The day had finally arrived, Ava's Broadway d├ębut.

The whole family gathered at the theatre while Ava, Shelby and Rachel paced back stage, "uh mommy I'm a lil scared" she was doing her best to disguise her nerves but Rachel secretly knew what was going through her mind.

"I'm nervous too honey, but you're going to be amazing... I just know it" Ava simply nodded, the oldest woman gave them a 'Broadway' pep talk before returning to the front to find her seat with her youngest daughter and the rest of the family.

So they sat in silence waiting to be called "...when are you telling everybody?"


"But are you going to keep it on? what if they see while you're on stage?"

"I doubt it honey, I'll be too far away. Just relax you won't have to keep the secret much longer"...


"For now, the vows" the man declared in front of the couple, everything was spontaneous and unplanned, the trio currently stood in Lima marital hall with Ava practically bouncing off the walls.

"Rachel... life's about chances and opportunities and you and me have a second chance, to be Finn and Rachel again. We've had some troubles in the past but that's all over because it's just you, me and our beautiful Ava..." the little girl smiled up to her parents as he spoke "...w-we have two beautiful daughters, Arielle's special... and we'll never forget her. But now it's too the future, as I said before Rach, you don't need a star named after you... because you are one"

The neatly dressed man gestured to Rachel's teary face "I can't top that" she giggled, "I don't need too say anything... you know everything I want to say, you know me more than I know myself. We're so lucky, some people may disagree but we really are; we have Ava, we found each other again and I know for a fact we'll never lose this... not again"

Both of them began laughing as Ava sat giddy to the side "can we speed it up a little?!" she squealed, once the man pronounced them husband and wife the world stopped moving for just a second.

Ava leapt into their arms and the three stood holding each other for at least five minutes until the mood had calmed, "you guys are married! my mommy and daddy are married, he's your husband!" she pointed to Finn with an astounded look on her face causing them to giggle.

The newly married couple finally let go of each other so the man could pick up his daughter "we love you so much" he kissed her nose and turned so Rachel could join.

"I love both of you too, I really do you know?"

"We know..."

"Were are we going now?"


A small car ride later they arrived "Why are we at Mickney?"

"Mickenly, and Mr Schue gave me his key" Finn waved the piece of metal in front of her face before grabbing Rachel's hand and following on, "we're not meant to be here so no messing" he warned in a less serious tone.

Ava galloped of in the direction of the door leaving them alone "'re up to something" he feigned offense before zipping his lips closed.

He guided the two women towards the auditorium where he'd previously set up a replica of their last visit, "I think this might be my favourite place" Ava mumbled nibbling on a carrot stick, "It's where you guys first met, it's where you first kissed, it's where daddy proposed... for the first time" they giggled at her humour "so yah... it's my favourite place"

"Better than Broadway?"

"Better than broadway" Rachel grinned at her answer, she must be happy to say that. Their daughter was growing up before their eyes, these where the moments they treasured, Finn caught the child's attention as he tossed a small ribbon tied box in her direction "what is it?" she replied admiring the object, "open it" Ava wasted no time in ripping the coloured paper from the cardboard, once she removed the small lid she smiled "Hudson" she read aloud removing the necklace, it was silver and had a small star shaped diamond in the top right hand corner, "I love it" she passed it to her mother who quickly attached it to her neck from behind.

"Thank you" once she finally stopped admiring the jewellery she placed a thankful kiss on both their cheeks, "so does this mean you're a Hudson again?" Ava asked looking to her mother.

"Yes, is that ok? her tone was almost playful.

"Off course! but it's a bit weird" she giggled childishly, "-Rachel Barbara Hudson... I really do like it"


Her heart beat pounded in her chest and her breathing startled, "mama it's really scary out there" she whined clutching onto Rachel's arm wanted motherly comfort. "Hey, hey, hey, take a breather... you my girl are amazing, you're smart, brave and the most loving person I know. But more than anything you're talented, you're so talented Ava that you don't even know it, now push all those nerves aside and go do your thing..." Rachel gazed into her eyes kneeling down, they quickly hugged it out before her name was called to get ready.

Since Rachel had already sang wowing the audience like always, she quickly descended down the side of the stage and to the front row to join her mother, she wouldn't normally get to do that but since she was her daughter they made an exception.

Ava was dressed in a fabric maroon dress which was fairly simple and hung to her shoulders, her long brown locks curled neatly below her shoulders and her tanned cheeks blushed under the spotlight "she ok?" Shelby asked as her daughter sat, "well put it this way, I've never seen her that nervous before" she quickly glanced around to get a wink of her secretive husband and observe the rest of the families gawps.

The theatre was full with hundreds of well dressed people, photographers, news reporters, broadway alumni and stage managers, silence ran through as soon as the next act was announced... Ava.

"Next up we have a our youngest New Yorker, singing 'tomorrow' from the hit Musical 'Annie', Miss Ava Marie Hudson" the man announced, a round of claps started and before they knew it Ava stood center stage under a spotlight. It wasn't until she found her mother's eyes that she smiled...

"The sun'll come out tomorrow Bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow there'll be sun Just thinkin' about tomorrow Clears away the cobwebs and the sorrow till there's none When I'm stuck with a day that's gray and lonely I just stick out my chin and grin and say The sun'll come out tomorrow So you got to hang on till tomorrow, came what may!
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow You're always a day away I just stick out my chin and grin and say The sun'll come out tomorrow So you got to hang on till tomorrow, came what may!
Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow You're always a day away Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow You're always a day away"

She was flawless.

The room erupted into cheers and screams and it wasn't till Rachel screamed in the random strangers face "That's my daughter!" that she realised she needed to calm a little.

The next few minutes where a blur, somehow Rachel ended up backstage to greet her daughter as she toppled off "mommy I did it! I did it mom!" she screamed running into her open arms "you did it! and you where so amazing, you where so much better than I was" tears streamed down her face showing how proud she was, they quickly fell back into another long-winded hug and stayed like that for the next twenty minutes at least.

The rest of the show couldn't have gone quick enough, once the audience had cleared Ava ran onto the stage and down the side steps right into her dad "oh my god!
you where so amazing!" he exclaimed way too excited, "you like it?!" he chuckled astounded "Ava..." he breathed "I loved it"

Rachel quickly followed and began to greet her mother and Santana "well Berry that was pretty amazing"

"Did Santana Lopez just compliment?" she teased, "yah but don't get too comfortable, it only happens like once a year"

"Hey what about me?!" Ava smiled wriggling out of her fathers arms, "oh well for my Miss Ava I make exceptions... you where awesome" she high-fived the little girl before allowing her to talk to the rest of the family... "you have some explaining to do?" the latina sneakily leaned back and whispered in Rachel's ear while pointing to her hand.

Rachel subtly hushed her but helplessly grinned, "congrats" Santana suddenly jolted away to meet her wife and daughter who stood happily talking to Kurt across the crowd, "hi" Finn without warning wrapped his large arms around her neck from behind "hey, you ok?"

"I'm great, are you?"

"Yah I'm good... she's so amazing" both of them proudly glanced to their daughter who was currently giving a dramatic re-account of backstage to her grandparents,
"we make awesome beings" Finn joked kissing her forehead, "...we do don't we" and before he could reply she slipped off into the group leaving him almost curios.

"Right so we're all going back to our place for dinner" her loud voice always came in handy for something.

Back out the house each person found their place; Connie and Hannah slept peacefully upstairs, Caleb sat perched on Kurt's knee trying to figure out what his Dad, Daddy, and Aunt Britt where talking about, Quinn, Puck and Finn giggled over random topics by the kitchen island, the two sets of grandparents chatted away as usual and Santana, Rachel and Ava teased each other and clashed about music and over rubbish.

"Oh that picture is so cute, when's it from?" Carole picked up the frame of the shelf which they'd forgot to remove, it was a picture of the three of them from the wedding, Ava sat across both their laps giggled as Finn digged his hand in her side and Rachel kissed her face.

"Uhh just a f-few weeks ago" Rachel was always a bad liar, stuttering was never the norm so they knew something was out.

"Really? where was it taken Rae?" oh Santana was such a bitch. "You know? just... somewhere" the latina raised her eyebrows from across the table, she quickly stood up as everyone watched on "felicidades por conseguir enganchado por segunda vez" she smirked walking to fetch some water.

"What?" Blaine interfered tilting his head, "I recognise 'second' from Spanish class but that's about it" Kurt shrugged. Suddenly everyone jumped on Santana full of curiosity and morbid nosiness, "ok- ok please... no ok then" Rachel attempted to console the yelling bunch but failed miserably.

"Quite!" Finn screeched causing stun, "everybody take a step back" he watched as the adults cautiously stood in a circle around the dining table and near to kitchen bar "can I tell?!" Ava smiled still sitting in her chair, the couple shared a look of nerves before nodding.

Ava got ready for her mass speech by standing up on the chair and straightening her dress "Ok so... that picture was taken last week in Lima..."

There was a few shocked faces and mild questions which she ignored "It was taken at three forty-two Pm in Lima marital hall" shockingly no one moved.
"Please tell me you guys went to a strangers wedding" Kurt's wide eyes popped.

And then Ava does best "Ok so I know it's crazy because I didn't get it at first neither. I'll start from the beginning... Mom and Dad spontaneously told me we where going to Lima and within minutes we where on our way, we drove there and they told me they where getting married, crazy I know but hold on, it took forever to get there but when we did we saw Mike and Tina, then the next day we went to the Marital hall, some really old guy in a suit got them married. Dad surprised us by borrowing Mr Schue's key and taking us to the au-auditrium where he once again replicated the picnic him and mama had on the stage in highschool, they got me that necklace over there then we got stayed around for a while before going to Mr Schue's. Daddy was convinced his son Collin had a crush on me but he was really mean so I don't believe him" they giggled at her innocence "so then we saw Mike and Tina again and we came home" the ramble came out of her mouth in a matter of seconds.

An awkward silence filled the room as everyone eyed the couple "And Santana knew?"

"Off course I did porcelain, she's been wearing that ring all night, but you guys where just too dumb to notice" at this point Santana was feeling powerful and grinned evilly.

Rachel finally built up the courage to speak "So... yeah we got married" she allowed a smile to engulf her lips without a care in the world "are you happy?" Leroy asked in a humble tone through the silence "very"

"... then congratulation's are in order" they finally let the tension melt away and squeals filled the room, many hugs and tears later they all stood back "so it's back to the way it was" Quinn acknowledged.

"We'll never forget what happened, but at least we can move on" Finn informed, Ava sat on his lap next to her mother who looked almost smug "what's with your face?"
Santana asked slipping beside her "nothing... I love you Lopez" the latina's eye brows narrowed and she leaned back "whaaa?"

"If you hadn't of found me none of this would be here... I love you" the simplicity on her tone was almost enough to make her smile, Santana leaned closer to her ear dropping her act "love you too Berry" she whispered.

Dinner was quite eventful, Ava bragged for hours on end which they'd expected, but her sudden change of personality worried her mother "you ok baby?" she leaned down beside her and wiped a stray her from her clammy forehead, "fine... feeling a little icky but I'll be ok" Rachel dismissed her change as a girl thing and left her in peace.

"That dog is so annoying" Kurt, Santana and Blaine stood looking at the hyperactive animal before them, "what's going on?" Rachel's head popped up behind their shoulders "it won't shut up" Kurt replied... and that's when it clicked.

Rachel kneeled down beside the animal and attempted to console it by stroking it's ivory fur "hey what's the matter?" she cooed but nothing changed, "Finn?!" nearly everyone jumped at her sudden higher pitch, her husband clambered through the crowd into the hallway where the four adults stood, three of which confused.

"I think Ava's sick" she stood up to whisper in his ear, "Why? she was jumping over the couch a minute ago" he looked around with his child no where in sight, "sudden seizures Finn, you weren't here last time, one minute she was playing the next she was on the floor" she pointed to Nellie who's paws wouldn't keep still, barks suddenly erupted from her mouth and a light bulb went of in his head, "you don't think..."

"What's going on?" Blaine's interrupted concerned, totally ignoring him Rachel dodged the crowd and followed through to where her daughter sat slipping in and out of conscience on the fabric sofa "Ava sweetie stay awake for mommy" she lifted her head but got no reply, "why's this happen always at the wrong time?" Finn huffed joining them, seeing Rachel's glare he shut his mouth and did what he'd normally do when this happened... watch Rachel do everything!

"Everything ok?" Carole walked over as everyone else stood cautiously in the doorway to the kitchen, "Err it will be" Rachel muttered full concentration on her daughter, "hey baby let's lie you down, huh?" Ava grumbled in reply as Rachel soothed her. Once comfortable on a bed of pillows the parents stood back "I gave her the meds, let's just hope it stops before she fits" Rachel puffed rubbing her temples. This had happened a few times since her diagnosis so they knew what to do, everyone sat in the dining room allowing them to do their thing bust their curiosity was getting the better of them...

"I she ok?" Puck asked from across the table.

"Yeah she will be, just leave her for a while"

"Th-that... how did you know what to do?"

"It happens all the time"

"That sucks"

"Tell me about it, it's usually worse when she gets over excited or too hot. She has to go back the hospital for more tests in a couple of weeks"

"What will they do?"

"We're not really sure, try to give her a long-term fix most likely"

The atmosphere was definitely different now the little girl had submerged into sleep in the main room "let's talk about your wedding" Kurt winked with a smile. They began talking about their secretive ceremony without sparing a detail, so in all the night was good, one thing they'd learnt up to now is not everything perfect but it can be helped...

However... someone had a secret


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