Twilight stood on the balcony of the castle, the moon's wind pushing her mane to the side. Her eyes glistened as she looked up at the moon, and then at the stars among it. Her wings were curled around her to shelter her from the chilly temperature, the feathers glistening subtly in the moonlight. She blinked quickly, and you could see unshed tears from her violet eyes. But tears were meant to be shed, and they did so as the cascaded down her cheeks.

Twilight hurried over to the infirmary part of the castle, galloping across seemingly miles and miles of hallway. Usually, she'd use her wings, but she didn't want to bump into the wall, for she was still new at flying. She skidded around another corner and finally made it to a white door, and, composing herself, she opened it and trotted through.


The white alicorn turned her head weakly to her, a wise but fragile smile taking her features. "Ah, Twilight...just the mare I needed to see."

"Good, you're okay...Why did you need to see me?" She asked, trotting over to her mentor's bedside.

"Twilight, do you believe that the only constant in life is change?"

She perked up her ears, unused to this sort of question. "Well, yes...I guess. Why do you ask, Princess?"

The princess glanced at her. "I've been alive for many years, Twilight Sparkle. I've seen tragedies beyond the help of friends, and miracles unlike any have seen before. Therefore, I have seen changes everywhere, from the seasons to just the simple weather," she coughed mightily for a moment, and then continued weakly, "You know I haven't been the first princess to rule Equestria, nor the last one to do so...You know what is to come soon. Everypony knows."

Twilight cringed. "Princess, don't talk like that. You'll live through the surgery and you'll be fine."

Twilight sighed. It's been many years since that day. Nearly 20...And never was there a time where she didn't mourn that horrible day...

The Princess switched her attention to the ceiling. "Twilight, you and I both know that there's a slim chance I'll make it." a tiny tear rolled down her pale cheek.

She shut her eyes tightly. "What am I supposed to do when you're gone?"

The white alicorn moved her eyes back to Twilight's expression, which had went from blank to anguished. "Live. You'll live and take my position beside Luna and rule Equestria."

"H-How can I do that? I never had ruled a kingdom before." She raised her gaze to Celestia's.

"You'll learn. I promise." She coughed violently again, this time a drop or two of blood spilled on her bedcovers.

"Princess! Nurse-"

Celestia raised a hoof and Twilight immediately stopped mid-sentence. "It's my time, Twilight. Let me pass quietly...with you by my side."

Twilight nodded tearfully, the tears spilling over her cheeks. "I-I don't want you to go." She responded like a stubborn filly she once was.

Celestia laughed weakly. " your life...cherish your friends...and never forget me..."




The mare collapsed, sobbing deep, painful sobs as she laid there on the cold stone, her wings hiding her face. She never liked to relive that moment, but this was how it happens some nights. She's intend to sleep, wake up from a nightmare of that day, and ponder about it on the balcony, before crying her eyes out and sobbing.

She missed her mentor, her princess, her teacher. And she'd never get her back