"Ava?... Avaaaaa?"

"Mom, Luca's walking me to dance and he'll be here in five minutes"

"Please, please, please honey one more phone call, I promise just one. I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important" Rachel held her index finger up and held the phone to her ear with the other hand.

"Fine" she sighed, Ava dropped her sports bag and turned to go up the stairs and follow the familiar noise, coming up to the room she admired the letters on the white wooden door as always. She pushed it open and walked straight towards the little crib near the window "oh my Abi, what's the matter?" she picked the new-born from the mattress and held her to her chest, "are you hungry? huh?" the little girl calmed but fidgeted in her arms.

Ava stood back and sat on the wooden bench built into the low window sill, she moved the baby to cradle her in her arms "mommy will be up soon, she had important calls to make" the baby didn't seem to care for her excuse and began to whimper again "but don't worry! I'll hold you till she's ready" Ava rocked her from side to side being as gentle as possible since she was only two months old.

"Shall I tell you a story... ok then let's get comfortable" she cooed in a childish voice, Ava sat back against the built up mass of pillows and leaned back with the baby girl still in her arms "so where do I begin... let's start with where it all began huh, so when mommy was in high school she met daddy in their glee club,
now you won't know what that is now but I can assure you that as you'll get older you'll know, especially since they're still our family. They both loved each other very much and to keep this age appropriate for a new-born I'm going to skip the harshness..."

She giggled to herself before carrying on "so a few years later when they finished college they got married, and not long after they had me 'Ava Marie Hudson', in the mean time mommy was on Broadway and daddy worked behind the scenes, everything was perfect and then one day they discovered they were having another baby..." a sad smile washed over her face.

"And her name was 'Arielle Carole Hudson', however Arielle was special, very, very special so she had to go be an angel in the sky, this made mommy and daddy very sad so I'll just skip this part... they found each other again you know? when I was ten they got back together and when I was eleven they remarried. Things where pretty much perfect from then on, I had special surgery for my epilepsy so I got a bit better and don't have seizures half as much now, a month after my fifteenth birthday, mommy and daddy said they where having you... I know they're sort of old and all but they're still awesome..."

"Along came 'Abigail Monroe Hudson' a whole two months ago, you're so pretty" she stroked the baby's nose with the tip of her finger and watched as she fought sleep.

Things had been very busy over the past few years, Rachel miscarried their third child a few months after their wedding but instead of pulling them apart, it brought them closer together, and they had more than enough family support. They soon forgot about becoming pregnant again and focused on Ava who had been offered surgery to relieve her epilepsy, the procedure itself was no walk in the park and left Ava in the ICU for three days afterwards, though a long three weeks later she was discharged.

"Hey princess, it's daddy" Finn intertwined his fingers between his daughter unconscience hand, wires beeped now and then but that was the only noise to be heard.

"I know this is scary now, but you'll get better I promise. You're strong like your mommy... I don't want to keep you for long but I just wanted to tell you some things; Aunt Quinn and Uncle Puck have bought you mounds of candy for when you recover, Santana and Brittany got you those dance things you wanted, oh and the DVD's, pretty much everyone wants to spoil you, including Nana, she got you some Broadway stuff which daddy wouldn't know a thing about, but mama's got that all covered"

Rachel abruptly entered the room with a smile on her face "how's she doing?" she whispered, "as good as can be"

They later discovered that it had reduced her seizures from around thirty a year to ten so it had definitely helped, Ava gained more cousins as time went on; Santana and Brittany adopted two little boys younger than the now six-year-old Hannah, the older boy was called Teo and the younger Nicholas. Caleb got a baby sister, Jennifer Lillian who was just a year older the newest Hudson, Tina and Mike who moved to New York as said before had twin's, a boy called Robbie and a girl called Emery, so all the newest additions made things even more perfect.

"Happy birthday Hannah!" everyone squealed for the hundredth time that day, the four year old was sucking up all the attention and happily skipped around her family getting kisses of each one, "Aunt Rae can I asks you something?" she finally stopped.

"Sure little girl..."

"Are you a berry?... that's what my Mama said... are you a strawberry, I like strawberries!"

In the mean time Ava got her 'Matilda' role which she played for just over a year and Rachel carried on to work on Broadway as well as help Shelby on the side lines,
things where noticeably changing once Ava hit late thirteen, she had grew up to be a beautiful young woman and even got boobs which Kurt thoroughly despised!

"Are you wearing a bikini?!" he screeched way too loud.

"Uncle Kurt! calm a little and yes I am" she snapped hiding behind her mother, which was slowly becoming hard since she was getting tall.

On Ava's fourteenth birthday everything changed for the group of adults, while they all sat fighting over ice cream cake in the large dance hall par her request, the teenager herself sat on the metal bleacher at the side and kissed Luca her boyfriend for the very first time, which coincidently they all stopped arguing to watch.

Finn nearly collapsed, Kurt began crying and Rachel just gawped in awe. Rachel and Ava's relationship was better than anything, they were more than close and even the sex talk wasn't awkward... well Finn wouldn't agree.

"Ava we need to talk" Rachel said in a serious tone from the kitchen island, her daughter had finally stopped chattering long enough about her boyfriend to listen,
Finn awkwardly attempted to leave the room but his wife quickly pulled him back.

"Nu'h, you're helping too mister" he slumped back on his stool with a pout.

An awkward silence filled the room till Ava sighed heavily, "oh my God! get over yourselves... let's talk about sex?!" Rachel burst into a hysterical laughter and Finn stuffed his fingers in his ears "lalalalala my little princess did not just say sex!" he chanted, Ava joined her mother and they both watched on as Finn freaked out repeatedly.

Fortunately Luca shared the same love for sport as Finn so he was quickly welcomed to the family...

"Yes! we win, we win, we win!"

"Oh my God Luca! you are not dancing with my dad right now?" Ava entered the room with her hands in the air, "dad I know you love him and all, but-but he's mine, go get your own Luca!" she screeched before pulling the startled boy back into the kitchen with her as Rachel stood shaking her head with a smug smile on the stairs.

And then not long after Ava's fifteenth birthday something amazing happened...

"Ava can we talk?" Rachel smiled gently pulling her on to the couch between the two of them.

"Did I do something wrong?"

"No off course- you didn't did you?" Ava shook her head with a smile.

"Well we're just going to come out and say this, because we think it's better that you just and know and-"


"Oh and err... you're going to be a big sister" the teenagers face lit up and her eyes watered, "like for definite?" as much as it hurt she had to ask.

"For definite, I've just gone three months and the doc says everythings perfect"

"Oh wow, this is-this is amazing" they sat for the next hour in each others arms sharing stories of excitement.

Six months later the newest addition entered the world, they couldn't admit that it didn't hurt that someone was missing but they knew she'd be happy.

"Ok this is so boring... weren't you in labour for like an hour with Connie" Ava turned to her aunt who sat beside her in the waiting room.

"Yah honey but it's different with everyone, it was nearly a full day with you"

"Yeah and I had to sit with her for half of that, as your father stupidly went on a trip across country a week before your mom's due date" Santana joked, it was only another hour before Finn came out in scrubs with tears in his eyes. The sex of the baby was a surprise to all of them which made it even more exciting...

He stopped dead in front of his eldest as everyone watched on the edge of their seats "... want to come meet your sister?"

Ava burst in to tears and shot up to throw herself into her dad's open arms, they giggled and happy cried together before hugging the rest of their family, Finn soon dismissed them and followed back to Rachel's room, upon entering Ava noticed how exhausted her mother looked but her eyes quickly moved to the sleeping pink bundle in her arms.

"hey baby" Rachel whispered gesturing for her to come over. Ava planted a loving kiss on her mom's cheek before looking to the youngest "sh-she's so beautiful, what's her name?"

"Abigail Monroe Hudson" Finn informed.

"Monroe as in..."

"The doctor who saved my life when I had surgery" Ava shook her head becoming even more emotional, "want to hold her?" Finn carefully removed the infant from his wife's arms and waited till Ava sat down before passing the little girl to her.

She looked to down to the baby and began to speak "I know this is cliché and all but... I'm your big sister Ava, I love you so much" a tear rolled down her cheek and she lifted her up to kiss her nose.

So in current time things where finally settled and perfect, Ava danced more than ever and was recently invited to audition for a scholarship at a prestigious New York dance school in the middle of the city, Rachel was as busy as ever helping her mother, and Finn got his second promotion of the year.

"So Abi that's how it all goes... that's what happened"

"Hey" Ava shot her head up almost startled by her mother's sudden entrance.

"Hey" she replied smoothly, without moving her eyes from the baby sleeping soundly in her arms "-I was just telling Abi about the past few years" she added with a sense of pride.

Rachel voluntarily removed the baby from her eldests arms and put her close on her chest, "thanks sweetie"

"No problem, I have to go though" Ava leaned over to kiss both her mother and sister before quickly dancing out of the room, knocking over pretty much baby item along the way. Rachel watched on proud. She couldn't be prouder, her daughter had gone through so much and she'd come out as an amazing young woman who wouldn't stop growing to her dislike.

"Ava's here! look Mommy it's Ava!" you'd think seven year old Hannah would have never saw her big cousin before as she entered their backyard, the family gathered for an outdoor lunch and a catch up in their hectic lives.

Hannah leapt from her chair, past Brittany and straight into the teenager "hey Hannie, where's your brothers?"

"Teo and Nico are boys, I don't like boys!" she stated in a 'duh' tone, Ava giggled before going over towards where her parents sat "hey sweetie, nice morning?"

"Mmmhmm, I went for a walk with Luca through central park" she informed slouching beside them, without asking she reached down to retrieve her baby sister from her carry chair on the ground, "hello Abi" she'd been trying to get her to smile for the whole summer but since she'd just left the newborn stage she'd had no luck.

"Oh my god! do my eyes deceive me? is that Miss Ava?" Kurt joked squinting his eyes.

"Yes it's me uncle Kurt!"

"where have you been?! I haven't seen you in like a whole-"

"Three days?"

"...yah that" he blushed with a smirk, Ava stood with her sister still in her arms and attempted to half hug the man "you're so good with her" Blaine interfered kissing both the girls on the cheek.

"I've had much practise with all my cousins... where's Caleb and Jenny?"

"Puck think's he's getting away with sneaking them and Connie ice cream back in the house... Hannie just blew them up" all adult's within hearing distance began to laugh at the familiar tone, it wasn't long before Abigail began messing and whimpered into her sisters dress "what's up Abi?" she cooed yet her cries persisted.

Ava instantly frowned and handled the baby to her mother like a hot potato "oh so as soon as she cries you give her back?" Rachel grinned.

"That's what you're there for Mom!" she grinned back, Santana soon interfered like always... "oh wow you must be-you know? twenty years older since I last saw you!" she wrapped her right arm around the teens waist.

"Ha ha very funny, I saw you last weekend!" she returned.

A few hours later while everyone else sat chatting around the outdoor furniture, Ava swung alone on the wooden swing at the bottom of the garden "room for two?" she turned quickly to see her dad making himself comfortable, "always"

"Why are you sitting alone?"

"Just... felt like it"

"I know what you mean, seven kids all under four-foot get to you after a while" they shared a laugh before falling into peace.

"... I love you daddy" she leaned into his left side and buried her head into his shoulder, "I love you to Ava... always"

These where the moments they remembered, the happy times, the sad times and even the painful times didn't matter when it came to how much they loved each other.

The duo traipsed back to the table where the group sat in their places; Connie lay across Quinn's lap giggling when Puck tickled up her legs and Quinn planted countless kisses on her face, both Santana and Brittany had a baby boy on their laps while their eldest jumped around the crowd with Caleb, Jennifer lay sleepily on Blaine's lap while he spoke to Rachel who had Abigail against her chest, and finally Kurt weaved around the table happily chasing the loose children in distance.

"Mama do you want me to take Abi?" Rachel smiled sweetly and nodded gently before allowing her eldest to remove the baby from her aching arms.

Ava prefered the quiet to all the noise so she inched to the back of the group and got comfortable on a cushioned chair with the baby still in her arms now wide awake. "You not sleepy, huh? let's have a look around" she tilted her upwards so she could see the rest, before talking again she noticed her mom and dad snuggling into each other and giggling over most likely nothing, every time she saw something like that her heart melted with joy.

"So let me give you a little pep talk Abs, as you can see all these guys are your family, and as we know family always comes first, so when I'm at college in two years ... I need you to look after them for me, especially Mommy and Daddy. They love us so much and you always have to remember that even when Mom's nagging you to rehearse or Dad broke the hall banister again, which happens a lot by the way... and I'll always love you, even when I'm in college. It upsets me that I won't see you every day but I'll always be there for you and I'll visit all the time so don't get too comfortable without me... I doubt you'll forget me though, I've left my mark"

She laughed to herself thinking of the many photo albums and framed pictures from Broadway and everyday life of just her, "so yeah... oh and also remember that you can be whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it, I know that from my own experience" she could see a couple of gazes out the corner of her eyes but chose to ignore them.

But something else soon caught her... "do you think that's funny?!" she said in an overly childish tone, "huh?! are you smiling?!" she added, her little lips shown an almost smirk but it was definitely genuine.

Ava Marie Hudson was sixteen years old, the age her parents drama started, the age she became who she was going to be... Ava Marie Hudson was a star.


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