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Percy's eye twitched. The naiads weren't too happy either. The camp's river was so polluted it changed colors and seemed to be on the verge of being called a mini toxic waste dump by the campers. Aphrodite and her children kept dumping their cosmetics in there when it ran out, went bad, they found a new brand favorite, or just went out of style. As soon as Aphrodite does something against the camp rules, unspoken or not, all her campers follow. It was like a clique composed of siblings and their mother. Thank gods Piper wasn't one of them.

Zeus was not allowing it to be cleaned either, just because he had a fight with Poseidon...again.

At the moment, he was plotting with the naiads, dryads, Grover, Nico, Beckendorf, the Stolls (No demigod prank is complete without a child of Hermes.) and even Thalia (She didn't want to get caught up in the prank because her father didn't want clean rivers.) to pull a prank on everyone involved.

"So everyone knows their part of the plan right?" Percy asked in a whisper.

"Yes captain!" they whispered back.

"Okay, break and start your jobs!"

"Where's Annabeth?" Thalia asked.

"She helped with the planning then decided to go to the library instead of actually pulling the prank with us." Percy replied.

"Why? Usually, she'd love this kind of thing."

"Something about her mother..."

"Any other questions?" A round of shaking heads.

"Then, it's game time." Percy, Nico, and the Stolls whispered happily.

It was the day when the gods could go to camp and visit their children or wards without regard for the normal laws. Usually, it's a happy day but Percy's sadistic chuckles were putting everyone on edge. That creepy glint wasn't too helpful for calming down the others.

Apollo and Artemis finally agreed on something and quickly left the camp with their children/hunters. It was a wise choice, for the next thing anyone knew was... complete chaos.

Plants grew from the ground creating a large maze made by plants, water, and techie stuff. Everyone moved to the middle of the maze as it grew. On a cloud above was Thalia and the Stolls. Thalia looked at the sky and maintained the cloud while the Stolls looked from above giving orders and updates on the "who, what, and wheres".

Lady Aphrodite's cabin (barring Piper, Lacy, and Mitchel) had been separated from all the other campers, who were all safely in the middle watching a large TV made by Beckendorf.

They were led around the maze often bumping into things that made them scream. Large mechanical bears, (extra slimy) frogs, multitudes of bugs, getting tripped by roots and face-planting mud. As you can imagine, their reactions were very comical.

Most notably was when Drew somehow ended up flying over a hedge and landing in a pile of dung.

It was an hour before the walls came down.

Every Aphrodite child (except Piper, Lacy, and Mitchel) let out a sigh of relief, it was finally over. NOT!

A large blob the size of a hell-hound. It was made of water from the river and led by a skeleton with flying shoes via vine leash. Both were all three were crackling with electricity. (How the skeleton and vine weren't burnt to the ground was something not even questioned. It was Percy in Taboo mode for Gods' sake, anything impossible was perfectly normal.)

The blob was made of the contaminated water from the river. It shifted... a lot. Dog, snake, thingumabob, fire, bird, ball thing, some sort of vegetable-fruit, cube, traffic light, and many other odd things.

Behind them was a parade of... hopping lampposts, colorful eggs with mechanical spider legs, a pair of cackling, dancing Stolls on flying skateboards, Naiads, Dryads, and Satyrs with pitchforks and picket-signs, and a ice cream soda fountain?

Printed on the sides of the machine were "CLEAN THE RIVERS FOR ICE CREAM!" and "JOIN US, WE HAVE ICE CREAM AND SODA!" and in really tiny script in the lower corner, "and blue cookies from Percy's mom if you ask for them."

Percy stood above it all with a megaphone. "MANDATORY FOR THE APHRODITE CHILDREN!" His announcement was followed by a series of groans from cabin 10 campers, because everyone knew not to mess with Percy in Taboo mode.

TABOO SENTENCE: You are forbidden from cleaning (insert any source of water).

MORAL: Don't litter and don't forbid cleaning the ocean and rivers.

Yeah, not good with large scale pranks... I'm more used to small scale pranks and messing with people's heads.

I'm not quite sure when this is taking place... It's too much trouble to figure it out and personally, I think it would be more interesting as one of those fics where all the characters are there but there is no defined time. Like Percy's 15 but the characters from HoO are there too. Percy could be five for all I care.(Heh, Athena and Aphrodite losing to a five year old. Dionysus and Ares lectured by a five year old.) Because honestly, I can't see a war-hardened hero acting like this. This way, I can even toss in Luke, Kronos, and others as targets. What do you think?

OMAKE Artemis and Apollo's first agreement

Artemis and Apollo were unnerved after they had bumped into Percy. He was creepier than Hades after he was abruptly woken up when he'd just finished a month's work of backlogged paperwork that wouldn't have happened if his underlings had done their jobs correctly. The malicious aura sprouting from him and the evil chuckles weren't demonic. That would have been a major understatement.

'We have to get out of here!' they both thought simultaneously. One look at the other and they knew the other had the same thought. They would get out of there even if they had to work together.

"You guys are leaving already?" Chiron asked while Percy's cackles rang in their heads.

Apollo laughed nervously. "Haha. W-we had something planned for today."

Artemis nodded quickly. "A-an archery competition with my hunters against his campers." She quickly made up.

"Is that so?" Chiron asked. "Well then, have fun." he said.

The two scrambled to gather their respective wards and left as soon as they could.

Percy came up a couple seconds later and muttered. "They weren't really targets though. I wonder why they ran. It was a wise choice though, they could have gotten caught up in it."

"Caught up in what?"

"Kukukuku." Percy snickered darkly. A Cheshire grin as he slowly tilted his head. "Sa Ne~." (Who knows) he said in singsong.

Chiron slowly backed away. Later he would wonder why Percy spoke in Japanese.

I had Percy say who knows in Japanese because it sounds more ominous. Try it, say who knows while dragging the words out then do it with the Japanese version.

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