Alright, AU fic. Cocoon is not in the sky. It and Gran Pulse are separated by a large river.

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Characters involved: Claire "Lightning" Farron, Serah Farron, Oerba Yun Fang, Oerba Dia Vanille. Guest starring, Lieutenant Amodar, General Yaag Rosch, Commander Jihl Nabaat and definitely the NORA group.

WARNINGS: There is a futa warning and definitely a girl on girl warning so if you don't like that, don't read. Also don't read if you do not like rape, mild incest, cursing or violence.

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Lands divided by water, animals plentiful and few. Air fresh, perfumed and polluted. This is the land of Valhalla. Cocoon and Gran Pulse, divided by one large expanse of water as wide as the fabled Amazon. Many years of hard-earned peace after the horrific War of Transgression, which cost both sides many lives and caused much more heartache. Now, travelers brought tales of their river voyages and traders boasted of the merchandise from their homes.

Known throughout Gran Pulse were the first ever Pulsians to cross the border. After the War of Transgression ended, there was still much tension between the two areas, but two women from the small village of Oerba decided that that didn't matter. One morning, Oerba Dia Vanille, accompanied by her best friend Oerba Yun Fang, made her way across the border and right to the capital of Cocoon, Eden. Speaking directly to the head of the council, Barthandelus, Vanille accomplished what most everyone in Valhalla thought was impossible: she got Barthandelus to allow tentative Pulsian contact with Cocoon. Six months later, it was as though the war never happened. Cocoonians and Gran Pulsians alike crossed the river. Some creating their own settlements in the uncharted forests, some going over to experience Cocoons technology, and some just to see what the 'other side' looked like.


Fang groaned as she received her daily contract. "More adamantoise? Come on, Jihl, I've taken care of at least a hundred of'em since I've been here. Don't you fellas watch when I run the big guys outta town?" Shrugging, she signed the contract and turned, Lance swinging behind her.


Fang turned back, eyeing the blonde woman curiously. "Yeah?"

Jihl smiled cattishly at her and said, "If I send them to watch, you'll be out of a job."

"Yeah, for one reason." Fang chuckled. "Blokes can't stop starin' at my ass!"

Stepping outside, Fang sniffed the air and grimaced. "Cocoon people and their perfumes. Not nearly as polluted as the valley towns, but still, so many scents. Why not let nature do its job..."

Shrugging it off, the bronze-skinned woman made her way down the streets of Bodhum, ignoring the stares she got as she went off to do her job.


Vanille turned to her students with a grin and asked, "Does anyone know the answer?" No hands raised and Vanille's face fell. "No one knows what scares gorgonopsids most?"

A tentative hand raised and Vanille beamed at the shy, pink-haired girl in the second row. "Yes, Miss Farron?"

"The smell of another gorgonopsid's cubs?"

"Correct! You see class, when a gorgonopsid sniffs another's cubs, its hackles raise and it stays perfectly still. Does anyone know why?"

Once again, no hands. "Okay, does anyone know why the scent frightens them?"

No hands. Vanille glared until a few tentative hands raised. "Yes, Mister Estheim?"

"Uh, they stay still because they want to pounce and they are frightened because… because… uh…"

"Would anyone like to help Mister Estheim answer the question?" The same hand as before. "Miss Farron?"

"They stay still because they want to avoid being seen as a threat which is why they're so afraid. Mother gorgonopsids are much fiercer when they perceive their cubs to be in danger or a threat to be nearby."

"Very good, Miss Farron."

Many in the class grumbled at this and someone in the back row spat, "Teacher's pet!" This garnered several snickers around the room and more than a few instigations.

Vanille pretended not to have heard as she finished erasing the board. Turning back to the class with a mischievous smile, she said, "Alright, since Miss Farron is the only one that appears to have read the assigned text, she is exempt from the next exercise. Everyone, take out an extra sheet of paper. Pop quiz."

There was a collective groan and Vanille sent the relieved girl a surreptitious wink, walking among the rows and beginning to hand out the tests. "Remember, no talking or that's an automatic zero."


Across the wide expanse of Cocoon, in every town and city, in every household, everyone knows about the most famous pair of women to be born in years. The Farron sisters became a household name when their parents sacrificed themselves in the War of Transgression, ending the war permanently by grabbing the Pulsian war force leader, Anima, and all three tumbled over the Tower of Taejin. Armed forces from both sides nearly destroyed the tower in order to try rescuing them, but were too late and a truce was called, a peace treaty drafted eighteen days later.

Claire and Serah Farron were heralded as the daughters of war heroes and were the topic of everyone's conversations for the next year. Sixteen-year-old Claire was forced to support her little sister and so, joined the Guardian Corps to make sure they could keep their property and so that Serah could finish her schooling. The girls moved from Eden to the riverside city of New Bodhum (the original had been burned to the ground in the war). There, Claire became Lightning and was quickly made a GC sergeant and Serah enrolled in Bodhum High with her sister. Lightning finished her schooling while doing part time with GC and then sent Serah to Bodhum University.


Serah slowly made her way across the campus, heading for the exit so she could begin her trek home. As she weaved through the many groups of college students, she didn't notice the group of adults following her. The one in the lead stepped in front of her path, blocking her way as the others surrounded her.

"You're quite the bookworm, aren't ya?" the leader hissed, glaring down at the pink-haired girl.

"M-Marcus." Serah gulped.

"You sure do love reading. Since you love it so much, where's our homework?"

Serah took a deep breath before replying, "I… I didn't do your homework."

"And why not? You know what'll happen if we fall behind!"

"M-my sister told me not to." Serah stood her ground as Marcus moved closer, glaring into her eyes.

"Your sister's not here to save you now."

Serah took a deep breath and screamed, "CLAIRE!"

Everyone froze, waiting for something to happen, maybe a gust of wind as her sister appeared or a flash of lightning. After a few minutes without something happening, Marcus snickered cruelly. "I can't believe I actually fell for that. Jourdin, hold her!" Serah's arms were pinned to her sides and Marcus pulled his fist back to strike.

Just then, someone cleared their throat very loudly and all eyes looked frantically around, trying to detect where the voice had come from. A figure burst from a tree nearby and landed in a crouch. The figure was obviously a woman, but her head was bent so that no one could see her face.

"Who the hell are you?" Marcus demanded.

The woman stood and pinned him in place with cold blue eyes beneath shockingly light pink hair. "Name's Lightning. You must be the asshole who's been terrorizing my sister. I'm here to put a stop to that."

Marcus rushed her and Lightning easily flipped over him, making quick work of him.

"Serah, come on. You have homework to do and I have to get back to work."

Jourdin swiftly let go of Serah and the younger Farron bounced after her older sister.


Lightning groaned softly as she entered her home. Dragging herself through the hall, she collapsed onto the couch, her muscles protesting despite getting the rest they needed. Laying her head down, Lightning took a moment to rest her eyes before sitting up and beginning to remove her armor. First to go was her gunblade, Blazefire. She laid it out carefully on the couch beside her before taking off her antigravity device, starting at her fingertips and working her way up her arm and finally removing the device with her shoulder brace. Then her boots and skirt came off, followed by her jacket until she was only left in shorts, socks and sweater. Finally, the last to be taken off was the spiky black armband. The heavy weight on her chest lifted with the removal and Lightning relaxed back. Soft footsteps reached her ears and the soldier looked up to see Serah walking toward her. The older Farron sighed and moved her gunblade to make room for her sister. Serah plopped down next to her sister and leaned her head on the older girl's shoulder.

"Tough day?" She asked softly.

"Tch." Lightning shrugged. "How was school?"

Serah hung her head. "I... the other adults called me a teacher's pet like those kids back in high school."

"Bunch of adolescents posing as adults they were. Just remember: good better best, never let it rest til..."

Serah giggled as she finished the motto. "Your good is better than their best."

"The family motto." Lightning chuckled.

"Yeah, right after yours." Serah agreed.

"It's not a question-"

Serah broke in at that moment to finish the sentence. "-of can or can't."

"Some things you just do." The sister's chorused, falling back against the couch in a shared laugh.

When they had finally calmed, Serah turned somewhat somber. "Really, Sis, what happened today at work?"

Lightning gave a heavy sigh. "Your boyfriend gave the Corps more trouble today and I had to give another excuse as to why I couldn't join the investigation. Good for nothing Mafians. I hate that you made me promise not to go after that idiot boyfriend of yours."

"I love Snow, Claire." Serah pouted up at her.

"But out of all the guys in Bodhum, you chose the leader of the Bodhum Mafia."

"You're just upset he slipped through your fingers even after you singlehandedly decimated his attack force."

Lightning fought the blush rising to her cheeks. "There were other soldiers there..."

"But they sat back to watch you. They didn't want to get in your way."

Lightning shrugged and slowly stood, stretching her sore body. "I'm going to go grab a shower, eat some leftovers and head to bed."

"Claire?" Lightning turned back to find Serah standing behind her. "Will you... sleep with me tonight? Some guys were following us home..."

"Don't worry, I saw them. I'll make sure they don't hurt you." The elder gave the younger a sweet kiss to the forehead. "But yes, I'll sleep with you tonight. Now off to bed."

Serah scampered up the stairs as Lightning watched her go with a soft smile. Turning to her clothing, Lightning's gaze landed on the armband and she sighed, unconsciously rubbing her arm.

Shaking her head, Lightning whispered, "That's a secret no one can know about. And if it keeps Serah safe, that loud-mouthed idiot Snow will never find out so long as I can help it."

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