When Lightning Strikes

Chell wearily opened her eyes for the fifth time that night as the man curled into the fetal position next to her let out another loud (and slightly comical) yelp. Sighing as she heard a rumble of thunder from outside, she rolled over to face the trembling man. She raised an eyebrow, the silent question clear even to him. What now?

He jumped slightly when he saw her move. "Well, I know we went over this the last couple times you, uh, woke up, all on your own, definitely not my fault, but I am now absolutely sure that the lightning is right above us, and we are definitely going to die."

Chell allowed the faintest of smiles to cross her lips and she reached out, taking the man's hand and squeezing it gently. It's fine.

"I know what you're thinking, and no, it's not fine. There is a very, very large chance that-"

He never got to finish that sentence because at that moment, a bright flash filled the room. He shrieked and dove under the covers again. Rolling her eyes, Chell rolled out of bed and pulled the curtains shut again. She had done this every time he'd woken her up, but she was certain that he kept opening them.

One large blue eye peeked out from under the covers and watched her get back into bed. "Areā€¦ Are you sure it's fine? Positive?"

Chell smiled and nodded. Positive. He gave her a large grin in return.

She wrapped her arms around him and held him close. He nestled his head against her neck, relaxing for the first time all night.

"Good night, Luv."

"Goodnight, Wheatley."