Valentine's Dance

Chapter 1: Exchange Student

A sobbing redhead could could be found on her bed, her face buried in her pillow. Her best friend, Melissa Andrew, tried to comfort the girl. Her boyfriend had cheated her just hours before.

"It's okay, Ames. Guy's a jerk anyway. I'm sure you'll find someone better."

Amy Cahill quieted her sniffles as she sat up to face her friend, a depressed expression on her face.

"But...I-I think I l-love him."

Melissa clicked her tongue. "Some boyfriend he turned out to be. Cheats on a girl when she realizes she loves him. Next thing you'll know, he's gay." She commented.

"Melissa!" Amy scolded. "J-just because he ch-cheated on me doesn't give you the right to badmouth him!"

"Actually, it does."

The redhead sighed. Her brunette friend could be really annoying sometimes.

"Cheer up!" Melissa smiled encouragingly, her crystal blue eyes twinkling. "I'm sure you'll find a date to the dance!"

A certain green-eyed Cahill groaned. "You just had to remind me! I completely forgot!" She exclaimed before falling back on her pillow face-first in frustration.

~This is an awesome line. It's what you people call a line break.~

"Everyone settle down! And girls, stop talking!" Mr. Oliver shouted. Mr. Oliver was Amy's English teacher and he was about to make an announcement.

"I assume you have all heard about the exchange student program the school set up?"

A couple of lazy nods headed his way, along with some "Yeah's" and yawns.

"Well, a school has brought us a student from England who will stay with us for a week. I expect all of you be on your best behavior."

"Hey, Amy!" Her friend Melissa whispered in the middle of Mr. Oliver's speech. "I heard the exchange student was like, a really really hot guy. Maybe you can ask him out for the dance?"

"Everyone, please welcome-"

"You!" Amy snarled suddenly, standing up and surprising the class.

Because entering the door was none other than the gorgeous, amber-eyed, english teen known as Ian Kabra.

He smirked.

"Hello, love."