Star Wars and Merlin Crossover

"I Will Never Be Afraid"

I forgot to mention in the introduction, that this fanfic series is inspired by a video series I started on yt. This series takes place before the first video but here is the link to view the video:



The King was broken. His beloved wife Ygraine was dead; she died giving birth to their son. A son they named Arthur and he saw how happy she was to hold the precious baby boy in her arms before she grew weaker from the amount of blood loss during the labor.

Gaius, the court physician and his friend, did everything he could but it was too late. The Queen was dead, leaving Uther with his newborn son, however unknown to Arthur; he had a brother-2 years older than him, born to another woman. Uther always wondered if he would ever meet this boy, having only met him once shortly after his birth. Little did he know that day had come.

The hooded cloaked figure stood at the footbridge leading to the giant, looming castle ahead of him. In his arms, he held a small child, no more than 2 years old, cloaked by his own hood. Tears had stained his pale cheeks as he now rested his head on this man's shoulder. Mere hours ago, he had seen his mother killed before he was rescued by this stranger. Where had he taken him?

The cloaked man approached two guards at the foot of the stairs at the end of a large courtyard. They watched this figure approach;

"Halt!" one spoke "State your business" he demanded as the man raised his head

"I must speak with the King. It is a matter of urgent business" he insisted as the second guard approached them

"The King has ordered that he is not to be disturbed at this time, so you may leave" he explained.

Obi Wan took a deep breath. He sensed why. He sensed the King was in pain, something horrible has happened and he hated to bring more terrible news.

"The King will want to see me. I'm an old friend, take me to him" he spoke in a bold voice. The first guard was about to retort before a voice joined them

"Obi Wan, it has been too long" came the voice of the court physician, Gaius. He was dressed in a long blue robe with knitted pattern in the middle and shoulder length grey hair. He approached the guards "I will take it from here" he assured them before they moved back to their posts leaving Obi Wan and Gaius alone

"What brings you here so suddenly Obi Wan?" he asked "How is the young prince?" he asked. He was referring to Uther's eldest son. Only Gaius and Obi Wan knew about the King's discretion. Obi Wan bowed his head

"I'm afraid it's not good news" he began to reply "Shmi was killed just a few hours ago by a group of thugs. Sensing the disturbance, I ran but arrived too late. Her lifeless body was lying on the floor and I found Anakin crying at the back of the house" he informed him, he then pulled back the hood of the young boy in his arms

"He is Uther's son and needs to be with his family" he insisted as Gaius understood.

"Come with me, the King will make an excuse to see you despite his orders of not being disturbed" he told him leading him up the steps and into the castle.

The hallway outside Uther's room was quiet, only lit by the torches on the walls. Gaius stepped up to the double wooden doors to the King's room and knocked quite loudly three times before they heard a voice;

"I have requested to be left alone in my grief, leave me with my son!" he called through the door as Gaius spoke

"Sire, your old friend Obi Wan Kenobi is here. He brings news that you must hear now" he insisted. There is silence for several minutes before they both hear footsteps and then the door opening;

"Obi Wan!" Uther breathes "This is an unexpected surprise" he tells him "What is wrong?" he asks "Is it Shmi?" he goes on as Obi Wan keeps strong

"Do you mind if we come in?" he asks "This conversation shouldn't be done in the halls" he observes as Uther nods

"Of course, please come in" he tells him stepping aside to allow both Gaius and Obi Wan in before closing the door.

Inside, they found a small crib beside the large four poster bed, inside the crib was a baby. Uther moved back over to check on Arthur before Obi Wan spoke

"I'm terribly sorry to hear about Ygraine's passing. Unfortunately, I bring bad news of my own" he begins, he takes a deep breath "Shmi is dead" he informs him. Uther collapses down onto the bed

"What? No, how?" he stutters before he realizes "And Anakin?" he asks. Obi Wan brings forth the small child, removing his hood

"He is here. Anakin, this is your father" he announces. At first Anakin seems shy and kept closer to Obi Wan, watching this strange man slowly rise to his trembling feet moving towards him before he kneels down in front of him

"Anakin" he cries. Anakin looks up at Obi Wan who only nods and Anakin looks back at Uther, something told him, not to fear this man. That he was telling the truth.

"Father" he speaks in a soft voice seeing the man nod then Anakin throws his arms around him, Uther holds him close, tears falling down his cheeks

"My son, you're safe now. No one will harm you again" he promised, holding his son as Obi Wan and Gaius simply watched the heartfelt reunion of father and son and then as Uther carried his son over to the crib;

"Anakin, this is your brother, Arthur" he informs him watching Anakin curiously gaze down at the young sleeping infant.