." I add.

"No, you shouldn't be either, they wouldn't dare pick someone as beautiful as you." He says, tucking a stray strand of my brown hair back behind my ear. I don't know what to say, so I stay silent.

"Lithium, Josh!" My mother Platinum calls from the door of our two-story house.

"Hi mom." I say, I slip past her into the kitchen and plop down in one of the chairs.

"You don't think you'll get picked do you?" My mom asks Josh, wrinkling her nose up.

"I certainly hope so…." I mutter under my breath, so as only my mother to hear. She shoots me a look and turns back to Josh, waiting for his response.

"No chance about it, I don't take any tesserae." He says.

Josh's family is one of the richest families in the district and now that I will marry him, our family will become rich. Josh refused to let me or Christopher take tesserae this year because of his wealth.

"Thanks to you, neither do my kids." Platinum answers warmly, she puts a warm cup of soup into Josh's hands.

Christopher Swan's POV Age 21

I can hear a clutter of footsteps on the stairs and I smile as arms encircle me.

"Good morning , love." I say, swiveling around. I rest my chin on my girlfriends forehead. I kiss her lips and look into her warm blue eyes.

"Good morning!" She chirps back. "I had a lot of fun last night." She says wiggling her eyebrows at me.

"Me too." I answers, planting another kiss on her lips. "Hopefully more fun tonight." I hint.

"Is that an invitation?" She questions me, cocking her head to the side so that her mess of brown curls swishes around her shoulders.

"It is if you want it to be." I answer. Iracibeth throws her head back and lets out a tinkling bell like laugh.

"Why don't we head down to the square?" I ask after breakfast is over. "We can buy some bakery pastries on the way." I add. I watch her smile.

"You spoil me." She says. Chuckling, I let her run upstairs to get dressed. I live here on my own but Iracibeth comes over almost every night. I plan to pop the question soon, I was thinking tonight after the reaping, so that we both are in a shock of relief.

"How do I look?" She asks when she comes back downstairs, she strikes a pose in front of me and I smile.

"Beautiful." I answer, I scoop her up into my arms and plant a kiss on her lips. Giggling, she squirms out of my arms.

"You'll ruffle my dress, be careful!" She squeals, smoothing out the bottom of her blue dress. I chuckle again and we head out the door, arm in arm.

When we arrive at the bakery, I push the door open and the bells begin to chime.

"Good morning Mr. Perri!" Both Iracibeth and I chirp.

"Morning to you two love birds as well." Mr. Perri chuckles. Iracibeth and I stand before the stands of pastries.

"Hmmmm…that one looks good." I say, pointing to a chocolate puff.

"Yes it does!" Iracibeth says peering over my shoulder.

"Two please." I say, handing over the money to the baker. He grins at me and hands them to me in a package.

"Please would you give this to the Mrs.'s?" He asks. I wink at him and take the pink cookie from him.

"It would be my pleasure." I say. It's no secret that Mr. Perri has a thing for my mother. Only if she were able to get over Lithium's horrid father.

"Thank you!" Iracibeth calls over her shoulder, pushing past the door to bakery. We emerge into the bright sunlight once again.

"See you after the reaping." I say, embracing her and kissing her lips.

"Okay." She says. She gives me one last kiss before getting her finger pricked and heading over to where her small family stands. I stretch out my hand for the man to prick and he does.

"Over there." He mutters, beckoning to where my mother and Lithium stand.

"Hey mom, Lithium!" I say, kissing both of them on the cheek.

"Someone's in a good mood." My mother smiles, taking the cookie that I offer her.

"That ones from the baker." I say, grinning. Suddenly, she hands it back to me and turns back to the stage. I roll my eyes and Lithium and I's eyes meet. She holds up her hand to show me her crossed fingers. I mimic her actions and take her uncrossed finger hand in mine.

Platinum Swan's POV Age 36

I gaze steadily at the stage, ignoring the red blush creeping up on my cheeks. The Baker…is an interesting man. Short, stubby, a little bit fat. Okay maybe a lot bit fat. He seems like a good man, he would make an amazing husband. I just can't let myself fall in-love again, I just can't. Oh no. The realization hits me, I love the baker? The question rings throughout my brain like a missile. That's not possible. I tell myself. I love Lithium's father, Opal. The only thing that comes to mind when I think of Opal is tears. He reminds me of how sad I was when I was married him. So…..I….Love….The….Baker? There's that question again. My eyes flit to where the baker stand with his three grown children and their families. We make eye contact and I blush. He seems to smile, even for a second.

"Mom? Are you staring at the baker?" Christopher suddenly asks, his voice cutting through my thoughts like a sharp knife.

"Huh?" I ask, tearing my eyes away from the plump man.

"You were staring at the baker." Christopher says.

"He has a name Chris." I bark. My twenty-one year old son quiets down but I can see the amusement sparking in his eyes. "And no. I wasn't." I say.

"Mom, I'm pretty sure you were." Lithium speaks up, sounding as horrified as I feel. Christopher's face breaks out into a smile.

"See, I told you." He says, nudging Lithium. Who shrugs off his arms.

"You didn't tell her anything." I snap. Once again, I turn back to the stage and watch the escort mount the steps.

Lithium Swan's POV Age 17

A man stumbles over to the microphone. He wears a pair of purple pantaloons and a neon blue shirt. His hair flies all over place in a mix of blue and grey. As he pulls the microphone to his lips I gasp. His lips take up half his lower face. They are giant and puffed up, painted blue. I exchange a glance with Christopher as the man begins to speak.

"Hello, District two!" He squeaks. "My name is Fender Neilson! And I will be the escort for your two tribute families!" His giant purple eyes flash with every word and I am forced to look away.

"I think I may vomit." I mutter to Christopher, who chuckles.

"Well then, girls first shall we?" He says. He sticks his hand in the girls bowl and fishes around. Finally, satisfied with the piece of paper, he pulls his hand out of the bowl.

"This years girl tribute shall be Lithium Swan!" He squeaks. My face melts and I turn to my mother in shock. I don't register what this means until Fender's eyes flash, blinding me. I take a step forward and force my face to relax. Be Calm. I tell myself. Every step I take is echoed off of the silver ground. I mount the steps and stand beside Fender, who much to my dismay only comes up to my waist. Peacekeepers have already seized my brother and mother and brought them onto the stage.

"Your names?" Fender questions, he holds out the microphone to my mother, who is on the verge of tears.

"Platinum Swan." She breathes. My eyes flit over to the Baker who appears dismayed, his small eyes are filled to the brim with tears and he clutches onto the arm of one of his sons.

"Christopher Swan." I hear Christopher say in his large booming voice. I can hear wails of despair from Iracibeth who is sobbing hysterically into her mother's shoulder.

"Chris! Chris!" She screams. I don't know why the peacekeepers don't bother to quiet her down but I can see her father trying to silence her.

Nolan Ryker's POV Age 44

"You are definitely going to training today, you here me son?" I say, speaking to my golden son, Alexis.

"Why? It's not like I'm going to volunteer this year." Alexis says, his handsome face, questioning me.

"I am." I answer. All confusion from my son's face is gone, he looks tired and scared. "It's the only way I can make it right with my parents." I say.

"That shouldn't be a reason." Alexis counters, anger filling his face.

"Well it is, finish eating and then go." I say. Not bothering to fight about this with me he pushes past me and out the door. I sigh and place his plate carefully into the sink.

"I'm guessing you told him our plan for today?" My wife asks, coming into the kitchen. I nod my head and then smile, thinking about how by tomorrow I will be on my way into the games.

"Everything will be right with my parents after today, I promise." I say.

"I know, all they wanted to do was see you in the games, and that's all we wanted from…well you know." She says, referring to our disowned son, Ashlar, who refused to go into the games.

"Hey, at least we will have a golden son." I say. Alexis has agreed to volunteer for the games on his last reaping day.

"But…now that we all go in….we all will be victors!" Alana giggles, kissing my cheek.

"We'll make it, we are a big family, very strong to." I say.

"I love you Nolan." Alana says.

"I love you to A." I answer. "Well, best get to work, people my be wondering where there fellow peacekeeper is." I say. Alana laughs and I leave our house.

"Yo Nolan!" A voice calls me.

"Mason." I say, clapping my best-friend on the back. "I hope your not volunteering today, because I know I am." I say suddenly. Mason freezes and faces me.

"You knew I was going to volunteer Nolan. I told you yesterday." Mason says.

"Must have slipped my mind." I say, turning back around. All of a sudden I feel a great pain in my back and I fall to the floor.

"Look who's not going to volunteer." Mason says, spitting on me. My black eyes narrow and I kick him in the knees, excited when he falls. I jump onto my feet and pin him to the ground.

"What were you saying?" I growl.

"Break it up! Break it up!" Another peacekeeper shouts, running towards us. He shoves me off of Mason and I notice his face.

"Remus?" My voice comes out strangled.

"Nice to see you again, big brother!" Remus says merrily. I glare at him.

"Where have you been?" I bellow.

"Funny, I have the exact same question to ask you. When you were disowned, you didn't even say goodbye to your little brother and sister." He says. "I thought you were dead." He says again.

"Styx, is she here?" I ask him about our sister.

"Yeah, she has a daughter. Her name is Clio." He says happily. "Come I'll introduce you." He seizes my hand to turn but I pull out of his grasp.

"I have to go." I say. I kick Mason one more time on the ground and lean forward. "Don't even bother volunteering." I growl. Mason's eyes slit but I don't bother sticking around.

"Wait! Nolan!" Remus calls. I ignore him and return to my station.

Ashlar Ryker's POV Age 19

I quickly slip over to my window, seeing my cousin Clio outside, I groan. I open the door.

"Hey Clio." I say.

"Is this a bad time?" She asks me, examining my pajama attire.

"No." I say, opening the door wider to let her in.

"Your mom doesn't know that you found me, right?" I ask my cousin.

"Of course not, she would go bonkers." She says. She plops down on the sofa and looks me right in the eye, expecting me to say something. Her blue eyes twinkle and for a second I see a flash of myself in her.

I found my cousin Clio, at the training center about three months ago. Every week, she comes over and we hang out. For a fifteen year-old she isn't that bad. Both our parents were disowned from their parents. When Clio's mother was disowned, she left and got married and had Clio. Then, our uncle Remus, whom Clio told me about, volunteered for the games and won. He came back but is apparently crazy.

"How is Aunt Styx?" I ask, tilting my head to the side.

"Heart broken, she needs to be happy." Clio answers immediately. I chuckle.

"I bet she will be happy when you make it through the reaping today." I say. Clio's face grows hard.

"I hope uncle Remus doesn't volunteer, again." Clio says. "If he does, we all go in." She says.

"But we will be together, we are strong." I counter. She nods her head. "It's best not to think about life like that, you might just find yourself in the games if you think you will be." Her eyes flit to the clock on the mantel and I know it's time for her to go.

"I have to go get ready, see you at the reaping." Clio says. She gets half way across the room, before turning around and planting a kiss on my cheek, then she gives me a hug and leaves. Chuckling, I lift myself off the couch and force myself over to the bathroom. I strip naked and jump on the shower. The boiling water runs down my back turning every possible part of me red from the heat. I shift my body weight from one foot to the other trying to get comfortable. I lean my head against the wall, close my eyes and listen to the sound of each raindrop pounding onto the ceramic floor. I think about what Clio said. Would he? Don't think about it. Sighing, I fumble for the shower handle, trying to turn the water off. Instead, I cut myself on something sharp. Cursing, I open my eyes and wince when the heat hits them. I manage to turn the water off and stumble out of the shower. I wrap a towel around me and exit the bathroom.

As soon as I'm dressed and ready to go, I examine the cut on my finger from the shower. I fish through my first aid kit for a band aid and sloppily put it on. Now, I'm ready to go.

Alexis Ryker's POV Age 17

The spear leaves my hand and lands in the center of the target.

"Nice shot, Alexis!" Three girls squeal from the sidelines. Ignoring them, I retrieve the spear from the target and throw it again. Again, it lands in the bulls eye. I can hear clapping and again I ignore it.

"Alexis! Your done here, go home and rest." Genevieve, my trainer says, tearing me away from my practice.

"Yeah?" I ask, panting heavily. She nods and I wave to her. "Thanks, Gen!" I say. I run towards the exit, my feet pounding on the ground. I barely get to step outside before three giggling girls take my arms.

"You are sooo good." Lilliana, the girl with the bright blue eyes gushes. She batts her long lashes at me. I wrench my arms out of their grips and give them a dazzling smile.

"Thanks, Excuse me…" I mumble. The other two girls don't have time to even smile back at me as I race off towards my best friend.

"Viv!" I call, forcing the petite girl to turn her head. Her face breaks into a smile as she sees me and she swings her small body off of the fence.

"Hey stranger." She says, punching my arm lightly. "Where have you been all day?" She says cocking her head to the side, her smile broadening. I glance over her familiar features and my heart begins to beat fast.

"Dad made train today, he has this idea that he is going to volunteer." Once the words leave my lips, the smile disappears from her face.

"He can't!" She says forcefully. "No." She says again.

"That's what I said," I mutter, looking out into the fields, I lean my body against the white fence. I look at her face and smile as our eyes meet.

"I don't want to go in the games, Viv." I say. Her eyes flash with sympathy and her hand finds mine.

"I don't want you to go either." She says. She leans into me so that our shoulders are touching, her head resting against mine. "Don't go." She whispers.

Alana Ryker's POV Age 42

"That's it Minnie! That's it!, try throwing with the inside of your hand, not the outside." I shout to my trainee, who thrown daggers unsuccessfully at the unscathed target. I troop over to her and take the dagger out of her hand.

"Like this." I explain, showing her the movements. Her emerald green eyes sparkle as she follows my dagger through the air and into the middle of the target.

"Let me try." She says. I hand her another dagger and she begins to throw it.

"Stop!" I bellow. I twist the dagger to the other side and let her her resume. It flies out of her hand and soars to one of the very outside rings of the target. I clap. "You got it on the target!" I say. Checking the time, I smile at the fourteen-year old girl. "Time to go get ready for the reaping." I say. She nods and hands me the remaining daggers. I watch her slip into a coat and exit the center. Now that she is gone, I am the only one here and it is completely silent. I put the daggers away and lock them up in the cabinet they belong inside.

I let my thoughts wander as I leave the training center through the back door and lock it up behind me.

"I thought I would find you here." Nolan says. His voice coming out cracked. He stands by the wall of the training center, watching me.

"Nolan, what's wrong?" I ask, facing my husband.

"I saw Remus." Is all he says. I gasp.

"You told me he moved to district one." I say.

"That's what I thought…." Nolan trails off. He flings one of his arms around my shoulder and my arm snakes around his waist. "He said that Styx is here too, along with her daughter…he said her name was Clio." He continues. I don't bother to butt in because he rants when he is scared or nervous.

"Well, they will just have to come into the games with us." Is what I say when he is done.

"You right!" Nolan says, his frown disappears and he squeezes my shoulder soothingly. "My parents are going to be so happy with me." I say.

"With us." I correct, kissing his cheek.

Remus Ryker's POV Age 34

"Where is Clio?" I ask, coming into the kitchen of my sister's house. I pluck an apple from the bowl of fruits on the table and bite into it.

"She's upstairs getting ready for the reaping, you should do." Styx says, wrinkling her nose at the dishevelment of my outfit. "Is that gin?" She asks, sniffing me. I pull away from her.

"Don't smell me big sis." I say. She laughs her bell like laugh and smiles.

"Remus, go upstairs, take a shower and get an extra change of clothes from my room." She orders. "Yes M'am!" I say saluting her.

I may have had just a little too much to drink, and it is noticeable as I stumble clumsily up the steps.

"Uncle Remus, what's wrong?" Clio asks me, rushing to my side.

"Help me up the stairs, Cli." I say. Her thin arms wrap around my waist as she pulls me up the stairs and into the bathroom. She starts the warm water for me and doesn't flinch when I begin to strip of my clothes.

"I'm going to get ready, shout if you need help." She says exiting the bathroom.

After I shower, I don't bother to wrap a towel around myself, but head into Styx's room, butt naked.

"Remus! What are you doing?" Styx asks, I can hear the laughter behind her voice and I stand up.

"What does it look like I'm doing?" I ask, placing my hands on my hips. She just laughs and hands me some clothes.

"Change." She commands. Rolling my eyes, I obey. The clothes feels stiff against my body as I slip it on and I scratch myself just about everywhere.

"Sorry if it's itchy." She says, leading me over to the kitchen table. She sits me down and forces me to eat a bowl of chicken broth and a cup of tea. I can tell she is trying to will away the drunkedness.

Styx Ryker's POV Age 42

I watch Remus gobble up his food and my heart throbs for the little brother I once had. The games had changed him just as they have changed many people. Instead of the twinkle in his eyes, now there is a cold hard stare. I wish I could go back to past and not allow him to volunteer. Of course by the time he had volunteered I had been disowned by my parents for not volunteering. The games are just not my thing, I don't think I could make it very far. My husband died when Clio was just a little girl and since then, I am not the same woman I used to be.

"Styx, gimme more." Remus pleads, holding his empty bowl out to me.

"What do you say?" I ask him, taking the bowl and walking over to the stove.

"More?" He asks. I laugh and smile.

"The other one."


"Ahh, that's the one." I say. I fill his bowl up to the brim with soup and smile down at him. "Drink up." I say. Before answering, he lifts the bowl up the his mouth and slurps it down. I can't do anything but laugh and I sit there looking like a seal.

"Mom, are you okay?" Clio asks, shooting me a weird look. She travels over to the stove and serves herself a bowl of soup.

"Just fine." I answer, after calming my stomach down. "Are you ready?" I continue.

"Just about, I have to just put on my clothes." She sits down in the seat next to me and spoons a mouthful of soup into her mouth. "Yum, mom this is delicious." She says.

"It was your father's recipe." I say sadly. My husband died in a training center scuffle and his name brings up touchy feelings around Clio, as she watched him die. At this, Clio puts down her spoon and looks at me with wide eyes. She opens her mouth as to say something but nothing comes out. She closes her mouth, and then opens it back up again.

"Chicken noodle, right?" She asks. I nod sadly and maneuver my way through the kitchen and up the stairs. When I arrive in my room, I shut the door tightly behind me and swivel around to face my well kept room. Everything is in it's place just as it should be. My eyes swing over the wedding picture of my husband and I. My face is younger but it's not just because of the subtracted wrinkles that were on my face then that adds to the youngness of this past me. My eyes, they were alive, full of joy, the blue in them had sparkled with excitement. Now, they are a dull blue, as if all the life had been drained out of them. Pushing past these thoughts, I cover up the picture as best as I can. The less I see of it the better. Thinking quickly, I take the picture out of the frame and slip it into the pocket of my dress, for good luck, I tell myself.

Clio Ryker's POV Age 15

I stand before my mirror, hair pulled back into a waterfall braid. My eyes flit over every inch of my body, examining each inch of me for an imperfection. I don't like the way I look, although many people tell me they wish they were like me. Everyone says a certain word when they speak of me, A word I have banned from my vocabulary. That word is perfect. I hear it all the time; when I go to the training center, when I go buy groceries, and even at school where the teachers disagree with me. Perfect. That word that is so easily thrown at me, the word I despise most to hear. I wish I could find the stupid word in the dictionary and erase, erase it forever. All I want is to be normal, to hear normal words, to not be judged by everyone. No one seems to do that, except for my cousin. My cousin Ashlar, he is one of the strangest people I have ever met, the way he thinks about every single word before using it. I admire him greatly and wish that everyone could be as he is.

A loud banging on the door tears me from my thoughts.

"Clio! Clio! Ooooh Clio!" Uncle Remus calls from outside. I move over to the door swiftly and pull it open. "It's time to go." He says quickly before I can even register what is happening. Taking a deep breath I manage a weak smile.

"Okay, I'll be down in a minute." I say. I wait for him to leave before I glance at my reflection one more time in the mirror, grab my thin sweater and run down the stairs.

Jasmine Ryker's POV Age 78

I shuffle over to my rocking chair and slowly lower myself down into it. I let my cane drop to the ground as I await my late-morning snack.

"Here you go, Mrs. Ryker." My caretaker, Anita says. She places a small silver tray on my lap and sits beside me. I look over at her. Her red hair is pinned up into a bun and her green eyes twinkle as if there is no tomorrow.

"How is your daughter?" I bark, wanting to know about her daughter who is momentarily suffering from Cancer.

"She's not doing very well, the doctor's say there might still be hope." Anita says sadly. I snort.

"Stupid doctors, they don't know anything. You hear me and you hear me real good, your daughter is not going to survive, if the doctors say there is hope, there is none." I advise. Anita looks appalled. Her hand flies to her heart and her mouth stands agape.

"Mrs. Ryker?" She asks after a few seconds of silence. "My daughter is eight-years old and your telling me your willing to throw her life away with a couple of silly words?" Anita asks tremendously. A laugh begins in my lower throat and gurgles out of my mouth.

"Anything I say is the truth, my dear. The factual truth. There are no "good" doctors in District two. District one maybe, but the doctors to cure that kind of Cancer would only be found in the Capitol." I answer. Before I ever begin eating my cookies, Anita rips the tray from my hands and walks away in a huff. I sigh, disappointed.

Alden Ryker's POV Age 73

"Jassy, who are you talking to?" I ask, coming to sit beside my wife. Her head swings around to face me and her face breaks out into a smile.

"No one." She answers after the smile disappears. Now a days, she will only smile around me, for less then two seconds. I caress her cheek and lift my lips to hers, letting them crash together.

"We should get going to the reaping….Are you almost ready?" I ask. I almost pity my wife, but I would never dare say so aloud. She has almost lost the hearing in her ears and her eyesight is failing her. She nods her head stiffly and raises herself from her seat with difficulty.

"Mom! Dad!" A voice yells from the street. I turn to face the voice and find it attached to my only non disowned son, Remus.

"Hey Remmie!" I say. I take my Jasmine's hand. "Say hi to Remus, Jassy." I say. Jasmine examines Remus from head to toe and groans softly.

"Are you drunk again, Son?" She barks.

"Maybe just a bit, Ma." He answers. He staggers onto the porch and helps me walk Jasmine down the steps.

"Haven't seen you in awhile, where've you been?" I ask, looking him directly in the eye. He shrugs as best as he can with his arm around his mother.

"Around, a bit here and there." He adds. I chuckle.

"That's what you always say." I answer.

"What?" Jasmine roars. Remus and I exchange a glance and I manage a smile.

"Remus here, says that the reaping is about to start, we should hurry up." I tell her, louder then I would speak if I were talking to someone else.

"Oh, why they'll wait for me." She says. Remus chuckles and I can feel more of Jasmine's weight shift over to him as we quicken our pace.

Nolan Ryker's POV Age 44

As we come upon the sign in table, I glance nervously at our empty family coral.

"We are the first ones here." I mutter under my breath to Alana. She smiles.

"All the better for us." She counters, squeezing my hand. I hold my palm out to the blonde-haired woman and she pokes it with the needle. I don't even notice the pain and she paints me to the rope are for the Ryker's. Nodding to her, I wait for Alana. We slip through the small opening in the rope and stand side-by-side in the largish area.

"How long do we…" Alana is cut off as Alexis bounds into the rope area with us. I smile at the site of my golden sun. I clap him on the back and watch as he waves to his "friend." A family of two, come towards the rope. The older woman having long black hair and dull blue eyes. I squint closer and grab Alana's hand.

"Styx." I breathe. Making a rash decision, I wave. Recognition quickly spreads across the young woman's face and she waves back. The younger girl with her turns to her, probably asking about me. As Styx and the girl come in to the section Styx walks into my arms. I hold her tight and kiss her forehead.

"Nolan, you just left." She says. I nod my head into her shoulder.

"I know, I'm sorry." I mutter for only her to hear. She seems satisfied with my answer so she pulls away and pulls the young girl towards me.

"Nolan, this is my daughter Clio, Clio this is your Uncle Nolan." Styx says, one hand staying on my upper arm. I shake Clio's hand awkwardly and smile. I have such a beautiful neice. I think. Clio looks at me weirdly, almost as if she knows what I am thinking. She inches away from me and looks expectantly towards Styx.

Clearing my throat, I speak.

"Styx and Clio, this is my wife Alana and my son Alexis." I say.

"Nice to meet you." Both Alana and Alexis mutter.

"Ashlar!" A sudden cry emits from Alexis's mouth and he bounds over to the entrance to the rope area. I see him openly embrace his long lost older brother. I exchange a glance with Alana and watch Clio smiling at Ashlar, as if she knows him. Ashlar steps forward and embraces Clio. Styx looks confused and beckons her daughter to the side. I can hear them whispering and I roll my eyes.

"Better now then never." I utter to Alana who's eyes flash. Together, we walk towards our disowned son. He stands in front of us awkwardly. Alexis looks in between his parents and his brother and takes a step back. Smart boy. I say to myself, smirking. I clear my throat.

"It's nice to see you son." I say.

"I wish I could say the same." He responds, his eyes flashing just like Alana's did a couple seconds earlier. His words set me back and Alana takes over.

"We just want to be allies, since we all are going to be fighting along side each other." She continues. Ashlar's eyes fill with knowing about what Alana and I are about to do and he opens his mouth.

"Don't do it." He says simply.

"Don't do what?" Clio questions, appearing beside Ashlar. My son eyes Alana and I questioning and places one hand on Clio's shoulder.

"Nothing," He says. He takes her to introduce to Alexis and Alana and I stand alone gaping at each other.

"That wasn't exactly how I expected that." She says.

"Mean either." I add.

"Sorry we are late, did you miss us?" Remus squeals. He staggers into the rope area with my mother by one arm and my father following close behind. I gulp and face my parents. They don't even glance at me but stay by the side with Remus.

I grab Alana's hand as the escort, Fender Neilson stumbles onto the stage and begins the reaping. He picks the girl and I analyze her.

She is beautiful, she looks strong, her family seems like a good competition. I take a look around the Ryker section and smile. Strong, but not strong enough. Swan's mear three could never beat the Ryker nine. Well, subtracting my old parents the Ryker seven.

"Hiden Rach!" The escort says. Alana shoves me forward. I was to busy paying attention to Lithium that I almost missed my shot. Some of the Ryker's look dismayed as I lurch forward into the crowd.

"I volunteer!" My voice is not alone and I glare at the voice that so eagerly joined mine. My best-friend Mason stands inches in front of me. Once again, I make a rash decision and pounce on him, letting us fall to the ground in a tangle of limbs. I quickly pull myself up and sprint the rest of the way to the steps. "I volunteer!" I say once again. I run up the steps and stop beside Fender Neilson. He looks surprised and utterly pleased.

"Your name?" He asks me.

"Nolan Ryker!" I shout into the district, my name ricochets off of all the buildings in the square. Delighted, Fender looks out on the crowd. Alana quickly joins my side without being escorted as well as my parents and Remus but the rest of the Ryker clan stands back.

"Oh heavens me, they are over there!" Jasmine says, pointing one wrinkly finger at where the Ryker clan is. Peacekeepers seize Ashlar, Alexis, Clio, and Styx and shove them up to the stage.

"Names?" Fender asks, holding the mic out to my family.

"Alana Ryker."

"Jasmine Ryker!"

"Alden Ryker,"

"Clio Ryker."

"Remus Ryker,"

"Ashlar Ryker,"

"Alexis Ryker,"

"Styx Ryker,"

"Well then, District two, your two district families!" He squeals.

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