A/N: There is a six year gap between the introduction and this chapter

Star Wars & Merlin Crossover

Chapter 1: Growing Up

It had been six years since Uther became a single father to his two young sons while still remaining a strong, powerful King to his people and kingdom. Anakin was now eight years old and Arthur was now six years old and acted like the best of friends. Actively running around the castle and sometimes out into the forests just outside the kingdom. Uther was determined to ensure that his secret would remain a secret to both his sons about his past indiscretions regarding Anakin and Arthur's births watching his sons grow into the princes they were born to be.

The sound of quick, fast footsteps running through the wide castle hallways as two young blond haired boys, dressed in black pants and loose shirts, one red and the other blue. The guards jumped out of the way, for fear of being knocked over by the two boys while council advisors were forced to the sides of the hallway before finally the first boy skidded to a halt;

"Ha! Told you I was faster!" cried the first boy, slightly taller, blond hair just touching his shoulders spinning around to the younger boy;

"You've got longer legs than me, it's not fair!" he argued as Anakin only grinned

"That's because I'm older and means I'm stronger and faster" he pointed out as Arthur smirked

"Although I was able to sneak into the kitchens without the cooks seeing me" he pointed out as Anakin rolled his eyes

"Fine, I'll give you that one because you can hide behind counters in full" he simply replied as Anakin realized they were meters from the council chambers where they knew that their father was in the middle of meetings. Anakin smirked

"Hey Arthur, how do you feel about spying on father?" he asked as Arthur's eyes widen

"We can't spy on father, we'll be in trouble" he told him seeing Anakin sneak through a side entrance to the council chambers

"Don't worry, we're not going to be in trouble, it will be fun" he assured him beckoning his little brother to follow him. Arthur sighed but there was part of him that wanted to spy on his father and slowly followed his big brother down the side entrance as they heard their father's voice growing louder;

"They've crossed our borders once more sire. If we don't act now, they'll reach Camelot in two days" one of his advisors explained as Uther, one hand on the long table, looking down at a map of the kingdom

Uther then looked up and over at one of his lead knights, Gorlois, "How soon can you ride out?" he asked knowing he didn't have much choice. He needed to protect his sons, they were his priority as well as the safety of his people.

"We can ride out this afternoon your highness" he assured him seeing Uther nod

"We cannot allow them to reach Camelot. They have crossed our border for the last time" he informed them in a deep, bold voice, he then looked over at Gaius, "Has he arrived yet?" he asked referring to their old friend Obi Wan;

"He will be here by nightfall sire" Gaius stated. Uther moved away towards the back of the room, close to where Anakin and Arthur were hiding forcing them to pull back further;

"Gorlois, start grouping your men and prepare yourself with weapons. Even if we can intercept them half way, it is our best chance of winning" he assured them "Council is dismissed" he added ahead of the council members, Gaius and the head knights exiting the chambers leaving Uther alone.

Slipping back out of the side entrance, Anakin and Arthur breathed once more; before beginning to walk down the hallway again

"Who do you think is coming here tonight?" Arthur asked Anakin who shook his head

"I don't know, but father is preparing for battle and he'll need our help" he told him as Arthur shook his head "Father will want us to be safe" he reminded him as Anakin then pointed out

"Yes, but father has been training us for years and he still is. He wants us to take over the kingdom one day. He wants us to help" he told him before they heard another voice

"Arthur! Anakin!" they called before both boys turned to see their father striding towards them, accompanied by Gaius. Both boys ran down the hallway to greet him, he placed one arm around Anakin and the other around Arthur;

"Father, we accidentally over heard you talking, is there going to be battle?" Anakin asked, his bright blue eyes staring up at him. Uther looked down at his son, normally he would have questioned how he "accidentally" heard him talking because it would have been more like purposely ears dropping

"Gorlois and the knights are riding out this afternoon, hopefully they will prevent war from coming to Camelot. However, I need the both of you to go with Gaius and remain with him for the night. I have an old friend arriving tonight" he informed them as Arthur groaned

"Can't wait we stay with you to meet them?" he asked as Uther heard Gaius softly chuckling behind him. Uther looked down at his two sons; pleading with him to stay;

He hugged his boys close, since the news of losing his lovely wife Ygraine and Shmi, Anakin and Arthur were all he had left of the two women he loved and he wanted to be the strong King of his people but he also needed to be there for his sons;

He smiled "Alright, you can both stay with him till they arrived but then its straight off with Gaius" he instructed watching both boys faces light up

"Thank you father!" they cried hugging him. Uther often wondered if Anakin remembered Obi Wan seeing as how he hadn't seen him since that night and once when Arthur was two and Arthur only meet him. Still they knew him as an uncle and Uther and Obi Wan were fine with that.

Uther began to led his boys down the hallway once more; "Come on you two, let's go see if lunch is ready for us" he told them as both boys agreed and walked alongside their father as servants went about their work and the knights prepared for their ride out.

Meanwhile, across the kingdom, in the far reaches of King Uther's rein, was an old, ruined castle which no one had lived in, except for one. His name was Palpatine. He use to be one of the King's closest advisors; until he developed a lust of power and wanted more control of the Kingdom. When the King's wife Ygraine fell pregnant, he felt threatened, if it was to be a male heir, it could destroy his plans.

Then he found out something interesting, a secret kept hidden from Uther's wife; another son. Palpatine wondered that if he were able to get a hold of either son, he'd use them to kill their father and the other brother and for his plan to succeed, he needed an alliance with someone else;

Using his special mind abilities; he sensed the happiness surrounding the King and his sons;

"Enjoy your sons while you can, King Uther. For soon your kingdom will be mine, you will be dead and your family destroyed" he smirked