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Chapter One:

Tsuna sighed as he closed the door to his bedroom. Making his way to the closet and pulling out some forest green pajamas, he let his mind think back to earlier in the day as he changed. His day had begun rather badly; with him receiving the worst test results in class and getting a lecture from the teacher. Physical education was not any better as the game played that lesson was dodge ball. Him being himself, Tsuna was the target of everyone. Well, that was until Gokudera intervened and completely dominated the game, taking out everybody for insulting his 'precious' tenth. That unfortunately included the coach, who got a ball to the eye. This somehow led to only him being put in detention.

To cheer him up, Yamamoto had kindly invited him to dine for free at his father's sushi bar. At first, it sort of worked. It was very hard to not smile at the small banter between Yamamoto and Gokudera and when the gigantic plate stacked with mouthwatering sushi was brought out, his spirits were quickly lifted.

But everything went down hill when Yamamoto's father, Tsuyoshi, decided to pitch in on their conversations. It wasn't like he hated the old man or anything. In fact, he looked up to the man for his kind heart and polite manners. Anyways, who would hate the person providing them with free food? No, Tsuna had no ill feelings towards the old man. It was just, the interactions between Tsuyoshi and Yamamoto made him feel strange. Every smile Yamamoto gave to his father and every hair rustle Tsuyoshi would give to his son made his heart crumble.

Tsuna let out another sigh as plopped onto his bed and snuggled into the blanket. It was weird, that yearning he felt. He had long gotten over the fact that he and his father would never be like the ones that he had seen so many times on television. I mean, the good for nothing man was away for half his childhood and when he did come home, he slept like a log, waking up once in a while to eat. And on the rare days they did spend time together, their different personalities would ruin any attempts at bonding. So no, his relationship with his father wasn't one of the best but to be honest, he didn't mind much. It was just at times Tsuna couldn't help but feel lonely.

He felt a bit selfish saying that, his mum had always showered him with love and care, but even she knew she would never be able to give him the things a father could. Reborn, the tutor from hell was surprisingly the closet thing he had to a father figure, but even then, he was more like a strict guardian then a dad. Deep down, despite how he didn't like to think about it, Tsuna just wanted someone to look up to. Someone who would guide and help him without shooting him if he did something wrong. Someone he could just rely on.

Closing his eyes to get some sleep, Tsuna couldn't help but wish. Wish that for once in his life, he could get that father figure he longed so much for. As he drifted off into a deep slumber, Tsuna didn't notice the shining light that accumulated around his Vongola ring.

The next morning, Tsuna woke with a blissful smile on his face. Because of all the misfortunes of school and the depressing thoughts that plagued his mind, he had completely forgotten Reborn was on a mission for the Ninth and that he would be gone for a WHOLE WEEK. Thank goodness for that considering how badly he failed his test. Reborn would eventually find out though, but one could always hope, right? Besides, he could finally sleep in without worrying about having all his ribs crushed by that accursed Leon Hammer. He could finally do whatever he wanted. No worries about getting shot in head today. HE WAS A FREE MAN!

Ecstatic, Tsuna rolled off his bed, ready to change and enjoy his rare one-week holiday. The musings of last night were completely out of his mind. He would enjoy his freedom and nothing would stop him. That was until he noticed the man sitting at his work desk, head on the table as if he were sleeping.

The mystery man was strangely familiar. From his position, Tsuna could see the man had light blond hair that stuck out in different directions, almost exactly like his hair. He also wore a black cloak with two red lines running horizontally across near it the top. The fancy cloak pretty much covered his whole body up to his feet. His hyper intuition was now sounding alarms. Yes, this was someone he definitely knew.

Swallowing back his hesitation, Tsuna took a few steps closer and gave the man a poke to the head. No movement. Feeling a bit braver, he shook the man's shoulder. That did something as the man slowly stirred and turned to face his direction.

"Oh, Good morning, Vongola Decimo"


And with that unmanly shriek, Tsuna fainted.

Vongola Primo, more commonly known in his time as Giotto, facepalmed. He had forgotten how girly his successor could be. The last time he had seen the young Decimo and his guardians was when they were fighting that Miliefiore family. Back then; the boy had seemed much more competent and manly.

Returning to the issue, Giotto honestly had no idea what was going on. He closed his eyes and allowed the memories of what transpired just a few hours ago to come rushing back to him.


Giotto let his light blue eyes flutter open. He hadn't expected his spirit to be awakened again so soon. Appearing for the succession test and the battle against the Miliefiore had been taxing on him. He didn't think he would be needed for at least a decade or so. Slowly, Giotto let his eyes trail about his surroundings. The inside of the Vongola ring was like a room with no lights. Everything was simply immersed in darkness. The only piece of furniture in the isolated place was a single person sofa, which he used as an impromptu bed. Overall, the place was pretty lonely, and with nothing to do, Giotto usually slept.

The fact that he was awake meant something was wrong. But as he scanned around, he could see nothing but the usual darkness, and the link he had to the outside world told him that Decimo was peacefully asleep. Strange, nothing was off.

"I don't understand what's wr-" But before he could finish the sentence, there was a sudden spike in dying will flames from outside the ring, causing his eyes to widen in shock. Ok, that was definitely unusual.

The flames only continued to build up and as Giotto looked around, he saw cracks start to form all over, letting bright light shine into the usual dark area. It was unbelievable! Over the nine generations that his spirit resided in the ring, this was the first time something like this had happened. Dying will flames, more specifically, sky flames, were actually forcing there way to the inner realm of the ring.

Giotto had no idea what to do, and as the cracks began to get larger and larger, he could only stand and watch as sky flames started to leak through the cracks. It looked almost like water when it leaked from a broken pipe. More and more sky flames entered, and to his horror, they suddenly flew at break neck speed towards his direction.

Despite his efforts to dodge the assaulting sky flames, he was quickly engulfed. The flames did not burn though, and to his amazement, he felt emotions from within them. He sensed sadness, disappointment and a strong yearning. As the flames rushed around him, Giotto felt himself get tired. His eyes slowly started to droop and before he lost consciousness, he felt a powerful tug pulling him towards a white light.

When Giotto came to, he found himself in a bedroom, most likely a child's due to how messy it was, alive and in the flesh. Rubbing the back of his head, he stood up walked around. He noticed the place was almost like a pigsty. Test papers, most of them failed, were strewn all over the floor along with clothes, wrappers and bits and pieces of left over food. It was then he noticed the sleeping brown haired boy. Was that Decimo? Okay, now this was weird. He seriously needed to figure out what was going on.

Giotto quietly approached his successor, ready to wake him up and ask if he knew what was happening. But as soon as he saw the peaceful look on the sleeping child's face, he felt his eyes soften and his resolve melt away. He always had a soft spot for children and he found he could no longer bring himself to wake Decimo up. The boy must have been tired, right? He was the youngest boss known in Vongola history and that meant he probably had lots of extra work to do to make up for his age.

Yes, questioning could wait until tomorrow. Besides, Giotto was feeling quite tired himself. He was woken early from his slumber and attacked by sky flames. He deserved a small break. From, the corner of his eye, he noticed a work desk and chair. That seemed like the perfect place to rest. He walked towards the chair, pulled it out and sat on it. He then placed his head on the table, using his arms as a temporary cushion.


So here he was now. Sitting on a chair with an unconscious boy at his feet. Deciding to continue the questioning he abandoned last night, Giotto shook Decimo, hoping he would wake up.

Tsuna felt someone shake him. It was most likely his mum, waking him up after he overslept. Yep, that sounded right. The dream about Primo was pretty weird, but that was all over now and when Tsuna opened his eyes, he would see his mum's smiling face. There would be no Primo sitting at his work desk, nope, no Primo at all.

Pushing himself from off the ground, did he fall off the bed in his sleep again; Tsuna opened his eyes expecting to see his mum. However, to his shock and horror, he came face to face with Vongola Primo himself. Wait, so all of that wasn't a dream? What was going on here? Wasn't Primo supposed to be dead? And did he just faint in front of THE Vongola Primo. Ahhhh, how embarrassing! If Reborn were here, he would probably get a hammer to the face for looking weak in front of another boss.

"HIEEEEE, Primo san, How-why-what are you doing here?" He stammered, half dazed from seeing his used to be dead ancestor.

"Well, I was hoping you would know the answer to that," he replied, a friendly smile on his face. " But it seems you're as clueless as me about the situation."

An awkward silence followed and Tsuna looked down at his feet, suddenly finding his toes quite interesting.

"How about you change and we figure things out?" Primo suggested as he stood up and walked to the door.

Tsuna, embarrassed from the fact he was still in his pajamas, immediately nodded. Primo left the room and Tsuna quickly slipped into a pair of army green pants, a white shirt and his favourite number 27 jumper.

Not wanting to keep Primo waiting any longer, he opened the door and invited the man back inside. Before they could sit down though, there a ring from the front door bell.

"Could I go get that?" Tsuna asked.

"Of course," Primo replied.

Tsuna walked downstairs and headed towards the door. He already knew who it was, as there was only one person who would visit him this early in the morning. Twisting the handle and pulling the door open, Tsuna was greeted with an all too familiar shout.


"Good morning Gokudera… and G-G-G san?"

Ok, this was now officially the weirdest day of his life.