Blood is Thicker than Water...Love is Thicker than Time


This is my first Brokeback Mountain fanfic, though I've been writing in other fandoms for over ten years. I have a lot of ideas I want to explore with this book/movie, so there will likely be lots of different stories coming down the pipeline, though I can't promise how quickly, with a very involved ongoing project down the road at Torchwood.

Enjoy and please review. I always love feedback, especially if it's constructive.



Alma Junior is seven years old when her daddy leaves her and her sister and her mommy. She remembers her parents arguing, slamming doors, and a string of bad words from both of her them that her mother would wash her mouth out with soap if Junior ever repeated them. She remembers that it was the first (and only) time in her young life that she'd seen her father cry. But she also remembers the man with the blue eyes and big smile who was nice to her. The man who made her daddy smile wider than anything. She remembers her daddy kissing that man on the mouth the way people did on TV. Her daddy and mommy never kissed like that. It made her sad for a while, until she realizes that her daddy would be happier with the man than with her mommy, who'd never been as nice to him as that man was. She asks her mommy when she could go visit her daddy and that nice man, and her mommy sends her to her room without dinner.

By the time Junior is eleven, she knows that the person her mother hangs up on each year at Christmas and her and her sister's birthdays is her father. She tries to get to the phone the next time he calls, on her sister's birthday, but her mommy takes it from her before she can hear more than a choked up "Junior?" in response to her enthusiastic answering of the phone. "Daddy! It's Junior!" Her mommy hangs up and tells Junior that she's not allowed to answer the phone until she's fourteen. Then she sends Junior to her room.

At thirteen, Junior finds a pile of packages addressed to her and her sister hidden away in the back of her mother's closet that her stepfather kept for the girls for when they turned eighteen, though he never told her mother about doing that. He wasn't a cruel man, and while he disliked her daddy and the life he'd chosen for himself, and felt it was a sin against God, he was a parent, and wanted the girls to know their father cared about them, even if their mother was against it.

She and her mother and her stepfather scream at each other for days. Junior dredges up those long-ago curse words from when her parents split up and throws them at her mother, accusing her of deliberately keeping her away from her father when it was clear that he still loved her and that he tried to stay in touch, tried to send gifts that Alma kept from them, hid from them as if he'd just disappeared off the face of the planet. He wanted to be in her life, Junior yells, and she wants him there. Who is her mother to deny them that relationship? Alma replies in a voice full of venom that she's just trying to protect her daughters from that queer.

Junior runs away the next day.