Rated M for fluffy smut.

This takes place right after Book 2 of The Lunar Chronicles. All characters belong to the wonderful Marissa Meyer, author of Cinder and Scarlet. I hope you all enjoy! (:

Wolf didn't understand what was happening. Since last night's dinner,—or antipasto as Scarlet had called itthe door to her room hadn't opened. It was already midafternoon by Rieux time and he was desperate for her presence. Captain Thorne still saw him as a threat and Cinder was preoccupied with the netscreen, waiting for Emperor Kaito to denounce his engagement. When Wolf tried to strike up a conversation with Cinder, she had attempted to give him all her attention but he knew she would rather worry about their new predicament. She said she was just worried about Levana taking over the world, but Wolf knew there was something deeper than that. Somehow, her stress had made her an unfavourable conversationalist.

So now he was perched outside the door to Scarlet's bunk, waiting for her to wake up. He'd been scared at first, wondering if he had frightened her off last night and she somehow managed to abandon ship. But her scent was strong from inside the room and he could hear slight shuffling as she shifted in her bed. Wolf hoped she was just tired from the endless trials of the previous week. Or maybe she was still crying like she had done last night for so long. He had waited outside her door at that time, too, hoping he could provide some comfort, but decided to get to the galley when he realized he was famished. Besides, she needed her space to mourn.

But he had hoped she would feel better this morning. He missed interacting with her so much that he had even talked to Iko when he was waiting in his own room. That didn't go well though, as the room got blindingly bright and unbearably hot, even for Wolf. She was also stuttering to the point where her words were scrambled together and he would have to spend a few moments deciphering her sentences. It got to the point where he had to use his hunger as an excuse to leave the room and the conversation.

He just wished Scarlet would come out and greet him in that red hoodie of hers and her soft red curls. He wanted to see her smile again and hear her sweet voice. But he wanted her to leave her room on her own time. Bothering her like this wouldn't put him in favour—

His senses suddenly spiked up as he smelled something foreign in the air. He sniffed and the hackles on his neck rose, alerting him to take caution. No, what he smelled wasn't foreign; it was still Scarlet's scent but loads more pungent. His eyes widened as he lifted his head to get another whiff. His nose must've been toying with him as his animal instincts perked up. It was blood.

He lifted himself from his crouch and was just about to open the door unannounced when his ears picked up a muffled groan from inside the room. Something bad was happening and had probably been happening this entire morning and yet he had just stood outside like a useless pawn. He had vowed to protect Scarlet and yet she was in there, letting out blood and painful noises. His hand readied to push the door but it suddenly gave way and opened by itself.

Wolf didn't know if the sight warmed him or shocked him. Nevertheless, it squeezed his heart. Scarlet stood on the other side with her messy hair and crumpled clothes that she had found to change into. Her presence flooded his senses and he couldn't find any words to greet her. He couldn't even move.

Her eyes scanned his body but they never met his gaze. She looked worried and ashamed about something but he didn't know what. The two of them uttered a small apology at the same time before Scarlet pushed past his body. He wanted to reach out and hold her but he knew that if he did, he wouldn't be able to let go. Her scent was too alluring, even more than usual, and he stepped out of the way before she could brush his arm with her own. He was scared that even the smallest touch would make him lose his sanity.

Wolf stood in that hallway by himself, still outside her door. She obviously didn't want to talk to him at that moment but his feet wouldn't allow him to get back to his room. He wanted to know if she was hurt or if there was anything he could do to help. He couldn't just wait here and do nothing all day.

"Come, I'll help you look for some." Wolf's head turned to the voice and found Cinder and Scarlet rummaging through some boxes down the hall by the medbay. Scarlet had a hand clutched to her stomach and she looked like she was in an immense amount of pain. Maybe she just needed some medicine. His mind stirred as he knew how he could help.

"What do you guys need?" he asked as he approached them, trying to look and sound nonchalant.

Cinder stood up but Scarlet didn't even look at him. She stayed on her seat, going through the contents of a box. "Don't worry about it, Wolf. We're just looking for something for her." Cinder tilted her head towards the redhead. "She's not feeling well."

Wolf took a breath and the only thing he could process was the smell of Scarlet's blood. But he couldn't see any wounds. "I could help. I know the smell of most medicines. Give me a name and I could probably sniff it out for you."

"Uhh," Cinder hesitated but Wolf only noticed the colour that crept up Scarlet's cheeks, matching her skin to her fiery hair. "There's no need for that. We can manage."

Wolf tried again. "But—"

"It's okay, Wolf." Scarlet finally spoke up but her eyes were still glued to the box. "You can help by keeping an eye on the netscreen for Cinder. Call us if Emperor Kaito calls another conference."

He didn't object. With his head bowed, he walked away until the voices of the two girls were mere whispers. He tried to concentrate on the talk show on the screen but he couldn't stop replaying Scarlet's last words to him. He wanted to know what he had done wrong and what he could do right. When the talk show hosts began laughing with their obnoxious cackles, Wolf had to clutch his head with his hands. He let out a low growl as he dipped his head, wanting nothing more than to go for a run. But they were up in space and there was no way he could unleash any of his pent up energy.


His eyes darted to the ceiling as he heard Iko's voice. "Yes?"

"Scarlet's back in her bedroom and she asked me to ask Cinder to get her a glass of warm water but Cinder said she was busy and told me to ask you."

Wolf jumped out of his sitting position and walked to the galley. "Understood, Iko. Thank you."

The only response was the brief brightening of the fluorescent lights.

The water shook as it sat in the glass and Wolf wondered if they were experiencing some turbulence, but then he realized his own hands were shaking. He took a deep breath, willing himself to stay still. He would have to find something to do or else he'd go crazy. Maybe Thorne needed some heavy boxes to be lifted or some rearranging of the bleak furniture, anything to get Wolf moving.

Quietly stepping through the hall to Scarlet's room, Wolf thought about what he could say. He should apologize again... No, that would sound annoying. Back in the pack, nobody ever apologized. But then again, they were savage animals, incapable of human thinking. Wolf shook his head, deciding to wing the conversation. How hard could it be?

His knuckles knocked gently against the door and he heard Scarlet's voice from the other side. "Come in," she called softly, as if she didn't have enough energy to speak any louder.

He pushed the door open but kept his feet cemented to the ground. Scarlet was lying on her bed with her blankets tightly wrapped around her. "I brought water..." he muttered. Her brows were knotted together and he could see the light perspiration on her forehead.

"Oh, thank you, Wolf." Scarlet pulled her arm out of the cocoon of a blanket and patted her nightstand. "Just leave it here." Her smile was faint as she watched him gently bring the glass of water in and set it gently beside her.

Wolf opened his mouth but he could only choke out a few formal words. "I hope you feel better soon," he bowed before turning back towards the door. So much for a conversation.

"Wolf?" her small voice called out again and he could feel her slight fingers pull on the fabric of his shirt. "Could you stay with me for a bit?"

His nod was barely perceivable but he immediately sat down on the floor by her bed, crossing his legs beneath him. He waited patiently for more orders but Scarlet only squeezed her eyes shut and groaned. In a blink of an eye, Wolf was kneeling against the bed, holding her face gently and pushing her red curls out of her face.

"What's wrong?" he asked in a small voice. He feared that if he spoke any louder, he would hurt her.

She only shook her head but Wolf knew it wasn't nothing. He could smell blood but from where?

"Please, Scarlet," he pleaded in a raspy voice. "Tell me what I can do."

Once again, she only shook her head but this time, she wiggled out of the blanket and beckoned Wolf to sit beside her. "Hold me," she whispered in a voice so low that he only heard because of his senses. But as he watched Scarlet climb into his lap and pull the blanket around herself, Wolf wanted to let go of his overwhelming senses.

A sudden realization that she only wore her undergarments hit him hard. He gulped, trying to calm his erratic mind.

The one reason that Wolf could think of to justify her outfit was that she didn't like the clothes that she had found to change into last night as her own clothes were being washed. But this lack of clothes only made Wolf's brain fall further into a frenzy. The potency of blood hit his nose forcefully but as he wrapped his arms around her waist, he couldn't concentrate on anything but the smoothness of her skin.

His instincts were telling him to do something but he couldn't understand it. He suddenly had a surge of excess energy and his breathing rate quickened. It was the same energy he felt whenever he was extremely close to Scarlet, particularly when they were kissing. But now it was ten times as strong and, paired up with the scent of her blood, he didn't know if he could resist letting his instincts take over.

He gulped nervously as Scarlet breathed out a contented sigh. "Thank you," she mumbled, nuzzling her cheek against his chest.

His sense of protectiveness over her heightened and he snaked his arms tighter around her. He didn't know what she was thanking him for but he was content in staying in this intimate position. He even managed to keep his body still for her but he knew his heart was running faster than ever. She didn't seem to mind though as she once again fell asleep.

Wolf wanted to stop time and stay in this position forever. The war between Luna and Earth seemed to diminish in importance as he concentrated on Scarlet's breathing, letting it calm him. But he still wanted to bring back the old Scarlet, the one that wasn't in pain all day.

Scarlet's eyelids flickered open as Wolf reluctantly set her back down onto the bed. "Hmm?" she whimpered as her fingers pulled on his shirt, asking him to stay.

"I'll be right back," he reassured her with a kiss on her forehead. Wolf pulled away before he lost control of himself.