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Alea's POV

I sat on my bed, looking around my room. This will be the last time I'll see it.

You see, after ten percent of the earth had been killed, Mother showed me where my new bedroom was. Mother told me, that when Father had helped design the Valiant, he had made sure there were a few extra rooms that were kept empty.

And that was about a year ago. He's been planning this for at least a year, he's been planning to kill innocent people for a year.

And once I knew where my room was, she lead me to the jet that had brought us up here. And ordered the pilot –who looked terrified, with a guard right next to him, making sure he didn't run off– to take us to our house.

Once we landed, she told me there were a couple duffel bags on my bed, and to pack anything I want to keep. And then she ran off to her and Fathers room.

I sighed as I stood up. Well, just sitting there won't help.

I started taking my sketches down from my walls, and put them all in a binder, to make sure they don't get crumpled.

My books went next, –priorities you know– then my notebooks, my iPod, and all the rest of my stuff that I wanted to keep. I went into our living room, and grabbed a couple of my favorite movies.

As I walked back to my room, I realized I had forgotten one important thing. My box.

My box, is a simple, unpainted wooden box. It's about ten inches by twelve inches, and it's five inches deep. And it has a little lock on the front.

My box, has all my important things. Things that I hide from my parents, and from everyone. I keep my sketch pad and pencils, along with my journal in there. I keep a few other things in there, but those are my deepest, darkest, secrets. I would never tell anyone about them. Never.

After hiding it in my bag, I decide to tackle the thing that will fill up my last duffel bag. My clothes.

You see, if I had my way, I would wear t-shirts and jeans everyday. But I don't have my way. So most of my clothes include dresses, skirts, and shirts to go along with the skirts.

Right when I'm about to put in all of the clothes I like, Mother walked into my room. And she saw me holding my jeans and tank tops.

"No." She said briskly. "You won't need those ugly things." She took them out of my hands, and went to my closet and took the rest of them. And she left the room without another word.

I sighed as I started putting the rest of my clothes into my duffel bag, as if nothing happened.

0o0o0o0oTime Skip!o0o0o0o0

I sat at the dining table, stiff as a board.

Mother and Father were sitting there eating happily. Acting as if this was an amazing day.

"Why so quiet Alea?" Father asked, before taking another bite out of his chicken leg.

Absently I wondered what the people who tried to stop Father were eating for dinner.

I decided that now was my chance to ask.

"Well, I was wondering..." I started, putting down my fork. "Whether you might, uh, stop killing so many people?" I said, flinching a little. Why must I be so awkward?

Father slowly put down his chicken leg.

"Why would I do that?" He said puzzled. "It's so much fun!"

"I was just thinking," I said, watching Father carefully. "That it would be nice to stop the Toclafane from killing more people." Father frowned.

"Alea, are you my daughter?" He said seriously.

"Yes?" I said it more like a question. Where was this going?

"Then why are you questioning my decisions?" I stared at him. Just because he's my dad doesn't mean I have to agree with everything he says!

"It just seems like–" I tried to say, before Mother cut me off.

"We know best dear." Mother said patronizingly.

"I'm Nineteen!" I burst out. "I can decide for myself what I think is right, I don't have to follow with what you say, and I can choose what side I'm on!"

"Do you mean to say you're against me and your Mother?" Father says frowning.

I was silent. Is that what I'm saying? If their going to keep killing...

"Because if you are, then you do realize there will be consequences." Mother said warningly.

I stared at them surprised. How could I make a decision this important in just a few seconds! I hate the idea of helping them kill thousands of people.

"Can I think about it?" I asked anxiously. Please say yes, please say yes, was running as if on repeat in my head.

"Alright," Father relented. "But you have to tell us by the end of dessert." Just then, the cook –Father had made sure that the three of us wouldn't have to do any actual work– came out with dessert. And I started thinking.

You see, I had been kind of numb ever since Father brought out his plans. But now I was making up for all that time.

I don't agree with killing. No matter what I decide, I know I will not kill anyone.

I can't help but lean towards going against them. But, if I do, the thought of them using the Toclafane against me won't leave my mind. I know it's ridiculous, but I can't help but think that.

But I don't think I could stand them murdering more people, while I just stood to the side, neither helping, nor fighting them.

I start pushing the fancy dessert around my plate, why couldn't they just agree with me about all this death? It would make it so much easier.

I can't help but think about what the main characters of my favorite books might do.

I know Katniss would outright rebel against them, even if it killed her.

Violet, Klaus, and Sunny would think of something clever to do, then miraculously survive.

Hiccup would try and come up with a fiendishly clever plan, before almost dying.

Harry would try to be heroic and try and do it by himself, while Hermione and Ron prove him wrong, and help him.

Bella... well, to be honest, she would demand to fight, while Edward and Jacob try and protect her, while she tried to figure out who she was in love with.

I sighed, and decide that Violet, Klaus, and Sunny's way of dealing with things would be the best.

Mother and Father are almost done with their dessert, when it hits me. Pretend to be on their side, while secretly helping the other!

I wanted to smack my forehead for not seeing it sooner, but I can't do it without them seeing. I am such an idiot for it to take me so long!

I cleared my throat. "I've made my decision." I said rather formal.

Though, I guess most of what I say seems to be kind of formal, but that's because Mother and Father have been planning this for a while, and they want me to seem like the most polite girl in existence. It kind of just became how I talked.

They nod at me to keep going. "I'm on your side." I said giving them a toothy grin.

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