I know it's really short but I just wanted to give you guys a feel for it, so let me know what you think!

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"Okay Chloe you start filming next week, so learn the lines!" Rick, my agent, said.

I sighed, "Yeah rick got it. Talk to you later okay?"

I heard the click of the phone being hung up. I sighed again. I never really wanted to become an actress, but people just expected it. My mom was an amazing actress and when I showed an interest in movies my dad started taking me to auditions. I wanted behind the scenes though, I want to direct. Eventually I'm still hoping to but for now I'm just an actress. I took the script that was lying on my bedside table and began reading. It was actually a good script.

We all got to keep our names for the movie. So I played a necromancer named Chloe Saunders. She was incredibly skittish which was ironic because she could raise the dead. My co-stars were Derek Souza, Tori and Simon Bae. We were a group of supernatural teens who ended up in the Lyle house which the Edison group was in charge of. Eventually we figure out that they are doing experiments on us and run away. Then we have to try to defeat the Edison group.

It was pretty action packed and I get to make out with Derek and Simon. They are both pretty cute, especially Derek. I was actually excited for the movie. Our director's name is Kit and he's really nice. We started running lines together tomorrow and start filming next week. It's all a really long process, but as long as you got along with the cast and crew it could be really fun. I started yawing so I put the script back on the side table, turned off the lamp and fell quickly into a dreamless sleep.