Carlos and Kendall eagerly approached the front desk. Mr. Bitters rolled his eyes and let out a dramatic sigh.
"What do YOU want?" he whined.
"What's the room number of that big family that just moved in?" Kendall asked. He and Carlos grinned hopefully.
"Psh, why would I give you their room number?"
"Because we want to be friendly to the new residents of The Palm Woods?" Carlos said innocently, flashing another strained grin. Again, Bitters went through his eyeroll and sigh routine.
"Fine. But if I get any complaints, no pool for a week for Big Time Rush!"
"What?!" the boys exclaimed in unison.
"You heard me. They're in 3J, you little freaks," Bitters snapped, and with that, he rolled backwards in his chair and bit into a huge jelly filled donut, which spewed onto his shirt.
"AUGGGHH! Not my pink Armani!" he cried. Kendall and Carlos dashed off to 3J, laughing loudly.

The elevator dinged when they reached floor J. They creeped down the hall, searching for Apartment 3.
"Here it is!" Carlos said gleefully. He reached for the doorbell. Kendall grabbed his arm.
"We shouldn't be doing this," he suddenly insisted.
"C'mon, you're starting to sound like Logan. Do you want to meet them?" Kendall guiltily nodded. "Okay, then, let's do this!"
Carlos pressed the button. After 3 minutes, no one had answered. He put his hand on the doorknob.
"What are you doing?!" Kendall demanded.
"I just want a little peek!" Carlos replied. He cracked the door open just enough to pop his head inside. After taking a look around, he swung the door open and stepped inside.
"No!" Kendall whispered angrily. Carlos just stuck out his tongue at him. The short boy tiptoed into the apartment, looking around at everything. The sound of a slamming door froze him in his tracks. A tall, muscular, blond guy entered the main room, and a look of surprise and anger changed his features when he saw Carlos.
"What are you doing in here?" he demanded, and approached him rapidly. Carlos remained frozen for a split second, then-
"AAAAAHHH!DON'T KILL ME!" he screamed, then sprinted into the hallway. The big dude came to the door, and Kendall backed away in fear, then ran after his cohort, yelling hysterically.

Carlos and Kendall peeked around a potted plant in the hallway waiting for the big guy to come out so they could get a better look when Violet angrily shuffled past them without even noticing. They had just a moment to be confused when they heard the rush of tiny feet barreling down the hallway after the girl that had just passed. Juniper jumped her sister from behind, giggling wildly, her eyes wide with excitement.

"Soooo, Juniper how did your audition go? Violet asked with an un-ending pool of curiosity!" Juniper shouted dramatically, asking the question that she was prepared to beg her older sister to ask, just for the soul purpose of being able to tell her. Violet groaned, but turned and looked at her pushy younger sister, her eyes expectant.

"FABULOUSLY! That's how!" She shrieked with joy "There wasn't a soul that compete with me, especially that stupid brunette" Juniper muttered with distaste, there was something about that girl she didn't like "I mean come on, who wears a costume that lame to an audition?! Mine was so much better!" She stated matter-of-factly.

"I'm so happy for you." Violet responded flatly, she was more focused on her audition, which she was sure would come into the conversation soon enough. But just out of curiosity she glanced at her sister's outfit, she was the one to suggest she wear it, and although she was being sarcastic at the time, it gave Violet a smug little grin that someone like Juniper had actually taken advice at all. Violet rolled her eyes and hugged Juniper in her best attempt to congratulate her.

"And how did your audition go big sis?!" She continued just as enthusiastically as before. Violet was more leaning on horrible before, but her sister's extra chipper mood was starting to get to her.

"I guess it was ok, but I won't really know until the music director calls me back" Violet huffed, only half giving up on her completely bitter person show just for a moment. Juniper was about to respond when their second older brother Aloysius brother came stomping out of their apartment wearing a large hat and carrying a towel.

"Juniper! Violet! Why don't you keep your stupid friends out of our apartment?!" he emphasized the word "your" "They walked in right in the middle of my designated hair time, now it looks like this!" He ripped off his hat and pointed at his head. Both Violet and Juniper squinted at his head in confusion.

"It looks exactly the same you weirdo" Juniper pointed it straight out. Aloysius huffed in frustration while putting the hat back on but continued.

"I swear if they interrupt me like that again" he nearly growled at the thought "Something is going down at the palm woods!"

Kendall and Carlos turned to each other with wide frightened eyes and turned back to continue watching so they knew when to bolt from their hiding spot before the big guy found them.

"And now they've cut into my designated tan time, because I had to spend so much time trying to find a hat to cover up this mess!" He managed to strangle out, still aggravated and still stabbing a finger at the top of his had. "Now i'm going to model walk away" He stated.

"haha, just like James!" Carlos said and laughed just loudly enough for Kendall to throw a hand over his mouth and shush him harshly.

"What ever big bro" Violet and Juniper responded in unison with their arms crossed. Aloysius huffed again and left without another word. Kendall and Carlos jumped up from behind the plastic plant and flew in front of the two sisters before they could do anything else.

"Woah! He's" Kendall paused and looked off in the direction Aloysius had left "your brother!" He asked in an exasperated tone, he let his jaw drop on the last word.

"This is going to be way more fun than I thought!" Carlos shouted in excitement at their revelation. Kendall only stared at him in a mix of shock and horror.

"Why were in our apartment?!" Violet sneered accusingly.

"Nice hats! Why are you wearing them?" Juniper asked them in an elated tone. Both questions were answered with sheepish grins.