Anakin and Arthur Story

Chapter 63 "Surprise Visit, Love Enchantment & True Love?"

"Merlin!" Came Arthur's loud and annoyed voice as Gaius looked up from his book. He had been in his quarters all morning hoping to avoid any questions about Merlin's whereabouts unfortunately he should have realised just how much Merlin is relied upon by Arthur even when his brother is not around.

The wooden door slammed open as Arthur storms into the room, dressed in brown pants, white under shirt, untucked and holding a fresh tunic in his hand "Gaius, do you know where my useless servant is this morning?' He asks looking up towards Merlin's bedroom "I'm going to spend more time with the Lady Vivian this morning and I need to look my best" he boasts as Gaius innocently shrugs

"I thought he would have been already working for you this morning. He was very early this morning" he tells him as Arthur turns to look back at him "Well, he wasn't in my chambers and I've missed breakfast" he admits going on "So, I'll ask once more, where is he?" He asks as Gaius then thinks once more of what he could say "Well, I sent him to garden some herbs and it's quite the task and could be all morning" he lies.

Arthur then glares back at the old man "He's in the tavern isn't he?' He asks as Gaius looked shocked "Sire, why would I lie to you?" He asks "I needed herbs and sent Merlin to fetch them for me" he insists as Arthur rolls his eyes "Well, that will have to be cut short because I need him now!" He insists "The Lady Vivian awaits me once more" he idly reveals before he heads from the chamber as Gaius took a deep breath. It would appear this enchantment was having a strong hold over Arthur and Gaius hoped that Merlin would be back with an answer real soon.

Merlin hadn't travelled much outside of Camelot and as he neared Winterfell, he felt the weather becoming colder but kept going hoping he didn't encounter any Wildlings like the last time he journeyed to Winterfell with his friends. He wondered what he would see when he got there and how they would react to seeing him. They'd asked about Arthur and Merlin would have to do his best to lie even though he was terrible at lying as he once told Arthur.

He also started to think about how he would react at seeing Morgana. It may have been only one month but he still wondered about her and was trying to hide any feelings he had left for her romantically buried deep. She was married and Robb was a great guy and he didn't want to ruin his friendship with him. He could see the outline of Winterfell coming into view, Merlin then took a deep breath and rode his horse faster towards the small kingdom where the snow covered the ground completely. He then saw two guards at the front of the gates to Winterfell.

He slowed down as he neared the front gates. "Halt!" One spoke in a clear voice "What brings you to Winterfell?' He asks. Merlin nods "I'm Prince Anakin's servant, and friend of Lady Morgana and Obi Wan and I've come to see them" he informs them. The two guards looked to each other as the second then spoke "I recognise you know, from the last visit to Winterfell" he tells him before they both stepped aside and watched him enter the courtyard.

Merlin saw everyone moving about their business and tending to the animals when he heard laughter up ahead and looked over to see Jon and Anakin sword fighting with Brandon and Rickon whilst Robb stood off to the side with Morgana, her arm linked through his as Arya stood beside Morgana. Merlin stopped his horse before he got up and lead the horse into the nearby stable before he started to move over towards his friends.

"You're getting the hang of the sword" he heard Jon tell Bran as Anakin laughs "You're giving Jon a real work out" he smirks as Bran smiles "Well, I'm mostly using your tricks you taught me Anakin" he points out right as Rickon attempted to sneak up behind Anakin only to have him turn around and parry his sword with his. "Nice try there but need to work on making your steps more quieter" he points out before they then heard Morgana speak up having spotted Merlin first.

"Merlin, what are you doing here?" She asks as she and Robb move over towards him followed by Arya, Jon, Anakin, Rickon and Bran. Morgana and Anakin looked like they were fitting in well both wearing long fur coats like the Starks. "Is everything alright back home?" Anakin asks concern in his voice as Merlin then answered him "Everything's going well back home. Your father's friend King Olaf and his daughter are visiting and Arthur, well, he's trying to avoid he doesn't slip up like he did with Sophia" he grins before he goes on "I'm actually here because Gaius needed me to speak with Obi Wan for him" he insists. Morgana looks over at Anakin before she looks back at Robb.

"Anakin and I will go with Merlin to find Obi Wan, why doesn't Arya show you what's she's learnt from watching Bran and Rickon?' She suggests. Arya grins and runs off to retrieve her sword as Robb and Jon move back over to the training ground with Bran and Rickon as Morgana and Anakin headed back inside to find Obi Wan for Merlin.

"It's such a surprise to see you here in Winterfell Merlin" Morgana tells him looking over at Anakin "I will admit I thought something had happened back home and you were going to give us bad news" she admits as Anakin nods "I thought Arthur had gotten himself into trouble and couldn't even last a month" he admits making Merlin laugh

"I think he's hiding his feelings of missing you both by giving me extra choices then usual" he informs them as Morgana shakes her head glancing over at Anakin "Looks like I didn't warn him enough" she smirks as Anakin laughs "Perhaps you should stay even longer here and make Arthur pay" Anakin suggests as Merlin sighs. That definitely sounded so tempting but he knew with Arthur being enchantment would punish him enough. Merlin looks between Anakin and Morgana before he changes the subject "It looks like you two are settling in well and looking like you belong" he teases referring to their cloaks.

Anakin shrugs "They're quite comfortable and with the weather being much different then in Camelot, they're quite necessary especially when training or when Morgana and Robb take their strolls outside the city" he smirks as Morgana blushes "Anakin" she sighs. Neither of them see Merlin remain quiet. He was not hearing them mention anything about their abilities so maybe they were slowly controlling them.

"So everything is going well?" He asks as Morgana and Anakin went silent as they stopped in their steps looking over at him. "Do you mean if we've any dreams or magical accidents?" Anakin asks keeping his voice low as Morgana softly speaks "I did have some restless nights but Robb's always there beside me to comfort me" she explains.

Merlin nods "I just wanted to ensure you both are doing well, I know you both were both nervous about being so far away especially with what has happened in the past" he reminds them as Anakin nods "Morgana and I will admit that Anakin and I were both worried about something happening but we've been so busy settling in to our lives here, we almost feel normal" he explains. Merlin gives them a small smile right as they heard footsteps turning around the corner.

"Morgana, Anakin, I didn't expect to see you both here" Ned admitted. He had just turned the corner with Obi Wan, surprisingly since being here both Ned and Obi Wan had become close friends with Ned amazed at how many battles Obi Wan had fought in to protect Uther's kingdom. Obi Wan then notices Merlin standing in between Morgana and Anakin. "Merlin?" He asks surprised to see him there. "What brings you to Winterfell?" He asks "Is everything alright with Uther?" He adds as Merlin quickly nods

"Everything's fine, it's just that Gaius asked me to come see you, ask you a few…." He pauses fumbling for a response "Potion questions" he finishes. Obi Wan is taken back but then realised that there was something more to what Merlin was trying to say but decided to keep silent. Obi Wan then smiles "Well, then why don't we go discuss what you want to ask me for Gaius in my quarters and we'll let Morgana, Anakin and Ned continue on?" He suggests. Merlin nods in agreement and starts to move over towards him not before Anakin spoke once more "Merlin" he calls out seeing him look back at him "It's good to see you" he tells him as Morgana adds "Don't leave without saying goodbye" she adds. Merlin smiles back at them before he then turns back down the hallway with Obi Wan leaving Ned, Anakin and Morgana to head back in the opposite direction.

Meanwhile, back in Camelot, Arthur, having no help from Merlin or even no sign of him, Arthur was quite surprised to find Lady Vivian outside his chambers, in long light yellow dress with sheer soft light cloak over the top with her long blond hair in flowing curls. Her face lit up when he opened the door.

"Arthur, my love!" She cried throwing her arms around him "My heart belongs to you!" She cries pushing him back into the room as the door closed behind her. He wrapped his arms around her as he playfully grins down at her "I'm all yours my lady" he simply sees as she giggles "I woke up so happy this morning that I forgot to eat" she admits as he holds her close, placing a hand on her face

"Well, then I cannot have my lady going hungry" he tells her "Shall we head down to the dining room and see what's for breakfast?" He asks as she giggles raising a hand to run through his messy blond hair "Such a man, courageous like a lion and stronger than an ox like you were sculpted by the gods themselves" she giggles as Arthur smokes with pride once more

"Well, then my lady shall we change breakfast to picnic in the forest?" He asks right before they heard a loud angry voice "Where is she?" They cried. It was Olaf. Vivian looked worried "My father!" She cried as Arthur grins "We can't let him ruin our morning plans, so sneak out the back way and I'll come find you" he insists leading her out the back right at the moment he hears the front door slamming open revealing four guards and Vivian's father.

"I know she's in here, Arthur!" He angrily snaps scanning the room "Hand her over or feel my wrath!" He snaps as Arthur innocently looks confused "What's he talking about?" He lies as Olaf glares at him "My daughter Vivian was not in her room this morning when I came to see her and one guard reported her leaving her room heading in this direction and entering your chambers!" He snaps.

Arthur, knowing the truth, decided that for his father's sake and despite his new feelings for Vivian, keeps the lie going "If I have dishonoured you in some way, then by all means, provide me with proof and I'll face the consequences" he simply replies as Olaf looks back at him "So my daughter is not in your chambers?" He asks as Olaf playfully grins "If only that were true" he grins as Olaf suddenly grabs Arthur's shirt with both his hands

It was then at that moment one of the guards spoke "Your highness, it appears she's not in this room and the prince is telling the truth" he informs him. Olaf then slowly releases his grip on Arthur's shirt before he straightens "I am er, so terrible sorry, Arthur, to have disturbed you" he apologises "I..I do hope that you will forgive me" he insists. Arthur nods in agreement watching Olaf leave with his men "Continue the search, find the Lady Vivian" he snaps before the door closes. Arthur breaths a sigh of relief before he then hurries through the back door hoping Vivian was still waiting for him and then could have their morning picnic.

As Arthur continued to engage in his "feelings" for Vivian and play around, Merlin was recounting what had really happened back in Camelot and what he had discovered and it would appear that Gaius had been right about seeking out Obi Wan's help because he appeared to know what Merlin was talking about. Obi Wan leaned back in his seat as Merlin then looks over at him.

Merlin then sees ObiWan shake his head 'These love potions are strange things" he admits going on "And unfortunately there aren't many potions to unenchant someone who is enchanted" he concludes as Merlin sighs getting up to move over towards the window.

"Gaius tells me that my magic would be useless to even try to unenchant Arthur" he tells him sighing "When I saw Anakin down in the courtyard after I arrived here, I couldn't even look him in the eye. He asked me to watch out for Arthur and now he's gotten himself enchanted" he points out as Obi Wan leans forward looking up at him

"You said that the spell has captured his heart" he points out as Merlin nods "And his heart is controlling his brain!" Merlin exclaims "There must be something I can do to break this enchantment!" He goes on "Gaius told me when I first came to Camelot that my purpose for being there was to protect Anakin and Arthur and I've done that every time they've been in trouble and knowing Arthur's enchanted I feel so useless!" He confesses looking back towards the window seeing Anakin down in the courtyard with Ned, Morgana, Robb and Jon.

"I feel like I've failed Anakin" he mutters as Obi Wan sighs getting to his feet before he moved over towards him, he places a hand on his shoulder. "Merlin, there is no magic that can break this enchantment" he reveals as Merlin argues shaking his head "No, there must be or I have failed!" He cried as Obi Wan goes on to explain "Love enchantments have too great a hold on the person they're enchanting" he informs him as Merlin shakes his head "But if I don't do something, the enchantment may get Arthur killed, Olaf's very protective about his daughter" he points out. Merlin then added "I won't let Arthur die because he's infatuated with Lady Vivian!" He snaps

Obi Wan places one hand on his shoulder "Patience, young warlock" he begins to reply "The solution lies in a force greater than you or I can understand, a force that has puzzled many minds" he reveals. Merlin, confused, looks up at him once more. "Please, I have very little time" he reminds him. Obi Wan gives a small light chuckle "Why, it is the greatest force of all" he tells him. Merlin tilts his head looking at him curiously. "Love" Obi Wan explains as Merlin is confused even more "Love?" He asks.

Obi Wan nods before he explains himself further "I haven't seen many love enchantments but those that were enacted, were broken when the person that the victim truly loves kissed them and the enchantment was broken. Merlin then blinks in bewilderment as he hears Obi Wan go on "You must find the person Arthur truly loves" he informs him as Merlin nods "And then?" He asks as Obi Wan concludes "One kiss from her will break the enchantment and he will desire Vivian no more" he assures him.

It is that moment that Merlin realises that who needed to bring back with him to Camelot - Gwen! However, how could he convince her to leave Winterfell and come back to Camelot without Anakin and Morgana suspecting anything suspicious and without Gwen finding out Arthur was in love with another girl!

Meanwhile back in Camelot, Arthur had snuck out of the city with Vivian having decided to show her to a beautiful romantic spot perfect for a picnic. Vivian was in awe of how beautiful the forest was and she was captivated once more at being with Arthur. "Arthur, it's beautiful!" She gushes grabbing his arm "You really do care for me" she giggles as he takes her hand "Anything for my lady" he tells her leading her towards a vacant spot by the river hearing the water flow beside them.

Arthur then placed the basket down before he turned to her "Sorry, my brainless servant isn't here to help but we can still have a quiet romantic picnic" he insists. She watches him place a blanket down on the ground before he helped her onto the blanket before sitting down beside her and starting to take the food out of the basket. He takes out one of the strawberries from a small bowl holding it out towards her.

"Strawberry for my love" he smiles seeing her giggle once more excitedly taking the strawberry from him. "Oh Arthur" she gushes as Arthur leans back down on the blanket looking up at her "I only wish to ensure my lady is given everything she needs" he tells her pushing the strawberries towards her as she looks down at her. "This is just perfect, away from my father and allowing our love to grow" she tells him

Arthur shakes his head laughing "Your father doesn't frighten me" he idly confesses placing one hand on her face grinning at her. "I am your love always" he insists seeing her excitedly squeal in delight. "Oh Arthur!" She cried "I thought I'd never hear you say that" she squeals before she threw her arms around him holding him close, she shared a passionate kiss together under the trees with the enchantment strengthening its hold over Arthur.

Meanwhile back in Winterfell, with the knowledge that Merlin needed to find Arthur's true love to break the enchantment, it would convincing them to come home without revealing the truth that would be hard but he needed Gwen's help and he just hoped he would be able to convince her to travel back with him without arousing suspicion.

"Arthur misses me?" Gwen asks in shock, but allowing a small smile to cross her face "Only one month and already he sends you to see me asking me to visit" she notes as Merlin innocently laughs "Well, you know Arthur. He can't even go a day without my help and especially with Anakin and Morgana both being here, he's missing his family and I thought he'd love to see you, it would be a real surprise" he insists seeing her finish putting away Morgana's clean laundry into the wardrobe.

"As much as that does sound like a lovely surprise, I can't just leave Morgana like that even if it was a few days" she insists "How would I even ask her?" She asks right as they heard another voice "Ask her what?" They asks startling both Merlin and Gwen. They turned to see Robb standing there. He slipped off his cloak and gloves hanging them over a nearby chair.

Gwen quickly courtesy to him as Merlin bows hearing Gwen speak 'Sire, is there anything you need?' She asks as Robb shakes his head "Not right now Gwen but Lancelot was just asking where you were, so perhaps you could go see him?" He suggests with a smirk not seeing Merlin keep silent. Seems that Lancelot had been getting more close with Gwen - Arthur would not like that and was quite like Arthur was currently under an enchantment.

Gwen nods "Of course sire, I'll go find him after I find Morgana" she assures her right as another voice spoke "No need to" they said as Merlin looks over to see Morgana enter the room. It had only been at least 2 hours since he left saw her and still he couldn't help but smile seeing her. She slipped off her cloak as she moves over towards Robb.

"Jon and Anakin are still in the training ground much to Bran and Rickon's delight but Arya was just showing me her skills with a bow and arrow. She's getting quite good" she admits as Robb slips a hand in hers "Despite mother's upset, Arya will continue to set out to prove herself" he admits. Morgana grins "Well, I'll continue to help her" she admits before they shared a soft romantic kiss as Merlin and Gwen quietly exited the room leaving them to their privacy.

Merlin moved down the hallway with Gwen, his mind still replaying what he just saw, putting his feelings further and further down. Morgana was happy, in love and adapting well outside of Camelot. Merlin was the first to speak out of him and Gwen. "I thought I'd seen Morgana happy before but what I just saw is something special" he admits as Gwen nods "She's in love. Robb's been kind, protective and sweet with her. I've known Morgana for many years and she may have been afraid about leaving Camelot and living here but she's adapted well" she explains.

Merlin felt sadness within him once more knowing that he definitely would now be just a friend to Morgana and nothing more. He then decided to quickly change the subject back to the reason why he was here. "So, do you think you can come back with me to see Arthur?" He asks deciding to "borrow" on Gwen's words. "You'd make him happy and even though it hasn't been long, he's missing you" he tells her. Gwen is silent for a moment, nervously biting her top lip. She then look-up at Merlin who gave her a sincere friendly smile, one she remembered from when they first met all those years ago in the courtyard.

Merlin grins "So, you'll come back with me for a short visit?" He asks as Gwen sighs "If Morgana is fine with me leaving her for a few days, I'll come back with you" she informs him before she then asks "When would you be leaving?" She asks as Merlin fumbles - he technically should have been heading back tonight to break the enchantment but he wanted to rest and take this chance to see Morgana and Anakin more. "Tomorrow morning" he suggests right as they walked out into the courtyard where Merlin spotted Anakin, Jon and Lancelot laughing and clowning around. Bran and Rickon were no where in sight.

Gwen then spoke "I'll speak to you later tonight Merlin, I'm just going to go do Morgana's laundry" she tells him heading off right as Anakin, Jon and Lancelot all noticed Merlin standing there. "Ah, Merlin!" Jon smiles moving over towards him and giving him a friendly embrace before he grins over at Anakin "Couldn't go even one month without help" he teases Anakin as Anakin only shakes his head. "Merlin's arrival was just as a surprise to me but he's here on behalf of Gaius to see Obi Wan" he explains as Lancelot then asks

"How long are you here for Merlin?" He asks as Merlin smiles "Just for tonight" he replies as Jon smiles once more "Excellent, you'll get to experience a feast at Winterfell once more" he insists as Anakin smiles. "And you don't have to serve us, tonight you have the night off" he tells him as Merlin shrugs grinning "Well, that was would be nice" he admits as Lancelot wraps an around him "It will be nice to have you join us for dinner Merlin. You can join us teasing how many times Robb steals a kiss from Morgana" he points out as Jon then adds "Or how many times Arya avoids eye contact with Anakin" he grins referring to the fact that Arya still had her crush on Anakin.

Anakin shrugs "Now, that I don't mind, she's sweet girl and becoming quite the fighter" he admits as Jon claps a hand on his shoulder "Say that after she beats you in a fight" he teases him as Anakin only laughed before they headed back to return their swords they had been using. Merlin allowed himself to relax more hoping to enjoy the night and also hoping that Arthur, even though he was enchanted, wouldn't get himself into trouble before Merlin could bring his true love to him.

Later that evening, Gwen was helping Morgana prepare for dinner. Morgana sat at her vanity as Gwen combed through her thick black hair. She still hadn't asked Morgana about taking a small break to head back to Camelot and still wasn't sure about how to bring it up, unfortunately the silence was noticed by Morgana. "You seem awfully quiet tonight Gwen, is everything alright?" She asks her before she adds "It was such a surprise seeing Merlin again, I forgot how much I missed him" she confesses.

Gwen nods before she takes a deep breath and stops combing through her hair. "M'lady, I want to ask you something" she tells her seeing Morgana turn towards her, tilting her head curiously "Gwen you know you can ask me anything" she reminds her as Gwen nods. She was right so she didn't know why she was so nervous.

"I…." She stammers trying to find the right words "…I wanted to ask you if you wouldn't mind if I accompanied Merlin back to Camelot tomorrow. He says Arthur is missing me and he wants to surprise him" she informs her. Morgana giggles. That sounded like Merlin even though Anakin and Arthur did tease him, Merlin still cared for them deeply. Morgana nods "Gwen, that sounds like a wonderful idea, of course you can" she tells her giving her a hug. "And you can tell me all about it when you return" she insists.

Gwen nods "Thank you Morgana" she replies as she smiles "Gwen, you're one of my dearest friends and I only want you to be happy just like I am" she tells her unable to believe she was saying those words with the hesitant she had before she married or met Robb and despite her dreams and magical abilities, Robb wanted to look after her just like Anakin and Arthur did. "I appreciate this" she tells her before Morgana moved over towards the dress screen as Gwen followed her to help her change for dinner.

Winterfell was nothing like Camelot, smaller but yet also still felt homey as Merlin noticed. The Starks had made it their home and welcomed Morgana and Anakin like they were extended members of the family. Merlin remembered how nervous Morgana felt about living Camelot, she showed no signs here. He watched her enter the dining hall with her arm through Robb's smiling and confident. She was wearing her long white dress with loose sparkle sleeved and her hair flowing in curls. Anakin stood with Jon, Lancelot and Arya whilst Sansa moved over towards Robb and Morgana as they reached the table.

Captivated by it all, Merlin was startled once more by Gwen. "Quite different isn't it?" She asks as Merlin nods "Definitely and it's only been a month and Anakin and Morgana look like they've been here longer" he points out as Gwen nods. "Morgana's first night here, she was so nervous and when they introduced them as Lord and Lady Stark, you could see her still getting use to that title" she informs him as Merlin nods "I'm still getting use to it" he admits "And Camelot is not the same without Anakin and Morgana, Arthur's less fun" he teases making her laugh looking at him one eyebrow raised

"One month and he's less fun?" She asks adding "Looks like this visit will be what he needed" she adds as Merlin nods "I'm counting on it" he thought right at the moment Anakin, Jon, Arya and Lancelot came over towards them. Jon then looks over at Merlin "So Merlin, how are you finding Winterfell once more?" He asks as Merlin breathes "It's better a second time around, not getting lost" he confesses as Anakin then adds "Well, there's no tavern here for you to sneak off to" he reminds him as Lancelot then had a thought

"No, but we do have drinks right here. Arya, you're welcome to watch us continue our game from last time we were in Camelot" he tells her as Jon then adds "Least Arthur's not here to deny that he's drunk" he grins as Arya then looked up at her brother "Well, I'm thinking Anakin could take you Jon" she teases as he glares back at her "And I wonder why that is?' He asks wrapping an arm around her. Arya looked up at her brother mischievously grinning. "Because he's much stronger and tougher than you" she teases as Merlin sniggers as Anakin looks over at Jon "Even your sister is on my side" he tells him before they all headed over to refresh their drinks for their game.

As night fell over Camelot, Uther entered the dining room hoping to dine with his son and his guests however upon entering the dining room, he only found Olaf and no sign of Vivian or Arthur. "Where is my son and Lady Vivian?" He asks as Olaf shrugs. "I don't know about your son but my daughter is in her chambers getting ready and should be joining us within the next few minutes" he assures him moving over towards the table just as one of Olaf's knights entered the room. He moves over towards him. "Your highness" he spoke in a clear voice as Olaf looks over at him

"Where is Lady Vivian?" He asks as the knight shook his head "I cannot find Lady Vivian, she isn't in her chambers" he reveals as Olaf's eyes widen "What!" He exclaims just at the moment one of Uther's knights enters the chamber. "Your highness, we cannot find Arthur" he reports as Uther sees Olaf glare over at him as Uther realises what Olaf might be thinking.

"I'm sure Arthur's just running a little late from spending most of the day in the training grounds" he insists as Olaf shakes his head "Despite what you think, your son and my daughter are no where to be seen" he states "And you should have warned your son about staying away from my daughter" he insists before he then storms from the chamber leaving Uther to hurry after him hoping to find his son before Olaf did.

Meanwhile, having snuck back into Vivian's chambers moments ago, Arthur turns towards Vivian, who's eyes widen in delight as she wraps her arms around him "My love!" She cried once more seeing him grinning down at her, placing his hands on her face "Always, forever" he promises her before they shared another tender passionate kiss.

Whilst, far from Camelot…..

Cailleach looked through the wishing well at the scene before her - Prince Arthur, in the middle of a make out with Lady Vivian, both the unfortunate victims of her enchantment and given Lady Vivian's over protective father, this would not go down well which was exactly what she wanted and if there was a war between kingdoms, Uther could end up an unfortunate victim and magic could return to the kingdom.

Cailleach then waved her boney hand over the well revealing a furious Olaf storming through the castle with a worried Uther behind them. Hopefully they were moving in the direction of Vivian's chambers where they would catch Arthur and Vivian together.

Back in Camelot…

Arthur and Vivian, had now moved over to the bed, still engaged in their matter, didn't even hear the doors slam over until Olaf spotted them and angrily stormed over towards the bed "I knew it!" He cried. Arthur and Vivian stopped kissing, she then gripped Arthur's hand in excitement "Father!" She happily cried "We've got something to tell you" she reveals as Uther's eyes widen in horror. "Arthur!" He exclaims at the moment Olaf, took off one of his gloves throwing it down at the foot of the bed, signalling he wanted to duel!

Vivian rolls her eyes "Father!" She sighs as Olaf glares over at Arthur. "You once said that if you ever truly offended my honour, then you would happily pay the price" he reminds Arthur "What say you now, Prince Arthur?" He asks as Arthur, one arm still around Vivian, moves off the bed. "How have I offended your honour?' He asks "Surely not with my love alone?" He points out as Olaf scoffs "Love!?" He asks in disbelief "You don't know the first thing about love!" He argues "You're taking advantage of an innocent girl!" He points out

Vivian rolls her eyes grinning "Father" she mutters admitting she was far from being innocent as Uther shook his head "Arthur!" He exclaims unable to believe what he was hearing - he was almost reminding him of how Anakin spoke when he stopped his wedding to Princess Elena and wanted to marry for love. Arthur argues back "I assure you, my feelings for your daughter are as real as they are strong" he insists however, little did any of them know none of Arthur or Vivian's feelings were real. Olaf shakes his head

"Unhand her or suffer the consequences, is this really worth risking your life for?" He asks him seeing Arthur tighten his grip around her waist, other hand in hers as Vivian idly looks up at him "Arthur?" She only asks as Arthur looks down at her before back at Olaf and his father. "Indeed, it is. I would rather die than deny my feelings. I love your daughter with all my heart" he insists before he kisses Vivian once more before he bends down to pick up the glove staring straight back at Olaf signalling he would take up the duel with Olaf for Vivian's hand as Uther could only shook his head once more in disbelief and his other son wasn't here to help snap Arthur out of this crazy situation.

It was late in the evening in Winterfell however for Arya, she was having one of the best nights she had, had in a long time, watching her brother Jon losing and not taking it well. Almost everyone had headed to their rooms, except for herself, Jon, Anakin, Robb, Merlin and Morgana. Morgana sat beside Arya, both unable to contain their laughter as Anakin, Jon and Robb tried another round with the dice.

"I won't lose this time" Jon insists rolling the dice to reveal a two and three making it a total of five. Arya laughed once more "The dices aren't on your side tonight brother" she smirks as he ignores her before handing them to Robb who rolls the dice with a score of six and three giving a score of nine. Robb smirks "That's a role brother" he taunts handing them to Anakin who then rolls two fives making a set of 10. Arya couldn't help but smirk at Jon before she looks back at Anakin. "Good role!" She calls out see him smile back at her before handing the dice to Merlin as he rolled a five and four making a nine.

Anakin nudges Merlin "Nice work there Merlin" he tells him looking over at Jon "Even Merlin is doing better than you Jon" he teases as Jon rolls his eyes taking another sip of his drink right before Morgana came up beside Robb. "Robb, I'm feeling a little tired, I think I might call it a night" she suggests as Robb leans over to give her a kiss on the cheek. "I'll join you, I know when to leave a winner" he smirks to Jon. Robb then looks over at Merlin, "Good to see you again Merlin" he tells him as Morgana gives Merlin a hug "Don't leave without saying goodbye tomorrow" she warns him before Anakin, Jon, Arya and Merlin all watched Robb lead Morgana out of the dining room to their chambers.

Merlin watches her leave before he then realises he should get some rest before his journey back to Camelot, hopefully before it was too late. "I better get some rest too, gotta head back home tomorrow" he admits as Anakin nods. Jon then speaks "I'll show you to your guest chamber" he tells him as Anakin then looks to Arya "Come on, I'll lead you back to your room" he tells her. Arya feels herself smiling once more before she joined Anakin and headed out of the dining room calling it a night.

Next time: As Merlin leaves Winterfell with Gwen, he has no idea how much time is against him until arriving back to Gaius hearing that Arthur is about to duel Olaf for Vivian's love! Can he convince Gwen to help break Arthur of the enchantment whilst in Winterfell, Anakin and Morgana realise they are really not in home anymore but they appreciate their friends the Starks and Morgana loves her new husband Robb and finally, Palpatine and Morgause seek refuge in a new city and a potential new ally!