Let's see how this unfolds.

Also, Yugi and Atem's Decks will be given an upgrade, in order to fight Yusei and Yuma better. Nothing too drastic; they'll keep their most iconic cards, but some of the weaker/slower/situational cards, like the Poker knights, and Chimera, might be shelved, in favor of new ones, that fit their themes.

Emphasis on 'Might'...


Duelist 1: Yugi Muto. Deck used: Silent/Toy

Duelist 2: Yusei Fudo: Deck used: Stardust Glory

Duel simulation: Engage.

"Here goes..." Yusei thought to himself, excited and a bit nervous at the prospect of dueling Yugi Muto himself, the King of Games, the greatest duelist alive.

"Are you ready, Yusei?" Yugi asked, holding in his hand Card of Sanctity, Silent Magician LV0, Graceful Charity, Gamma the Magnet Warrior and Safe Zone.

"You bet, Yugi. I draw!" Yusei declared, adding his one Bright Star Dragon to his hand, consisting of Majestic Dragon, Prevention Star, Tuning, Cosmic Compass and Fake Gardna.

"I activate Tuning, allowing me to add a Synchron monster from my deck to my hand, after I've sent the top card of deck to the graveyard." Yusei explained, sending Junk Servant, and adding Junk Synchron to his hand. " Next, I'll summon Fake Gardna, in Defense mode. Your turn, Yugi."

A strange humanoid being, bearing a passing resemblance to a medieval court jester, appeared in front of Yusei, in a crouching position, with folded arms. (0/2000) (Yusei: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 4)

"My turn. Draw." Yugi declared, and added Mirror Force to his hand. Looking over his hand, he saw three or four ways to destroy Yusei's Fake Gardna, but he knew he had to proceed with caution, as it might have dangerous effects.

"I summon Silent Magician LV0!" A short, seemingly-female, mage appeared, garbed in red and black robes, white pants, black boots, a matching hat encrusted with a gem-like object, and holding a small wand.

"Next, I'll activate Graceful Charity." Yugi drew Monster Reborn, Prime Material Dragon and Pot of Greed, discarding Prime Material Dragon and Gamma. "Next, Pot of Greed." He declared, drawing Silent Swordsman LV0 and Faustian Bargain.

"And Monster Reborn revives my Dragon." Yusei briefly saw a stylized ankh-like object float in the air, before it released several blinding surges of light.

When they had faded enough that looking at the light didn't overtly hurt his eyes, he saw several things outlined within the glow.

The first thing was three sets of golden segmented wings, that seemed more liquid or gaseous than solid, dispelling the light around them.

The second was golden muscular forelegs stomping on the ground, likewise dispelling the light there.

Lastly, a gold-colored head became visible, it's ears long and sharp, and it's eyes shining with a golden light, that somehow managed to stand out clearly.

The massive beast towered over the field, standing tall at about 20 meters in height. Noticing Yusei and Fake Gardna, it simply roared at them, visibly distorting reality, hurting his ears, and completely shattering Fake Gardna.

"Lastly, I'll set two cards, and activate Card of Sanctity, allowing both of us to draw until we have six cards in our hands." Yugi drew Polymerization, Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon and Valkyrion, while Yusei drew Necro Defender and Defense Draw.

Suddenly, Silent Magician glowed, and aged four years. (2000/1000)

"What just happened?" Yusei exclaimed, confused, clicking a button on his duel disk, checking Yugi's card. "Oh, so that's what happened."

"Yeah." Yugi replied. "Your turn." (Yugi: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 6)

"Thanks." Yusei responded, adding Starlight Road to his hand, causing Silent Magician to age two more years and gain another LV. (2500/1000) (Yusei: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 7)

"I'll summon..." Yusei began, going over his cards to try and work out a strategy, or summon something to overpower either of Yugi's monsters. And even if he did, those facedown cards might cause trouble for him.

"Cosmic Compass, in defense mode!" Yusei declared, as what appeared to be a combination of various navigational tools appeared. (0/0)

It was far from an efficient solution, but he know it would buy him some time to work one out. "It's effect allows me to summon a token for each monster you control." He explained, as two identical monsters appeared.

"I'll set two cards, and end my turn." (Yusei: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 4)

"I draw." Yugi added Stronghold to his hand. (Yugi: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 7)

"I'll summon Silent Swordsman LV0." A small boy appeared, clad in white and blue fabric and armor, contrasting the mage's red and black. (1000/1000) "Now, I attack with all three of them."

The small swordsman delivered a somewhat clumsy slash to one of the compass tokens, the mage gracefully swung her staff, sending several blasts of emerald energy, and the dragon unleashed an overwhelming blast from it's mouth, that scorched everything in it's path, and effortless tore through the token.

"I'll set a card." (Yugi: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 5)

"My turn!" Yusei drew Double Delta Warrior, further strengthening Yugi's Magician. (3000/1000) His hand contained Double Delta Warrior, Necro Defender, Junk Synchron, Bright Star Dragon and Prevention Star.

"Think! There's gotta be a way to turn this around! Wait! That might actually work..." Yusei thought to himself. "Since I control no monsters, and you do, I can special summon Double Delta Warrior, in defense mode!" A dark-skinned man, clad in green armor and turquiose pants, appeared. (0/2200)

"Next, I'll set a monster." (Yusei: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 3)

"My turn!" Yugi drew Green Gadget, strengthening his Swordsman, who was shining, and visibly aging. (1500/1000) (Yugi: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 6)

"I summon Green Gadget, allowing me to add Red Gadget, from my Deck to my Hand." In a crackle of red light, a green robot appeared.

"And now, my monsters attacks!" Yugi declared. Silent Magician LV4 took out Double Delta Warrior and Silent Swordsman LV1 sliced Yusei's set monster, clearing the path for Green Gadget to strike.

"Not so fast!" Yusei smirked. "Fake Gardna!"

The monster reappeared, shielding Yusei from Green Gadget's attack. Surprised, the machine man looked at Yugi, awaiting further instruction.

"When you attack me directly, I can summon Fake Gardna from my graveyard." Yusei explained. "If I do, it's removed from play when it's destroyed."

"And that's right now." Yugi replied. "Prime Material Dragon, destroy Fake Gardna."

The dragon released a powerful surge of light from it's maw, searing straight through him.

"I set a card, and end my turn." (Yugi: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 4)

"I draw." Yusei declared, getting his familiar Scrap-Iron Scarecrow, and adding another LV to Yugi's mage. (3500/1000) (Yusei: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 4)

"Watch this." Yusei grinned. "I summon Junk Synchron, allowing me to summon back Necro Defender."

A humanoid machine wearing orange clothes appeared, clapped his hands, somehow causing a flurry of lightning-bolts, which materialized into a dark-purple semi-humanoid monstrosity.

"Gathering stars will call upon a new force! Become the path its light shines upon! Synchro Summon! Show yourself, Junk Warrior!" Yusei chanted, as the machine and monstrosity began to glow, flew into the sky, where a vortex had appeared.

Once they had been swallowed up by the vortex, a new warrior emerged from it, resembling an adult version of the machine that had entered the vortex. (2300/1300)

"Impressive." Yugi said.

"You ain't seen nothing yet." Yusei replied. "Next, I remove Necro Defender from my graveyard; until my next turn, Junk Warrior cannot be destroyed by battle, and I take no damage from his battles.

"Wow..." Yugi whispered, suspecting that Yusei wouldn't hesitate to attack.

His suspicion was proven correct, as Junk Warrior charged at his Silent Swordsman LV1.

"Not so fast." Yugi interjected. "Activate trap card; Mirror Force." One of Yugi's set cards popped out, creating a silver-white reflection of Junk Warrior, that charged at Yusei's. The two collided, destroying them both in a sizable explosion.

"Well, crap." Yusei grumbled, going over his hand, to find some way to recover from the loss of Junk Warrior, and coming up blank. "Your turn." (Yusei: 4000. Hand Size: 3)

"I draw." Yugi declared, adding Magnet Rebirth to his hand, raising Silent Swordsman to LV2. (2000/1000) (Yugi: 4000 LP. Hand Size: 5) "Silent Magician LV5, attack!" He declared, prompting the mage to swing her long staff wildly, unleashing a flurry of energy blasts, directly at Yusei.

"I activate Defense Draw!" Yusei shouted, a splitsecond before the blasts would have impacted. "I take no damage from that attack, and get to draw a card." He explained. "Not that it'll help much..." He noted nervously, looking at his drawn card, Spirit Force.

Prime Material Dragon blasted Yusei with as much power as it could muster, wiping away over half his Life-Points. Then, Silent Swordsman LV2 took out what was left.