After many attempts at trying to write something I finally came up with this.

Disclaimer:Fanfiction. Nothing more to be said about that.

Warning: I don't believe there is anythig inappropriate... However; possible spelling and/or grammatic errors, no plot, bad writing, first story, etc. You have been warned.

Hope you enjoy! (If I did not discourage you yet. ^_^')

He holds so much weight in his heart. But he hides his exhaustion very well, almost as if it is not there at all. But when he believes no one is looking, the slightest signs of exhaustion show. And I know that not all of the exhaustion is caused by his late night crusades through Gotham, all while dealing with school, the team, and other possible friendships and activities.

He is but a boy. Yet, I notice how much more difficult it becomes to carry his heavy heart with each passing day.

Every day they grow closer.

That boy has dealt with tragedy, loss, and pain. All of which explains why he spends a majority of his time wearing a cape, yielding dangerous weapons, and doing things that could be considered illegal. Nonetheless, he does everything for the greater good. That or for a good laugh.

He is a light. His light brightens up the darkest of things. Take Batman for example.

He would rather suffer on his own than let anyone else even have a clue of his pain. It is thoughtful of him. It is thoughtful and rather self-destructive.

As team leader I sometimes feel the need to confront him about this. But as his friend I feel the need to show him respect and allow him his privacy. He is a bat after all.

Robin usually expresses only happiness; through laughter, grins, jokes, and games. I have noticed that he expresses most of his happiness whenever he is with Wally. He is his best friend so it is understandable.

However, when Wally decided to ask Artemis to be in a relationship, to which she accepted, everyone was cheering and expressing their thoughts of how they were glad they were that they had finally gotten together, everyone except Robin. Robin was awfully quiet, I noted. I looked at him and his expression was painfully familiar.


The same expression I wore days after Tula chose Garth.

He covered it up with a broken smile. No one else saw through his mask of happiness due to the celebratory mood.

Robin gave Wally a punch on the shoulder and Artemis a smile. He congratulated the new couple.

He gave the excuse of having something to do and with that he left. But before he was out of the room he turned back once more with a regretful expression and a watery smile. The heartbreak was as clear as day on his face.

If only they had bothered to look.

He left with the telltale electronic RECOGNIZED ROBIN B01 echoing after him.

Hope you enjoyed. :)