Hello, people of Earth and beyond!

So, I've been thinking. More specifically, while watching a crossover special between a show I love and a show I've never seen before (but liked, so I might watch it. Meh, y'all don't care), it got be thinking about this here little five-shot, and if I really wanted to continue it.

The answer, of course, was duh I want to continue it, but my brain went into overdrive.

And now this happened.

So, what I was thinking was this:

Instead of having the Flock just have random, made up backstories on what happened to them after the Flock split up, maybe I could substitute in characters for members of the Flock, kind of like how Shawn is obviously one of the old Flock members (and some of you have guessed, not that I think I made it too hard. XD)

But since I don't know which characters to have for which ones, I'd like your input. So, here's the details:

I already have a few characters lined up for some of the Flock, so they're off the table. Namely, Gazzy and Fang. Yeah, that's it.

Max isn't going to be someone from somewhere else, because let's face it. She probably wouldn't do that, and I already have a bit of an idea for an original backstory for her.

As for the other Flock members – Iggy, Nudge, and Angel – they're on the table for being characters from somewhere else. So who they've been since the Flock split up can be from anywhere.

It could be movies, TV shows, video games, it doesn't really matter. The biggest catch is that the people that they have "become" has to at least make a bit of sense. So no sticking Iggy in the role of some sixty-year-old man who has 20/20 vision, and Nudge can't suddenly be Asian because switching nationalities isn't possible. So it has to make sense, get it?

If you guys have any recommendations for who they could have become, or if you don't want to see this happen at all, let me know in a PM. But keep in mind, just because you send in a recommendation or something like that does not mean that your idea will be used. I might change my mind between now and whenever I get around to continuing this five-shot. Also, if you have any questions (because of my horrible wording since English is a stupid language) feel free to PM me, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Seriously. I have time at the moment. Christmas break has almost been three weeks long thanks to a week of snow cancelations because, apparently, having children dying in the streets from -45 degree Fahrenheit weather while waiting for a bus is frowned upon by the government.

Anyway, so yeah. Send me a PM so I can know what you guys think about this.

By the way, for any of you who are wondering about who Fang will most likely have become…I'll give you a few hints, and see if any of you can figure it out. They might be obvious, they might not. It all depends. So here they are:

Keeps hand grenades and tear gas in the Camaro.

"Black Helicopters are real."

His idea of communication is he drops a witty one-liner and then shoots you in the face.


That's it. That's all you get. That's who Fang might have become after leaving the Flock. Maybe. We'll see.

I think the "Navy SEALS" thing made it too obvious.

~ Kitsune-242