Hi, so this is the first Doctor Who fanfic that I'm actually writing down (I have 3 more in my head, that I might write down once I finish this one) and I'm so excited about this one! I've had this idea stuck in my head ever since I finished reading "The Master's Daughter" by doctor's gal 1792. I'm not stealing her idea though! It just got the idea of a Jack/OC fanfic and the idea of the Master having a daughter, inside my head. But those two things are going to be the only things they have in common. I would never steal an idea.

Anyway, I'll probably update this about every week, hopefully. And I'm lived in US my whole life, and I've never left the country, so if I get anything wrong I am so sorry, and I'll try and fix it as soon as possible.

And, (I am so sorry this is so long! I promise to make sure that in the future these will be shorter!) this chapter is just to get to know who the main character is, the other chapters will be different.

Disclaimer: I don't own Doctor Who (Or else I would be off traveling with the Doctor instead of sitting here, at my computer) or anything else you recognize.


I'm ugly.

I mean it. I am ugly.

I've known it for months, Mother and Father have been telling me how ugly I am, for a while.

At first I didn't believe them. I mean, who would switch from thinking their actually kind of pretty, to ugly in a matter of seconds?

But, then I started noticing it in the mirror, first it started with my hair. It's a light blonde like my mother's, but mine is straight, and is uncontrollable, it tangles nearly every chance it gets. And I realized how awful it looked, so I agreed with them partially, and would think my hair was ugly.

Then I noticed my forehead. It had to many pimples. Then I saw my nose, how badly shaped it was. Then my teeth, not straight enough. Then my eyebrows, to bushy. Then my eyes were to squinty, and they are just a plain brown.

That certainly wasn't the right look for the daughter of the soon-to-be Prime Minister.

So once my Father –Harold Saxon– started running for Prime Minister, Mother –whose name is Lucy Saxon, by the way– started putting make-up on me, and tweezing my eyebrows, and brushing my hair so there isn't even two hairs crossed over each other.

And she started using so much make-up on me, that it takes a while to wash it all off at night –she makes me wear it from the minute I wake up, too until I get back into bed– all that mascara, eye-liner, blush, foundation, eye-shadow, lipstick, and whatever else she puts on me, takes nearly half an hour to get off.

And nearly everyone thinks I'm this, happy girl with a wonderful life. Who, the worst thing that happens too, is that they get a little too much salt on their chips.

But actually, I'm this depressed girl who has to sit through boring things with a polite smile and act like I'm paying attention, being told I'm ugly at least twice a day, and whose parents almost seem like complete strangers. And that's just some of the things. But I don't want to talk about them, some of them are little things, and some of them are things I would very much like to forget.

Sorry, I'm rambling. I tend to do that sometimes. But anyway, my name is Alea, and I'm fairly sure my parents are lying to me.

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