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Characters involved: Claire "Lightning" Farron, Serah Farron, Oerba Yun Fang, Oerba Dia Vanille. Guest starring, Lieutenant Amodar, Lieutenant Colonel Yaag Rosch, Second Lieutenant Rygdea, Cid Raines as a Second Lieutenant, Lieutenant Colonel Jihl Nabaat and definitely the NORA group.

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"But they're just a buncha fallin' rocks, Vanille," Fang pouted as they walked to the Farron home. "It's not like there's anythin' special about'em."

"Well, Serah thinks they're pretty," Vanille pointed out. "And she said it was a tradition to watch the shower."

Fang sighed. "Fine, I guess I can kick back and daydream while she enjoys the flamin' rocks."

Vanille giggled softly, knowing Fang was likely to fall asleep that way. They knocked at the Farron residence and Serah answered the door. "Hey, you two!" she chirped. "Are ya excited?"

"Fang doesn't really do meteor showers," Vanille replied. "But she's ready to spend time with you."

"We can do something afterward if you want, Fang," Serah told her. Despite the innocent delivery, Fang's cheeks flamed at the unspoken double meaning. Vanille elbowed her when Serah turned away.

"Fang! Control yourself!" the tiny redhead hissed teasingly.

Fang rubbed the spot. "It's not my fault! She said it!"

"But you thought it!" Vanille shot back with a smirk.

"Thought what?" a voice behind them asked. They turned to find Lightning raising an eyebrow at them expectantly.

The two Gran Pulsians shared a glance and shook their heads. The last thing they needed was Lightning becoming protective of Serah. They were both certain that it didn't matter if Serah was dating, Light would not hesitate to shove her sword in an unwelcome place if Fang tried anything too intimate this early in the relationship.

The soldier surveyed them calmly for a moment before beginning to hang her gear. "Are there any lessons tonight, Vanille?" she asked quietly.

"Nope," the redhead responded cheerfully. "Just more review! Gonna draw up a new plan tomorrow while I'm grading papers."

"Great," Lightning said, following her into the living room where Serah and Fang were already sitting together on the couch. "We can head to the beach at sundown, then. The meteor shower is set to start soon after."

"It's going to be so pretty!" Serah squealed. "It's been a while since the last one, so I'm excited to see this one. They move too quickly for me to ever get any pictures, but it's always nice making a wish on one."

"Are you two gonna be okay here on your own?" Lightning asked her sister, eyes flicking momentarily to Fang.

The warrior chuckled. "We'll be fine, Light. We're gonna be on the roof. Nothin' can get us up there."

The soldier shrugged as Vanille and Serah bounced into the kitchen to make a light dinner for them all. When the two of them were focused on cooking, Lightning turned seriously to Fang. Fang stiffened at the look. When Lightning looked like that, she needed to pay attention.

"Keep your lance with you," the pinkette ordered calmly. Fang opened her mouth, but Lightning held up a hand. "I know you said you two were going to be on the roof, but the department still hasn't caught him and I don't know if he's stupid enough to pull something while I'm away. And he's not the only enemy I've made as an officer. You're going to be out in the open, Fang. Please."

Fang paused. Lightning didn't have a lack of faith in her abilities. Lightning just didn't want anything terrible to happen while she wasn't around to help. Leaning forward slightly, Fang watched Vanille and Serah move around the kitchen for a moment. She observed the way they synchronized their work to get things done effectively. Dias weren't fighters, they were peaceful.

"Yeah," the hunter whispered, pulling back. "Yeah, I'll keep my lance with me. I'll do my best to protect'er if anythin' happens, Light. I promise." The two of them clasped wrists just as Serah and Vanille walked back in.

"Dinner's done!" they chorused.

"Great!" Fang grinned, all seriousness melting so as not to worry the younger pair. "I'm starvin'. Had to round up wild chocobos, ya know. Not an easy job."

Vanille rolled her eyes good-naturedly as Serah gave a soft laugh. Lightning slid into her seat and licked her lips. She wouldn't admit it, but her day had been pretty hectic, too. Chasing some really wily thieves down and deflecting another advance from Colonel Rosch built quite an appetite.

The group ate as Vanille shared some stories of what had happened with her students that day. Serah giggled, recalling how Hope tripped over himself in Calculus and looked to her for help. They slapped hands and Serah had answered the question instead. The professor was fine with the exchange, so long as someone got the answer and Serah set Hope up with one of the tutors on campus.

Before they knew it, the sun was beginning to set. Lightning nodded to Fang and gave Serah a hug. "Don't have too much fun, you two," Vanille called with a wink at Fang. Both Serah and Fang blushed at the implication and, to no one's surprise, Lightning's eyes narrowed on Fang warningly.

"Vanille's tryin'a get me killed," Fang muttered as Lightning grabbed up a blanket and led Vanille out the door.

"No she's not," Serah laughed, grabbing a light jacket and guiding Fang up to the roof. "She's just teasing. Besides, Claire wouldn't really care if we went further. She's just being overprotective."

Fang huffed, but said nothing as she and Serah settled on a blanket already set up on the roof. Lightning skidded to a halt at the beach and guided Vanille to the spot where they'd had their picnic. She laid out the blanket and settled down beside the Dia. Now, they just watched the sun set and waited.

As the meteor shower started, Serah cuddled against Fang's chest, snuggling under the warrior's arm as she stared at the sky. Fang swallowed thickly and tried not to think about how nice it felt to hold Serah this way. The two of them really hadn't gone very far in their intimacy. Fang didn't want to move too fast in case Serah had another relapse. However, just holding the pinkette this way made the hunter's heart flutter.

"They're so pretty, Fang," Serah breathed, beaming as the shooting stars lit up the sky.

Personally, Fang preferred the way the meteors made Serah's hair look like it was lighting up with miniature fireworks. It turned from faded white under the night sky, to a fiery orange whenever a meteor passed, and back again. Fang would much rather look at Serah's hair than some stupid falling rocks.

Idly, she began playing with the colorful locks, picking out the small hints of red that flared up whenever multiple meteors came down at once. Serah leaned into the touch, even as her eyes remained on the sky.

Down by the beach, Lightning laid back on the blanket. She always loved the meteor shower. Sure, it was the first time she wasn't watching with Serah, but she wouldn't intrude on something romantic for her sister. Besides, it was better she and Vanille be alone for what she wanted to do.

Speaking of Vanille, the redhead had burrowed herself into Lightning's side, her hand on the soldier's stomach as she watched the first meteors start to fall. Vanille loved watching meteor showers, but she usually had to do it alone, since Fang never was a fan. Now, however, with someone to watch with, she would take advantage of the opportunity to snuggle and watch the rocks fall.

Lightning blushed, feeling Vanille's heat beside her. Sure, she and Serah usually laid side-by-side to watch the showers, but this was Vanille, and she was cuddling up to Lightning. The soldier wrapped her arm around the redhead's shoulders, hoping that was okay. Vanille didn't protest, so Lightning sat back to watch the shooting stars.

The shower went on for a few minutes. There were several different sizes shooting through the sky. Serah watched them in silent awe while Fang contented herself playing with Serah's hair, Lightning idly began rubbing her hand along Vanille's back and Vanille played with Lightning's sweater as they both stared at the sky.

Of course, despite their calm outsides, the two Farron sisters were internally preparing for what they were going to do.

Serah bit her lip as she gathered her courage together. Her throat felt really tight and her breath kept speeding up. She needed to stay calm or she wouldn't be able to ask what she wanted to. She really wanted to do this. Both she and Claire had agreed on it, well, when Serah was no longer delirious and sleepy.

Well, she thought with a deep breath. Here goes.

Serah shifted uncertainly, sitting up and looking to the warrior beside her. "Fang?"

"Yeah?" Fang sat up so she could better face her girlfriend. Something about the way Serah was acting told her this was definitely important.

Serah turned her gaze to the sky where the flaming rocks continued pelting down. "I know we haven't known each other a long time, barely two weeks if I'm doing the math right." Fang nodded. She'd come to the same conclusion as well.

"Well, even though we haven't known each other very long, Claire and I are really comfortable around you and Vanille. You two spend a lot of your time here with us, not that I'm complaining. The opposite, actually."

A kittenish face turned up to the survey the sharp features of the hunter. "I really like having you around, Fang. It's really nice knowing I won't be alone when I come home. With Claire off at work, I would spend a lot of time alone, but now, with you and Vanille, I don't feel lonely. If it's okay with you, I'd like you two to come around more often."

"I'd love to, Serah," Fang responded. She really hoped this wasn't a marriage proposal. They'd only known each other two weeks. They'd hardly shared more than a kiss on the cheek and held hands.

Serah took Fang's hand and deliberately placed something into her palm. Fang could see something metal reflecting in the light of the sky and her breath caught.

A house key.

Serah Farron had just given her a house key.

Had Vanille told her about the tradition? Did Serah—and Lightning, if Fang guessed that she was going to give one to Vanille—know what giving someone a key meant in their village? No, they probably had no idea, but all the same, the gesture meant more than words could describe.

"I know it's still too early to ask either of you to move in," Serah said quietly, unaware of Fang's inner excitement. "But, at the very least, you both are welcome to come and go as you please. I like seeing you in the house, Fang. It feels… right, having you there."

Fang could not honestly care less about the numerous falling rocks above them. She didn't even care about the colors they turned Serah's hair anymore. The sparkles in Serah's eyes in that moment would be the most beautiful thing she ever saw.

Closing her fingers over the key, Fang smiled. "I'd love to come over more often, Serah."

Lightning knew she needed to do it soon. She had no idea when the shower would end, after all. She didn't want to miss her chance or lose her nerve. Her heart hammered in her chest as she wondered what she should say. She didn't want to screw this up.

Just do it, she told herself. You'll never know what to say if you don't open your mouth at all.

Lightning took a deep breath and turned to her date. Vanille noticed the suddenly charged tension in the air and looked to Lightning in confusion. Blue eyes met green under the meteor shower and Lightning reached into her pocket.

"Vanille, I know it's a little soon, you know, since we've only known each other for two weeks, but Serah and I thought, since you and Fang have basically been over our place so much, maybe you could come by whenever you wanted."

Vanille felt that there was something more to it than just coming over whenever she wanted. She really hoped it wasn't a marriage proposal. Two weeks was a really short time to try that. Fang would have a field day with that kind of situation.

She was surprised when Lightning took her hand and a blush covered her cheeks. Slowly, the soldier put something small and metallic in her palm and closed her fingers over it.

It was a key.

Lightning Farron had just given her a house key.

Vanille's heart pounded as she stared up at the pink-haired woman. "Lightning, are you sure?" She hadn't told Serah about the custom that giving a house key signified. Neither of the sisters fully understood what this small gesture meant to someone from Oerba. She would have to tell them eventually, but for now, she enjoyed the fact that Lightning trusted her this much.

The older woman nodded. "You don't have to use it until you're comfortable with the idea, but Serah and I… Vanille, we really like having you and Fang around. It might be moving a little fast, but it will help us all get more comfortable with each other, too. And the house is way too empty while I'm at work."

Lightning kept her hand over Vanille's. "We want to take this step. And I want to take it with you."

Vanille had to admit, she'd never seen a meteor shower as beautiful as the one reflected in Lightning's eyes. Surrounded by all of the emotions the soldier kept hidden from everyone else and sparkling with sincerity, there would never be a shower quite as amazing as that.

Slowly, Vanille held the key to her chest and whispered, "I'm honored to take this step with you, Lightning."