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Chapter 3- Stroll through the Forest of Death, My Name is…

Mitarashi Anko led the group of chunin hopeful to the location of the second exam. When they arrived the younger shinobi just stared.

"This is where the second stage of the area will be held. Welcome to training ground 44 or you can call it by its other name...the Forest of Death." Anko said ominously causing some of the genin to shiver. Right in front of them was a dangerous looking forest surrounded by a large metal fence.

"It looks kinda creepy." Sakura muttered as she fidgeted nervously. Sasuke and Naruto said nothing as they looked straight ahead making Sakura frown. She could expect the silence from Sasuke but Naruto would usually say something to comfort her but he didn't even spare her a single glance. Now that she thought about it, Naruto barely said anything to her let alone asking her out which was always a good ego boost even though she would never agree to one of his invitations.

"Of course it's a 'kinda' creepy. With a name like the Forest of Death it comes with the territory don't you think?" Anko taunted. She looked around the group to see her taunted was unnerving many of them but when her eyes landed on Naruto she frowned. The blonde didn't look the least bit phased. As if sensing her eyes on him he smirked.

"You can try and scare us all you want but it will take more than a few words to get to me." Naruto said making Anko narrow her eyes before she smirked. Faster than you can blink, Anko pulled out a kunai and threw it at Naruto. The blonde tilted his head letting it fly right by him, leaving a small cut on his cheek. He looked at Anko only to see she was missing.

"Pretty confident, aren't you?" a voice asked from behind him. He glanced over his shoulder and saw Anko standing there.

"It's always people like you who die first." She said as she leaned over his shoulder and licked the blood that was coming from his cut.

"How wasteful, spilling all this rich and delicious blood." she added as she began to lap at the blood. Naruto smirked as he gently stroked her cheek.

"Well if it's as delicious as you say it would be a shame to waste it. Drink up as much as you want." He said calmly. Many of the genin blushed at the strange yet erotic scene in front of him.

"How kind of you." Anko said before she felt a shift in the air. Quickly pulling out another kunai she turned around and pressed it around a long tongue that held her previously thrown one.

"I believe you dropped this." A shinobi from Kusagakure said. (Village hidden in the grass)

"Oh thank you." Anko said innocently, as if she didn't have a kunai pressed against the other's tongue. The grass ninja did not move though, she simply stared at the two of them with an odd gleam in her eyes.

"Unless you want to die I suggest you move." Anko said annoyed. That seemed to have snapped the grass ninja back to her senses.

"I'm sorry but you and I are kind of the same. The sight of fresh blood drives me a bit crazy." She explained as she walked back to her team. Hearing this made Anko blink and grin.

"Well if that's the reason why I guess I can't blame you." Anko said as she watched the grass ninja carefully. Naruto watched the scene quietly feeling something off about the grass ninja.

'That one is strong…but there's something weird about her chakra. It's much darker than a normal genin's should be.' He thought before he heard the loud voice of Anko.

"Alright then, before we begin I have to give you something!" she shouted gaining everyone's attention. She reached into her trench coat and pulled out a stack of paper confusing the others.

"I'll need every one of you to sign these consent forms." She stated.

"Why do we have to sign something like that?" Sakura asked but gulped when she saw a mischievous grin grow on Anko's face before he looked right at the pink haired girl.

"That way if you die…I can't be blamed. You wouldn't want little ol' me to get in trouble would you?" she asked innocently causing a few genin to grow nervous. Naruto rolled his eyes before grabbing one of the forms and signing it without hesitation.

"Well if it prevents you from getting in trouble guess I'll do it." He said as he handed the signed form back to her. The others, not wanting to be outdone, followed Naruto's lead and signed their forms too.

"Now that that's been settled I'll explain the second exam. It's pretty much a survival test. Each of the teams here will receive one scroll. Half of you will get a heaven scroll while the other half get's an earth scroll. In order to advance you will need to hold on to your scroll and get the other scroll you need. Once you have both you bring them to the tower at the center of the forest." Anko explained as the words sunk into the genin's heads.

"So at most, only half the teams here can pass." Sakura stated.

"You got it. And there's also a time limit. You have exactly five days to fulfill your objective." She said surprising them.

"You expect us to live in hat forest for 5 days?!" Ino shouted.

"What are we supposed to do for food?" a horrified Choji asked.

"That's your problem not mine. Your shinobi so a simple camp out shouldn't be too difficult. As for food…this forest is full of edible things. Then again it has man-eating animals, dangerous insects and poisonous plants…so I'd be careful if I were you." Anko said nonchalantly causing Ino and Choji's head to slump.

"Now that I've explained the purpose of the exam let me explain the rules. In order to pass you need both scrolls and all 3 of your teammates alive. You are not allowed to leave the forest under any circumstances. And you are not allowed to open the scrolls until you reach the tower. If you break any of these rules you will not make it to the next stage. So get your scroll and chose a get." She stated. He teams were about to turn to get their scrolls when they heard her voice again.

"Before you go let me give you some advice…stay alive." She said with a grin that sent shivers down everyone's spine. Soon the teams got their scrolls and chose a gate to wait by.

Team 7 stood by Gate 12 waiting for the second exam to begin.

"Five days stuck in a forest…great." Sakura said nervously before looking at Sasuke. "But with Sasuke-kun on our team will be fine!"

'What did I ever see in her?' Naruto asked himself while rolling his eyes. He looked at his team before looking at the forest. Survival…that was something he could do. After all when you live in a village who would like nothing more than to see you die, you whole life is pretty much a survival test.

"Hey dobe let me hold the scroll. You'd probably just drop it or something." Sasuke said as he held out his hand towards the blonde. Naruto however ignored him as he was still looking at the forest.

"Naruto-baka, don't ignore Sasuke-kun! Give him the scroll now!" Sakura yelled causing the two boys and the chunin who was guarding the gate to wince. Recovering from the pain Naruto glared at her which caught her off guard. He never glared at her before. He wordlessly tossed their heaven scroll to the Uchiha and resumed his thinking. Suddenly a small alarm went off and they looked at the chunin who was looking at his watch. He undid the locks and chains around the gate and looked at team 7.

"Alright the second exam has officially begun. Good luck." He said to them as they entered the forest.

'It's finally time to see the results of my training.' Naruto thought to himself as he and his team ran through the forest.

About 1 hour or so into the exam

Team 7 slowed down there pace as they walked through the forest. They came to a stop when they heard the sound of screaming run through the forest.

"This place gives me the creeps." Sakura shivered.

"Calm down we'll be fine." Naruto said. It was true that he got over his crush on her and he definitely wasn't going to take her crap anymore, but she was still his teammate and it wouldn't do him any good if she panicked.

"Will you two shut up for a minute? We need to plan ahead." Sasuke said gaining their attention.

"What do you mean Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked.

"We have 5 days to get the scroll. Not only that but until we get it we are stuck in a forest that is filled with enemies. We can't just go walking around casually." He explained getting a nod from the two.

"So what do you think we should do?" Sakura asked but it was Naruto who spoke.

"I think we should rest for the first day." He said causing the others to look at him strangely.

"Why would we just rest you baka! We need to get a scroll!" Sakura yelled.

"Let the dobe speak. He might say something useful." Sasuke said surprising them. While the Uchiha did not particularly like Naruto he couldn't deny the fact that he could be surprisingly resourceful.

"Think about it. Most teams will most likely be freaked out and rush. While they rush we can gather supplies. We don't know this area at all so if we're injured and unprepared we're seriously screwed. So we can set up some traps, look for some edible food and water, and then we can strike when the other teams are weakened." Naruto reasoned shocking his teammates. Naruto, the class idiot, actually made some valid points.

"As much as I hate to admit it…he makes some good points. We'll scavenge around and wait a day for the other teams to tire themselves out." The three of them were about to secure some food when a powerful gust of wind appeared. The wind was strong enough to send the 3 of them flying. When the wind cleared Sasuke looked around to see Sakura lying next to him but he couldn't see his blonde teammate anywhere.

'We were careless! And now and enemy was able to separate Naruto from us!' Sasuke thought as he clenched his teeth. He stood up and walked over to Sakura.

"Sakura get up!" he shouted as he tried to wake her up. Sakura began to stir and she groggily looked up.

"What happened?" she asked.

"Most likely an enemy attack." He said gaining Sakura's full attention.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes that wind wasn't natural. They also separated us from Naruto." He explained.

"That baka is so useless! We're under attack and he lets himself get separated from us? When I see him I'm kicking his ass!" she yelled ignoring the fact that it was the enemies fault.

"Funny. You say that as if you're going to be leaving here alive." A voice said. They looked ahead to see the grass ninja from earlier but he was alone.

"I've heard many things about you Uchiha Sasuke. I hope you will be able to entertain me." He said before he charged at the two of them.

With Naruto

"What hit me?" Naruto groaned as he stood up rubbing his head. He looked around and he saw that he was alone.

"Where are Sakura and the teme?" he asked himself.

"You should worry about yourself instead of your teammates." A voice said. He looked ahead and saw two shinobi staring at him. Standing behind them was a very large snake. Naruto narrowed his eyes remembering they were the teammates of the grass ninja from earlier. (To make this easier I am calling the two of them Crime and Punishment because they each had the kanji for it on their hats.)

"What the hell do you want?" Naruto asked keeping a careful eye on them.

"Well our leader wanted to test the Uchiha but we didn't want to be bored so we thought we'd keep you company." Crime said.

"What the hell does your leader want with Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

"Nothing that you should worry about…especially since you won't live long enough to see him again!" Punishment yelled as he charged towards the blonde. He went for a right hook but Naruto dodged at the last second. He grabbed Punishment's arm and kneed him in the gut before throwing him towards a tree. He was about to continue his attack when he saw a shadow looming over him. He was just able to avoid the giant snake that lunged at him.

"3 vs. 1, that's so fair." Naruto said sarcastically as he avoided the tail of the snake only to be at the receiving end of kick, curtsey of Crime.

"There's no such thing as fair for us shinobi." Crime said as he threw a handful of shuriken. Naruto drew his sword and blocked the shuriken and ducked in time to avoid a roundhouse kick from Punishment, who recovered from Naruto's earlier attack.

Naruto did a sweep kick the caught Punishment off guard. He quickly stood up and slammed his fist in the gut of his opponent causing him to the ground hard enough to make cracks.

"Hado #1: Sho." (Thrust) He said as he pointed his finger towards the giant snake's head. Suddenly a force was created from the finger that hit the snakes head causing it to stagger back.

"Neat trick but it won't be enough." Crime said as he aimed at Naruto with a kunai in hand. Naruto was able to block it with his sword but failed to notice Punishment grab his feet. Punishment pulled his feet causing him to stumble a bit forward losing balance. Seeing this Crime pushed the blade away and kicked the back of Naruto's head causing him to hit the floor.

Whether it was out of pure instincts or not, Naruto rolled out of the way just avoiding another kick but this one was from Punishment. Naruto stood on his feet shaking the cobwebs out of his head when the tail of the snake slammed in chest sending him crashing into a tree. Naruto glared at the snake but heard a hissing sound. He glanced at his left to see a kunai embedded in the tree. And it had an explosive tag.

The following explosion sent Naruto flying away until he hit the ground. He stood up and glared at the three in front of him.

'Okay so I'm facing 3 opponents at once and one of them is a giant ass snake. I better get rid of that first and then I'll work on those two clowns.'

"Okay, I hope you had your fun because now it's my turn." Naruto said.

"Talk all you want but it's pointless!" Crime yelled as he ran towards the blonde.

'Wind Release: Great Breakthrough' he shouted as a gust of wind was sent towards Naruto. Naruto jumped in the air to avoid it. He prepared himself for a counterattack but felt a presence above him. He looked up in time to see Punishment complete a few hand seals.

'Water Release: Wild Water Wave' Punishment yelled from above as a powerful torrent of water slammed Naruto to the groggily got up only to feel he ground beneath him shake. The floor around him began to crumble as the giant snake shot from the ground swallowing the earth and Naruto with it.

With Sasuke and Sakura

'Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique' Sasuke said as he fired a large fireball at the grass ninja. The ninja was able to dodge it easily. Smirking, the ninja flung two kunai knives at Sasuke who stepped back letting it hit the ground in front of him. His eyes widened when he saw the explosive tags attached and was barely able to move away before caught in the explosion.

Sasuke looked around for his opponent but couldn't find him anywhere. Suddenly he felt the floor beneath him shift. His eyes widened before he jumped away dodging a slash from the kunai the grass ninja held as he shot out from the ground.

"Don't touch my Sasuke-kun!" Sakura yelled as she threw a handful of shuriken. Their opponent just shifted his body avoiding he projectiles easily.

"I have no use for you little girl." He said as he did a few hand seals.

'Hidden Shadow Snake Hands' he said raising his arm towards Sakura. Then out of nowhere, snakes shot out from his sleeve all heading towards the pink haired shinobi. Sakura froze not anticipating an attack like this. Preparing for the worst she closed her eyes waiting for the pain. But nothing happened. She opened her eyes and saw that Sasuke threw his shuriken in order to cut the snakes before they reached her.

"Sasuke-kun you saved me! I knew you cared!" she shouted relieved but cringed when she saw his glare.

"Stop playing around Sakura. This isn't a game! This guy can really kill us!" he shouted. How can she still thing about her ridiculous crush right now? Didn't she understand the danger they were in?

"I certainly hope your other teammate is faring better than the girl." The ninja said gaining their attention.

"Naruto? You know where he is?" Sasuke asked. As much as he hated to admit it, with Naruto fighting with him they had a better chance of beating this guy.

"Yes, right now my teammates are keeping him company." He answered. "There is a high possibility that he is already dead though."

Hearing this caused Sasuke to smirk. He and Naruto might not get along but he knew one thing about him.

"Sorry but Naruto won't go down that easily. He may be an idiot, but he won't go down without a fight." Sasuke said as he got into a fighting stance and activated his Sharingan.

"So you want to continue? Excellent." The ninja said with a sadistic smile as he got into his own fighting stance. The two stared at each other and as if there were some silent signal they charged.

With Naruto

"I can't believe I got eaten! This is so gross!" Naruto shouted from within the snake that swallowed him whole.

"If Sasuke ever finds out about this I'll never here the end of it." He continued to rant trying to think of a way out.

"Well this will be the first time I'll use this in battle. Hope it works." Naruto said as he drew his sword. His body and blade were soon surrounded by a blue and white aura as he held his sword in a two hand hold. His aura was able to push the muscles of the snake's insides giving Naruto enough room to swing.

'Ryodan' (Bisection) he said as he swung his blade. The attack had enough force to completely cut through the snake.

The two grass ninja watched shocked as the snake was split in two. Their eyes widened more when they saw Naruto step out of the snake with his sword drawn. Naruto walked away from the corpse and smirked at their expressions.

"1 down 2 to go." He said with a smirk as his opponents came back to their senses and glared at the blonde.

"Don't get cocky." Crime said as he went through some hand seals

'Earth Release: Earth Flow Spears' he said as the ground around Naruto began to change. Naruto was able to jump just in time to avoid getting stabbed by stone spears that shot out of the ground.

'Water Release: Water Needle Downpour' a voice said from above. Naruto looked to see Punishment smirking at him as water began to gather around forming a multitude of needles before they charged at Naruto. Naruto hissed in pain as the needles pierced his body as he landed on his feet.

"You two are starting to be a real pain in the ass." He said as he raised his arm towards the airborne Punishment.

'These guys are good. This might not be strong enough to keep them still forever, but it should be enough…'

'Bakudo #4: Hainawa' (Crawling Rope) he said as yellow light began to form around his hand. The energy took the form of a rope as it shot towards Punishment, binding him. The grass ninja fell to the ground struggling to break free.

"What the hell did you do?" the trapped ninja yelled as he continued struggling with whatever was binding him.

"Just evening the numbers." Naruto said before he dove down avoiding a wave of shuriken.

"I have to admit, you're a lot more trouble than we originally thought. But it's time to end this little game." Crime said as he went through some seals.

'Hidden Shadow Snake Hands' he said as a wave of snakes shot out of his sleeve aimed at the blonde he swore under his breath.

"More snakes? Fantastic." He said sarcastically. The grip on his sword tightened as he charged forward. He jumped and did a quick spin severing the snakes before throwing some shuriken with his free hand. Seeing this Crime prepared his counter.

'Wind Release: Great Breakthrough' he said as he created a gust of wind that blew the shuriken away. He followed by pulling two kunai out and charged at the blonde who swung his sword at the grass nin. Sparks flew as the weapons clashed.

Naruto swung his sword in a vertical slash but Crime ducked down to avoid it. In retaliation he threw one of his kunai, aimed for Naruto's head, but the blonde sidestepped out of the way. Naruto tried to knee his opponent but Crime backed away to avoid contact. He did a sweep kick that caused Naruto to fall back but he used the momentum to back flip away from the grass nin.

"Quit dodging! It's really pissing me off!" Naruto shouted as he charged again.

"I could say the same thing. We were told that the Uchiha was the only talented one on his team, looks like we were misled." Crime said while doing some hand seals.

'Earth Release: Stone Canon Technique' he said as he slammed his fist to the ground. A large boulder shot from the ground in front of him. He punched the boulder and it was sent flying towards the blonde. Naruto's eyes widened in shock as he watched the boulder approach. Relying on instincts he barely dodged the attack by jumping over the flying piece rock. The moment he hit the ground he was kicked in the side of the head, sending him crashing into the base of a tree. He looked up and saw Punishment had escaped from his binding spell and he did not look happy.

"No more games brat! It's time to end this!" Punishment yelled as he and Crime attacked the blonde. Naruto sheathed his sword and reached into his pocket to grab something that the other two couldn't see.

The two grass shinobi unleashed a barrage of punches and kicks but Naruto was able to evade and block most of them. He weaved around the attacks until he felt a knee impact his stomach. He was sent flying a few feet away. The two enemies smirked until they felt something pull against their body binding their arms. They looked at their body and saw light reflecting of something. It only took them a second to realize that Naruto wrapped the both of them with ninja wire.

"Looks like its game over." Naruto said as he stood up, wiping a small trail of blood that came from his mouth. The trapped ninjas looked at him to see he was holding the other end of the wire in his hand.

'Hado # 11: Tsuzuri Raiden' (Bound Lightning) as electricity began to generate around his hand. The strength of the electrical current increased until it traveled along the wire. Once the current hit the two shinobi they screamed in pain while Naruto smirked at his success. But it was soon wiped away when they disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

'What?! You've got to be kidding me! I've been fighting clones this entire time?' he thought but was shocked again when a swarm of medium sized snakes shot through the air from where the clones originally were.

'What kind of jutsu was that? Damn it! I don't have anything that can handle this many snakes at once.' Naruto thought as the snakes were getting closer. Time seemed to have frozen.

'Come one Naruto! Think! Think!' he shouted. There was no way he could avoid all those snakes.

'Looks like you're in a real tight spot.' A soft voice said. Naruto blinked in confusion. Who was that? He looked around and was surprised to see that he was no longer in the forest, but his current location wasn't much of an improvement. Right now he was standing alone in the middle of a blizzard.

"Where the hell am I?" he asked himself wondering why he was inside the middle of a blizzard.

"Right now you're in your inner world." The same gentle voice from earlier said. He turned around and saw the shadow of the figure walk through the blizzard. One she was standing a few feet away Naruto was able to get a good look at the person and he was surprised at what he saw.

Right in front of him was a beautiful girl. She had long lavender hair that was so pale that it was almost white. It was tied in a partial bun in the back. Her pale skin was flawless and her dark blue eyes had a look of happiness as she looked at him. It was almost as if she had been waiting for him to arrive. She was wearing a white kimono with a purple bow on the back that was attached to a pale yellow obi.

Naruto found that he was unable to speak as he looked at her. She was definitely the most beautiful woman that he had ever seen. Looking at his dazed expression, the woman smiled in amusement.

"You know that it's impolite to stare." She teased, snapping him out of his trance like state.

"Sorry." He said scratching the back of his head.

"It's okay. I'm actually quite flattered that my appearance was able to shock you into silence." She teased again causing Naruto to blush. He was about to say something but paused. Earlier she said that this place was his inner world. What the hell is that?

"Excuse me miss but you said that we're in a place called an inner world. Exactly what is that?" he asked.

"An inner world is a part of your soul." She answered but it only confused the blonde.

"So you mean I'm in my soul right now?" he asked earning a nod from her.


"So if this is my soul…then why are you here." He asked causing her to cross her arms and pout.

"Am I not welcomed here." She asked in a hurt tone. Hearing this Naruto waved his hands frantically.

"No no that's not what I meant!" he shouted causing her to chuckle.

"You're really easy to tease." She said with a smile. "And the reason I'm here is because I am apart of you."

"Apart of me?" he repeated.

"Yes, while I am not you I am connected to you. It's because of that bond that you and I are able to meet each other here." She explained.

"I get it! You must be my zanpakuto spirit that Urahara-sensei was telling me about!" he said in realization.

"Very good. That is correct." She praised causing him to blush, not used to being praised.

"So does that mean I'm able to use some kind of new power that Urahara-sensei told me about?" Naruto asked as he recalled his lessons about the zanpakuto and how they work.

"That depends." She said causing the blonde to raise an eyebrow in question.

"Depends on what?" he asked confused.

"What will you do with my powers?" she asked looking at him intently. Naruto was about to shout how he would use her powers to become hokage but stopped. That was what the old Naruto would have done. He decided to think about why he wanted to be stronger, why did he want to become hokage.

'When a person has something important to protect…that's when they can become stronger.' He heard a voice say. He thought about what he had learned from Haku during his time at Wave.

'Something important to protect?' he thought to himself thinking about Iruka his older brother figure, the Hokage who was like a grandfather and finally he people of the Urahara Shop who treated him like family.

"If I can use your power…I'll use it to become hokage. That way I can protect those who are important to me. To protect my those who became my family." He said with resolve. The woman looked at him carefully, seeing nothing but honesty and fierce determination causing her to smile. The blizzard around them suddenly disappeared and they were standing in the middle of a beautiful snow covered field.

"In that case I will help you. But first let me introduce myself. My name is…"

Naruto's eyes snapped open. He was no longer in the snow field but instead standing in the Forest of Death. He looked ahead to see he wave of snakes still approaching him. Narrowing his eyes he grabbed the sheath of his zanpakuto and it began to glow.

"Sode no Shirayuki!" he shouted as he swung his sword and the forest was surrounded in white.

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