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I really like this show and think Oliver and Felicity as a couple would be pretty awesome. I'm not sure where I'm going with this but I had to write it down, so I did, and now I'm posting it. Enjoy!


I made my way out of the club, thankful I was able to hear again. That had to have been the worst date of the century.

I didn't want to go out tonight. Walter was missing. Oliver was lying to me, using me in some way I wasn't sure of yet. The new intern spilled coffee down my chest ruining my favorite blouse. And to top it all off my mother had arranged for me to go out on a blind date I didn't want to be a part of. I wanted to forget about this dreadful day and stay at home curled up in my tub with a glass of wine and a good book.

However, my mother felt it was about time I get myself back out in the field, and I was out of excuses as to why I could say no.

So I dolled myself up, put a little effort into my appearance. I even put on a new dress and went to the club where I was supposed to be meeting him, ready to put myself out there.

Robert Johnson, the grandson of my mother's neighbor, had to have been the most egotistical jerk born into this world. He was an accountant for some law firm downtown, which he made a point of bringing up only after every other word that came out of his mouth. He was good looking and he knew it. From the moment I introduced myself I could tell he was thinking he could do better. The fact that he had scoped the place for a more suitable offer not five minutes into our conversation just furthered my suspicions. When the waitress came over to get our drink orders and he spent the entire time staring at her breasts, I decided it was time for me to leave. I faked a migraine, apologized, and ran the hell out of there.

I mentally cursed myself for wasting a new dress on that lowlife. I put on extra makeup. I curled my hair! And for nothing.

As I waited at the curb for a cab, a man in a suit ran by almost knocking me over. I wobbled and braced myself for the fall. Before I could hit the ground however, I found myself wrapped in another strangers arms.

"Are you alright?" A deep voice asked. My glasses managed to fall off my face in the scuffle and all I could was a large green blur.

"I'm, I'm fine thanks." I managed to choke out, as my heart thumped in my chest. I thought for sure I was going to hit the floor and end up scratched up with bruises but this man saved me.

I leaned up to peck his check, a way of showing my appreciation for catching me. Only, without my glasses I was as blind as a bat and mistook his lips for a check and ended up planting a kiss dead center on his mouth.

I then tried brushing it off as a simple 'thanks for saving my life' kind of kiss, but the second out lips touched a fire ignited inside of me. A moan escaped my lips as they parted to grant him entrance. Before I could even begin to feel embarrassed by my eagerness over having been without a man so long, he groaned into my mouth letting me know the feeling was mutual. I affected him just as much as he did me. That thought alone had my toes curling. I grabbed him by his hood, pulling him down closer to me. He brought his hands up to cup my face tilting my head back, pouring himself into the moment.

Our tongues clashed with each other's, making my knees grow weak. This was the kind of kiss you saw in the movies; not expected to happen in real life.

My track record for kissing partners wasn't long but the few I had never made me feel like this. There was so much raw passion and heat in one mind blowing kiss.

I opened my eyes hoping to catch a glimpse of the man who rescued me from the unwanted bruising only to come across blurred vision, and not just because I didn't have my glasses on.

Though, having seemingly read my mind he bent to retrieve them, placing one finale kiss to my forehead as he pressed the plastic eyewear into my hands.

I looked down and immediately I slipped them on, grateful to be able to see again. I cleared my throat, suddenly ashamed of my own attack on the man that had helped me. I never did anything like this. What was I supposed to say?

However, when I looked up to thank him I realized he had vanished. I glanced down the street just in time to see a man running around the corner with a bow and quiver slung over his back. No, impossible. No way.

I brought my fingers up to my lips, thinking I'd imagined the whole thing. Had I just made-out with the hooded vigilante? I just made-out with the hooded vigilante.

It was just my luck that my savior had to be the number one most unattainable man Starling City had to offer. Just my luck indeed.


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