Hi people. I got writers block for my other stories so I took a little break, and suddenly got inspiration to write this. I was bored and my mind suddenly took a strange turn.

Today is the day Dionysus learned the 1st taboo sentence for Percy Jackson. He should have listened to Nico and Thalia. This could have been avoided. Why didn't he listen? Right, he had thought they had exaggerated. Oh the horror. Now he was cowering in a corner while Percy was giving a lecture worthy of Athena. He had been for the past 2 1/2 hours. He started cowering when his brain started throbing with facts 5 minutes into the lecture. Who knows how long the fish facts were going to be stuck in his brain!


It was as noisy as ever at Camp Half-Blood. The Hunters of Artemis were visiting. The atmosphere was the same as always. The Children of the Big Three Trio were fighting on who had the better godly parent as usual. One thing was different. Dionysus decided to add in his two cents. He also happened to be angry at Poseidon that day.

"Zeus is obviously the best." He had said. Thalia looked triumphant. The others were shocked he joined in. "Hades is alright but Poseidon. I never understood him. The water is understandable, but the fish are boring. There is no point to them besides a source of food for humans." At this Percy's eye started twitching. Nico and Thalia's eyes were as wide as dinner plates.

"Lord Dionysus don't... Please. Don't continue." begged Nico. That was the first sign. Even Mr.D knew, if Nico was begging, it had to be important and you should do whatever he asked right away.

"Y...yeah I think you got the point across." Thalia stuttered. The second sign. Thalia NEVER stuttered and rarely agreed to Nico, unless they were talking about music. He should have stopped right there but no he had drunk enough alcohol to get a god drunk and couldn't think straight it didn't help that he was still angry at Poseidon. He continued to insult Poseidon and everything he ruled over. Nico and Thalia had tried their hardest to stop him but without avail.

"There is no difference between fish and whales besides size. If there is..." Nico looked more traumatized than the time he came back from the first time he went to the fields of punishment. Thalia looked as if she were about to faint.

"Don't Lord Dionysus, Athena said it before, he made her pass out within 13 hours of the 72 hour lecture. Lady Athena passed out because of a lecture. If she couldn't take it there is no way, in the name of all the gods alive or faded, you can take it."

"Tell me." he had finished. The taboo sentence was complete. Percy's eye had an evil glint to it as he gave a low, manic-like, sadistic chuckle. Dionysus had a suddenly realized Nico and Thalia weren't exaggerating. They were completely serious. He wanted to crawl under a rock and never come out or perhaps Kronos and Gaia would come take over the world and he wouldn't have to deal the boy. His last thought before being subjected to the lecture was 'what did I get myself into? This boy, no devils' incarnate, is likely to be more evil than Kronos and Gaia put together and multiplied by two.' The last thing he heard was "GOOD LUCK, Lord Dionysus", "Why didn't he listen?", and "He is so dead."

Back to the Present

Dionysus couldn't take much more. At exactly 4:05:48:12 hours into the lecture, he passed out. Not once realizing he could have just flashed out.

He woke up in a white room. He was obviously on Olympus, in the infirmary. Athena was next to him. She looked at him solemnly." You asked Perseus to explain something ocean related after insulting Poseidon and his realm , didn't you?" He could only nod. "I am going to ask Nico and Thalia to create a list of things not to say or do in front of Perseus. That boy is strong enough to break a god's mind to the point not even you can help. I recommend you not to sleep until you can get those fish facts out of your head. You may have escaped the verbal attack but the psychological damage is long-lasting. I estimate about one hour a month. Good luck brother."

Apollo came in. "Perseus?" he asked. Athena nodded. "I think you should make a mental illness after him. He is the only one capable of doing such a thing. Ares now has a phobia of fish. Don't worry you are only Percy's third victim. Athena has the record of 12:59:59:59 . Just one more nanosecond and she would have gotten a perfect 13 hours. Ares had 3:52:15:02. Percy actually timed it."

"How did Nico and Thalia actually know how long the lecture if even I passed out at 13 hours." asked Athena.

"...apparently they survived it" Apollo said.

"How?! I passed out." Athena screeched like an owl.

"They stared straight ahead while listening to music, using earphones. As always Percy timed it. They were slightly traumatized as they didn't put the earphones in until they got to 15 minuetes."Apollo looked proud that he was the god of one of the only ways to counter Percy's torture lecture.

TABOO WORDS: Tell me (anything ocean related).

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