The Swarm's Host

A/N: Hello all, and welcome to "The Swarm's Host." Why am I writing this story, well for several reasons.

I haven't seen a lot of Inheritance fics that changes Saphira's personality.

I haven't seen a Starcraft and Inheritance Crossover

I haven't seen a Zerg fic where the swarm is in direct conflicts with its host as in the Swarm just calls its host the Overmind and things become hunky dory dandy. I just wanna a wee bit of conflict.

I haven't seen a Zerg fic where the person doesn't control an entire Zerg swarm, though I do understand why. The appeal is one thing, the other is that there really wouldn't be much of an impact if it was just one Zerg creature.

These four points, inspired me to write up this story and I hope you all can get behind this fic and/or help me improve it as time goes on.

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On a darkened and twisted night, a cataclysmic storm like no other swept through Spine. Thunder rattled down towards the earth along with its watery brethren. Several strikes had lit the thick trees aflame but the fires were downed by the pure force of the rain. The black night was only lit from the cracking thunder for brief seconds before it was consumed the already.

It was during that dark storm a star, one surrounded in a torrent of flesh and flame, fell towards the Spine. It was a barely a blip when first seen, but the size of the rock revealed itself as it crashed down into Earth. The trees along its path were rooted as forming a fairly large bed of wood upon finally stopping.

The meteorite was nine meters in diameter, its rock shell uneven and still burning. The storm quickly washed off the flames and the rock was beginning to cool. But something stirred in that rock and the cold rain served to awaken it passenger into alien world.

From within the stone's dark crevices beat a small heart struggling to barely stay alive. It's beat was a coldly paced rhythm as if it was controlled like a machine. The creature inside twisted and turned to the beat of its heart, growing more and more aware that its slumber had finally ended. A muscle pulled forcing two others to react and with those another two more fibers reacted with each. Its flesh undulated once, twice, three times – quite a number as it shook itself awake – and with that its mind had reemerged from the absolute silence.

Pain and hunger wracked it to the core, its instincts forcing a gut reaction to dig. It didn't know where it was nor did it care for all it wanted was to consume, to adapt and to serve. Then, it realized something; when its mind searched for its others only silence could be heard.

It was alone

It called out mentally again, for anything but there was no voice that greeted it. Only a twinge of instinct forming a coherent order had been left in its mind. To adapt and survive; a directive to follow to the end. It mind was set for there was nothing to question. Its mind was too small to comprehend its own self let alone intellectually question what was to adapt or how to survive. It already knew what to do.

It crawled from its rocky, hot prison that had carried itself through the depths of space. The creep inside had been emptied out, dried up from the extended journey of space. Not questioning whether or not it would find food, it squirmed out and landed on the bed of splinters and branches.

One branch poke it drawing blood and it squealed as it flinched back. It quickly shook off the pain. Its biology would take care of the wound, but his biology wouldn't guaranteed it prey.

Thus it moved forwards while carefully minding the sharp bed of wood and soon found a dusty ground made of dirt and stone. In an attempt to look for prey, the worm instinctively tapped into a reservoir of its psionic potential. The pulse was sent, but there was nothing. Unbeknownst to it, the meteor that fell towards the sky in combination with the rain and thunder had scared off even the most deadliest of predators. Nothing was near it, but it would not give up.

It sat there, sending pulse after pulse, draining the remaining energy stored during his hibernation ever so quickly. By the tenth pulse, it was tired and by the twentieth, it was dying. Only three more could be spared and that was included with the need to kill or consume.

Not waiting to even ponder, it sent the first pulse with nothing to show for it. The energy used tired it, but it pressed on with a second pulse, but only the presence of the trees were found. This time it waited; in the back of its mind held a single spark of emotion.


Finally, the third pulse was taken in and then sent.

AND . . .


There had been, like before, absolutely no life forms around to consume and thus it was stranded, tired, and weak. It had nothing to consume other than the plant like organisms, but larvae were carnivorous. It needed a hatchery to turn the plants into creep before devouring it.

It curled up into a neat ball for the lack of energy had started to waste him. It felt tired, perhaps sleeping would work. Maybe just maybe, it would sleep and wake up, but with the way things were going, perhaps it would die in its sleep. No pain or hunger, just . . . tiredness.

Yes . . .

. . .

. . .

Of course, then it felt another pulse of psionic energy. It flipped itself up, trying to remember and find the direction. With a new-found vigor, it crawled forward as quickly as it could. It went over a hill or two before the location of the enticing energy had been found. Its muscles weaved up and down forcing it forward as the small psionic pulse got closer and closer, until it touched the origins.

It was an egg, an enticing one in fact. While its instinctual side said that it only wanted food, the truth of the matter was that its body recognized the genetic adaptability within the egg. The DNA's potential would have made the larvae drool and, in fact, it did drool, with small drops of it disappearing into the dirt..

It went closer, wrapping its body around the egg and melting its own composition to the point where its form covered the entire egg. Its mind slowly shrouded as it infiltrated the egg by forcing its body into the near invisible holes in the egg. The egg's bright blue light shine faded slowly until it flickered and blacked out.

Yes, this would be a fine meal indeed.

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