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Finn and Jake where sitting around waiting for something to happen. It had been sometime since they had gone on an adventure.

"I'm so bored." Jake whined, looking at the clear sky outside.

"We already went adventuring last week! There's nothing else to do!" exclaimed Finn, throwing his hands up. They sighed and sank into their seats until someone knocked at the door.

"I got it!" they both yelled, jumping up. They looked at each other and said, "No, I got it!"

"Someone just open the door! You need to see this!" yelled Princess Bubblegum, knocking on the door again.

"PB!" Finn yelled happily, running to open the door.

"What's up?" Finn questioned, opening the door.

"I was on my way over to give you a mission," she explained, "when a portal appeared in front of me!"

"Oh my glob! Are you okay?" Finn asked with a concerned look.

"Yes, I'm fine, but I need you to come with me. It is of the utmost importance." she said, turning to leave.

"Well, has anything come out?" Jake asked, closing the door on his way out.

"Maybe, I came right here after I got over my initial shock." Princess Bubblegum replied.

"Well, let's hurry then!" Finn said, quickening his pace.

After a minute of running they reached the portal.

"It doesn't look like anything came out." Jake said looking around. Everyone's eyes fell on the portal. It was floating in the middle of the clearing. The front was a teal color while the back was black. Suddenly, a man's torso and head came out. He was Caucasian with black hair and brown eyes. The man's chest was thin and tall, it seemed like he barely had anything but his ribcage for his chest.

"Quick, hide!" whispered Jake as he pushed everyone into the bushes.

Everyone moved to get a better look at the man. He was rather tall, around 6'5" and was looking around the clearing. He had cargo pants, a long-sleeved shirt, and combat boots. Now that he was standing, his chest looked a bit thicker. Then they noticed he had an oddly colored bag on his back.

"He looks looks a fighter." Princess Bubblegum whispered.

"He does." agreed Finn.

The man stretched and said "Well this seems nice."

"He definitely isn't from the Nightosphere." whispered Jake.

"Well, he doesn't seem evil." whispered Finn.

"We should come out slowly." Princess Bubblegum, getting ready to stand up. She froze when the man took a few steps toward them, looking at the bush they were hiding in. He stopped, waved at them, and said, "Hello!" with a grin.

A.N. My OC will be taking a secondary role in this. I know I should provide more back story, but after I wrote it a year ago, it needed some serious work. So, just wait a little while. It should be explained some more in Chapter 2. Anyway, my first Adventure Time story, and I hope this gets more feedback than my previous stories. Please review, and thanks for reading!