I'm sorry to disappoint you guys but I won't be posting any chapters anytime soon. Just continue reading this and try to understand my reasons.

This morning, my family and I went out to have lunch. We visited the the zoo and saw animals. We arrived home in a happy mood, but wanting to rest. Then my dad walked to our backyard to check up on our cat. You know what he found? Our cat's dead body. He was lying down sideways with ants crawling all over. His usually pink nose was black. His eyes were shut tight. There was absolutely no sign of life at all. All of this just happened ten minutes ago. My dad's now off to bury him.

Now try to put yourselves in my shoes for a moment. The cute little furball you loved playing with is gone. The cuddly friend who you slept with at night is dead. And just this morning, he was alive and healthy. Playful and meowing. All that. Gone forever. I'm crying as I write this now.

Please bear with me. I promise I'll finish this story. Just not anytime soon. I'm sorry.

R. I. P.

My beloved cat and considered little brother, Zach.

A cute male Persian cat with white fluffy fur and blue eyes.

He still had long life ahead of him. A happy life. Now, this cat will

never breathe again. He will never see or taste again. Goodbye Zach.

I hope you'll find a happier life in a cat heaven.