He watched her in her sleep, her graying hair framing her beautiful face. He shifted his body onto his side, resting his chin upon his wrinkled hand, staring at his bride. They had one crazy adventure, it lead to another and another and another. Saving the world, yes it was a good adventure, but not great. The great adventure was saying 'I do' in a private ceremony 60 years to the day.

That first night, they were so clumsy, bumping heads, knocked teeth a few times until they got the hang of things, and the love making, that was always good. He had watched his bride swell with children. Each of her pregnancies, he kept telling her she couldn't get any more beautiful than the time before.

They raised a handsome family. Three girls and four boys, all but one child had his black hair, but all the children had her lovely green eyes. Now he was shaking his head, his youngest child had just informed them that her daughter had just had a baby. He was now a great-grandfather!

He sighed with pleasure at the memories, his grandchildren would always tease him, for he never called Anastasia his wife, it was always my bride, my beautiful bride. Sixty years later, he still lost his breath at the sight of her smile, the mischief she still caused, and the delighted screams of happy grandchildren, learning to be just like Grandma.

Kurando sighed and reached a hand over and lightly squeezed Anastasia's hand. Her eyelids fluttered opened and she looked up at him and smiled lightly.

"Happy Anniversary my love" he said, and kissed the top of her head.

"How did I get so lucky?" she asked, sleep still rasping in her voice.

"I'm the lucky one, my love, you chose me all those years ago, and today, you are making me the happiest man all over again."

Anastasia blushed, "One last kiss before I kick you out of the house. I'll see you at sunset."

Kurando smiled, "Renewing our vows is going to be the highlight of our 60 years together, I love you so much."

That night at sunset, they renewed their vows, in front of their family; the bride wore her original wedding dress, the yellow yukata.