"You can come out of the bush now. I won't hurt you unless you hurt me." the man said, placing a hand on his katana.

"He's got a sword!" whispered Finn.

The man looked at it and said, "Oh, silly me." He placed his hand on the sheath, pulled it off, and placed it on the ground. "I'm unarmed now. Please come out, now you're being rude." the man said.

"He's right." Princess Bubblegum said, standing up. Finn stood up as well, and Jake stretched his head around the bush.

"A stretching dog? That's cool." the man said, looking at Jake. He shook his head and said, "Anyway, my name is Max. I just arrived from another dimension."

"A being from another dimension? Amazing!" Princess Bubblegum said, her eyes shining with curiosity.

"That's so cool!" Finn said.

"Yeah, that is pretty-" Jake started, "wait! We haven't even introduced ourselves! I guess we are pretty rude." Jake finished. "Well, I'm Jake." he said, motioning to himself.

"And I'm Finn." Finn said.

"I am Princess Bubblegum, ruler of the Candy Kingdom." she said.

"Ah, royalty." Max said, bowing. "How rude of me." After the introductions were completed, Max stepped forward and grabbed his katana. He reattached it, and looked to the group.

"I am the ruler of my world, but I don't like dealing with diplomacy. I have people who assist me after I explore and deem it safe for travel." Max said.

"Well, lets go adventuring! I don't know of any better way to explore!" Finn yelled.

"No Finn. Not yet. We have to show him the Candy Kingdom first." Princess Bubblegum said.

"Yeah, that would be a good idea." Max agreed, nodding.

Max looked at Princess Bubblegum and asked, "So, are you made of bubblegum, or what?"

"I am." she replied.

"So you're one hundred percent edible?" Max asked, narrowing his eyes.

"I am." Princess Bubblegum replied, nodding.

"I'm not sure how I feel about that." Max said, staring at the ground in thought.

"Well, you can think about that later." Princess Bubblegum said, leaving for the Candy Kingdom. "We need to hurry or it'll get dark." she said, motioning for Max to follow. He took a few large steps to catch up and they where on their way.

They quickly got to the Candy Kingdom and discreetly made it to the castle. When they made it inside, Princess Bubblegum told Finn what she had originally wanted him to do.

"Finn, I need you to retrieve a book Ice King stole. I need it for my research. Later, I would like it if you show Max the more dangerous areas of Ooo. I also want you to introduce him to Marceline, so she doesn't freak him out" Princess Bubblegum instructed Finn.

"Okay PB, we'll get right on that." Finn said, waving as he left.

"Be careful Finn!" Princess Bubblegum yelled after him.

Jake grew so he could carry both Finn and Max, and headed off to the Ice Kingdom. On the way, Finn pointed out landmarks and dangerous areas. Max was looking around memorizing as much as he could.

"PAK, begin construction of map." Max said to seemingly no one.

"Right away, sir." came a voice with a slight British accent. He caught Finn's look and his eyes widened as he remembered.

"Oh yeah, this is called a PAK." Max said, pointing to the thing on his back. "I got it from a race called the 'Irkens', and it attaches directly to my spine so I can control it with my brain." Max said.

"Oh, cool." Finn said, nodding. It was quickly getting dark, so they decided to stop and make camp. Marceline was flying over and saw the fire, and decided to check it out.

"Oh, hey guys. What's up?" Marceline asked, floating down toward the group.

"We're adventuring with a guy from another dimension!" Finn said. She looked at the man, waved, and said, "Hey."

"Hi." Max replied, looking at her. "I'm guessing from your skin, bites, and teeth, that you're a vampire." Max stated flatly.

"Great work, detective." she said sarcastically. "And just what are you?" she questioned, crossing her arms.

"I'm Max, first of all, and I'm a human." He stated calmly. Marceline gasped and the boys looked at him. "You don't have humans here?" Max asked, surprised.

"I'm the last one." Finn said.

"They all died as a result of the mushroom war." Marceline said.

"Mushrooms? Oh, I see. So they obliterated themselves. That was to be expected with weapons of that caliber." Max stated evenly, staring into the fire.

" If the universe decides to be cruel, just remember that you're special, Finn. You're part of the most feared and loved races in any universe. Especially seeing how you're the last one in this universe." Max said, staring up at Finn. "You are an amazing being. Remember that. You have no idea how many universes there are where people like you decide they're pathetic or worthless. It gets pretty annoying" Finn nodded in reply. Max thought for a second looked at Marceline and asked, "You don't sparkle in the sunlight, do you?"

"No, I-" Marceline started.

"Oh, that's a relief. I thought I might have to destroy you." Max said, genuinely relieved. Marceline gave Max a weird look and turned to Finn and Jake.

"Well, it's getting late. See ya later Finn." Marceline said as she flew off.

"Bye Marceline!" Finn and Jake called, waving as she left. Max also waved, but said nothing.

"And who was that? Was that Marceline?" Max asked.

"Yep, she's a radical dame who likes to play jokes. She's also the Vampire Queen." Finn said, grinning.

"Then I'll be getting to know her later." Max said in a tired tone. He yawned and stretched.

"Marceline was right. We should get some sleep. It is getting late" Jake said. Finn yawned and asked Max, "Are you sleeping out here?"

"Indeed I am, Finn. There is a great amount of things that can be learned from the stars. Like the date, and the position on the planet, for instance." Max said.

Finn blinked a few times and said, "Whatever man, see you in the morning." Max smirked in reply.

After scanning the sky with his PAK, Max realized that he was on an alternate earth. An earth about 1000 years later than his own. Max rubbed his chin and said, "Since this is defiantly earth, I know a few areas to get some information from. But that will have to wait. Definitely after some information gathering at a library." Max stretched and laid down on the ground. It was a pleasant temperature. He figured it must be late spring. 'Ah, well. I'll figure it out later.' Max thought as he closed his eyes.

They woke up early in the morning. They ate some breakfast and continued on their adventure to the Ice Kingdom. They spotted snow in the distance and Finn put on his sweater. Max reached into his PAK and retrieved a coat.

"How much can you fit in there?" Finn asked, pointing to his PAK.

"A lot, don't ask how, it's very complicated. Although, it isn't anywhere close to what the time lords could do." Max replied.

"Time lords? What are time lords?" Finn asked.

"They're aliens that keep time from destroying itself, more or less. But it seems that they don't exist in this universe." Max replied, looking up at the sky. Grass quickly turned into snow and they spied the castle in the distance.

"It seems we have entered the Ice King's domain." Max said, placing his hand on his katana.