Wishing I Stayed There

Katniss's POV

After 2 years of being married to Gale I had experienced the worst.

He'd get jealous just because he thought I loved Peeta when I did the best I could to ignore my feelings for him(Peeta) and would beat me up.

I was like his personal punching bag. I had had enough and asked Gale for a divorce which he complied the easy way because if you bump heads with me you will get a kick in the ass.

I packed my bags with my necessities, and my locket and pearl that Peeta gave me. I still had bruises and scars but I always kept my head held high.

He tried to crush me but I never gave the boost to his ego.

Even with bruises in my face I got on the train to District Twelve and I knew it was the best thing I ever did. People looked at me like I couldn't handle a fight.

There were hushed whispers like," I can't believe the Mockingjay has bruises" and " Her husband Gale is such an asshole for treating her like that".

I really thought that Gale was an asshole so I really didn't have a problem with the comments.

The attendant looked astonished to see me but gave me my compartment.

I was so exhausted I slept automatically.

I woke up to a nightmare of Gale killing me. It was morning so I fully woke myself. I was drenched in sweat so I took a quick shower.

I brushed my hair and let it down. I changed into black yoga pants and a forest green t-shirt.

For the first time I looked at my bruises in the mirror.

I had one that was on my left cheekbone and a cut under my bruise. I touched it and I flinched from the pain.

I got a first aid kit from the bathroom and put ointment on the cut and bruise. I left the bathroom to get my dad's leather jacket and put on my flip flops.

I went to the dining area to get breakfast. I finished with my meal so I went to grab my bag snd took a seat. The attendant announced that we arrived at District Twelve.

I hopped out of my seat and went out of the train. I went to the pay phone on the train station to call Haymitch.

He grumbled,"Hello". I snorted at his hungover attitude. "Hey Haymitch can you pick me up from the train station?".

"Sweetheart is that really you?".

"Of course it is. I got tired of Gale beating me up over bullshit and other shit he has to deal with."

"Sweetheart if he pays a visit he's gonna talk to my fist cuz that is just bull." " I know Haymitch. Is Peeta doing ok?"

Haymitch is silent for a moment then says,"I'm sorry sweetheart but he's engaged. I wanted to stop him because I found something about his fiancée that's really suspicious but he can be fuckin stubborn when he wants to."

"What's wrong with his fiancée?" " Sweetheart his fiancée is..."

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