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Anisa sighed as she dropped down onto the chic leather couch in her fancy-shmancy new apartment. I'm 3 months, she'd have her own demo record and soon after words, she wouldn't just be Anisa Livingston anymore...
I'll be THEE Anisa Livingston! I wonder if I'll ever be on a Teen Vogue cover... she thought to herself with a grin.
Her day dream quickly ended as her younger brother, Luke, burst through the front door carrying a duffel-bag nearly twice his size over his shoulder.
"Mooom," he whined, "I dun-wanna stay huuree." His tendencies to slur his words when irritated bothered Anisa immensely. She gritted her teeth.
Just don't say anything...
"You'll make friends, Luke. I saw some kids by a computer in the lobby around your age. Maybe you could talk to them?" Her mother suggested.
But he'll just say...
"Nuuuuh!" Luke grunted stomping off into his new bedroom in apartment 5H.
Mrs. Livingston shrugged, causing her mocha curls to bob around her head. "He'll get over it..." She directed the words to Anisa, but it was mostly just to calm herself down. Moving was stressful.
"want me to help dad carry in the last of our things?" The pallid girl suggested, the way her skin contrasted with the dark couch made her appear almost ghost-like. Her mother just shook her head.
"Why don't you go off, find something to do?" She sighed. Mrs. Livingston gave her daughter a warm smile.
"Thats ok, I think... I'm gonna check out my room." Anisa slid her lanky body off the couch and leisurely made her way into her new room.
It's... white. She thought with a shake of her head. It's like living in a hotel or something. And that fat guy said I couldn't even paint it. She fell back onto her bed, surrounded by a sea of taped-up cardboard boxes. She turned onto her side to face the window.
"Such a marvelous view of the pool." Anisa muttered sarcastically through her glossy lips.
Below, all she could spot were various teenagers sitting around the chlorinated waters, reading scripts and constantly babbling. One thing did catch her eye, though. Four boys in various costumes standing awfully close to the edge of the pool. The shorter, Hispanic looking one was talking about something, using wild arm movements to explain something to the others. The pale one shook his head and began to reason with him. Something happened because the two taller boys began to hold him back from the shortie. Pretty soon, they all lost their balance and fallen into the pool, fully clothed. From there, they all began to argue and Anisa smiled to herself.
Anisa sat alone in the lobby with a Seventeen in her lap she'd bought at the last air port to entertain her for the next 3 hours or so in flight. She'd read it exactly 6 times before but she didn't want to sit and stare.
I don't think I can stomach another reading on Justin Bieber and his 'secret crush'. Where are the articles about how to make friends in an L.A. apartment complex full of drama queens?! She thought. Her elbow crinkled the paper as she set her fist under her chin, staring blankly out the open front doors.
The boys from earlier began to pass, but she didn't notice them.
When's Hawk picking me up for dance lessons? I need to find someone sane to talk to.
Anisa's head whirled around to face the noise, her auburn curls bounced into her face. A pale girl of an averaged height stood in the open Palm Woods doorway, suitcase in arms while a proud grin sat atop her face. She looks somewhat sane... Anisa considered talking to her, but she wasn't incredibly brave when it came to such things.

Juniper felt like a king perched atop her much taller, older brother Dominic's shoulders.
"Guys!" she screamed at all of her 5 older siblings, they all stopped, agitated, and looked up at her. "I don't think me and Dom will fit in the elevator, and I don't feel like getting down so somebody get this stupid cart and take it up to our room!" she ordered them.

"Juniper, will you ever realize that you're the youngest and CAN'T boss us around?!" Ivan asked her sarcastically with his hands on his hips.

"We're in room 3J" She smiled. He sighed and took over pushing the the cart with all their luggage.

"Hello? HELLO! Little girl you can't be on that boy's shoulders, you could break something! That is authentic Palm woods property!" an extremely tubby man called from the front desk.

"Well what did you expect me to do? Walk myself?!" Juniper let out a chuckle, which only made the man more irritated.

He shook his head and furrowed his brow "That kind of rough housing could harm our other residents!"

Juniper glared back at him and said "Now listen here-" she looked at his name tag and continued "building manager, , I am not little! I'm tall...er than I usually am!"

"10 feet, 7 inches... approximately" A dark haired, crinkly smiled, boy said while walking by. Juniper followed the back of his head with her eyes until he was out of sight, then went back to Mr. Bitters. "And I think you're dumb... K bye!" She then grabbed Dominic's arm, hopped off his shoulders and skipped into the elevators.
Juniper looked up at her older brother with a cocky smile "I think I'll like it here" "WOAH! I can't believe we're here!" Violet cried out in joy.
"yeah Vi, I couldn't tell." Juniper said sarcastically to her older sister.

Violet leaned over towards her sister and whispered in her ear "Why is that girl over there staring at us..." she said with her eyebrows raised. "I dunno! She looks about our age though, come on!" Juniper grabbed Violet's hand and dragged her toward the girl, letting her bags thump to the ground.

The girl was taller than both sisters and had reddish, curly hair and big green eyes. "Hi!" Juniper yelped with glee, she was going so fast she practically ran into the girl, who looked pretty surprised herself.

"ummm, hello..." she said cautiously.

"I'm Juniper and this is Violet, we're in 3J! What about you?"

"Anisa, H5."

"Awesome! I like that name, we should hang out sometime, k bye!" Juniper then proceeded to skip off in the opposite direction. "Bye" Violet told Anisa with an eyeroll reserved just for her sister, who she followed with a sigh. Anisa simply smiled to herself.
"Juniper, why do you have to be so weird?" Violet complained as soon as Anisa was out of earshot.
"Hey, I'm your sister!" Juniper pointed out. "I think I'm gonna go swimming" she continued, and began to take off her pants.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Violet practically screamed.

"What?! I came prepared." Juniper continued nodding until she was stripped down to a purple and blue two piece swim suit. Violet just rolled her eyes as her younger sister literally sprinted towards Palm Wood's "famous" pool. The words "don't run!" were just about to escape her mouth when Juniper slipped, fell...and was caught.

"Hey, thanks!" Juniper said as she smiled sheepishly up at a much too pale boy for California with short black hair. She had a firm grip on his shirt, which the boy quickly noticed and made him begin to blush wildly.

"No problem" He said and then gave her a little sideways smirk. They stayed like that in a bit of an awkward silence when finally the boy broke it.

"Hey, what's your name? I haven't seen you around here before." He asked her curiously.

"Juniper, I just moved here from Alaska, well technically from Minnesota but I could also say I'm from about 17 other places too! We move a lot." Juniper told him without explaining why. He seemed to be genuinely interested about what she had said but he didn't say anything in response, after a few more moments he suddenly shook his head as if to clear it.

"Uh... Logan, nice to meet you Juniper." He smiled at her again when three other boys walked up.

"Make a new friend Logan?" one of the taller one's with blonde hair said jokingly. Logan looked at him with utter confusion, and then looked down at Juniper and practically dropped her, neither of them had really noticed that they had stayed like that the whole time. He threw his hands up and began to stutter wildly, trying to explain. Juniper just barely managed to catch herself and stood up quickly. Logan's friends just watched it all play out with smiles on their faces.

"Well, less damage done that what would've happened" She stated holding up her now scraped and slightly bloodied palms. Juniper quickly introduced her self to Logan's friends. The blonde one was Kendall, the short hispanic one was Carlos and the tall brunette with the comb was James, Logan still hadn't said anything significant since they showed up though. She babbled mindlessly about the trip here and the doofy building manager and how she wonder's if she'll ever see her hamster Milsom again because the rules here are dumb.

"Oh, and thanks again Logan" she sprung up on her toes, kissed him on the cheek, then did a running cannibal into the pool and soaked all of them.

Logan stood frozen with a look of stress, shock, and confusion all in one while the others merely chuckled and dragged him away "new girls" the three of them muttered to themselves with a smile in Logan's direction.