Ponyboy wasnt sure what to think. He sure wasnt racist but he didnt like the idea. He was taught by his mother that

race,religion,size, or how wealthy you were meant nothing. You could be white and rich and be a bad person just as much as

being colored and poor. Ponyboy thought his mother was right. But he was pretty sure he was alone in that opinion, well he

was pretty sure Darry, Soda and Johnny didnt care but the others did. Well actually he wasnt sure what Two-Bit thought,

honestly he thought Two-Bit wouldnt care but who knows with him. As for his fellow peers and anyone who lived in Tulisa

hated the idea of colored and whites living, working, and learning together. Whites -especially Socs- thought they were

better. Ponyboy wished his mother were alive, she'd know what to say to Pony about this. Pony heard there was a rally

coming up against the situation but he didnt think it would do any good. Since Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was shot and died

everything changed. Colored people were aloud the same equality as whites. But from what Pony has seen so far and people

werent even mixed yet was that this wasnt going to be easy. People were going to fight. Ponyboy just hoped he or anyone

else from the gang didnt get caught up in it.

Ok I was thinking of story ideas and this came to mind. I haven't, except for one where I think Steve falls in love with a black girl, seen any stories about this. There will be racism in this story. And it may offend some people. But the opinions in the story are for the story only. I do not think racism is good. I don't care what color, religion, how much money you have or anything. We are all the same. I love reading stories about this, I absolutely love The Rock and The River by Kekla Magoon. Read it. I know I shouldn't be writing this when I didn't even finish Babygirl but oh well. I don't care for- at the moment - Babygirl. Ill finish it one day but that day is not today. Tell me what you think of this idea. This will be a good story, I promise. Not simple with crap writing like Babygirl is. I want to actually work on this one. So if anyone wants Im looking for a Beta Reader. That's what you call them right? When they revise you story right? Eh, whatever.