Chapter 64: Arthur's True Love

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Morning came too quickly for Merlin once he realised he was in Winterfell. He had a late night with Anakin, Robb, Jon and Lancelot and wished he could sleep in longer but he then remembered why he was here and that time was not on his side. He needed to get back to Camelot with Gwen and break the enchantment on Arthur. He only hoped he had could break the enchantment before Gwen discovered the real reason why he had come to bring her from Winterfell.

Jon and Lancelot had brought Merlin's horse and one of their own horses from the stables for Gwen to ride as Merlin said his goodbyes to Anakin, Morgana and Robb. "It was so good to see you Merlin" Morgana smiles before she gave him a hug as Anakin then gives him a hug "Don't be a stranger to visit again" he tells him as Merlin smiles "I'll be back shortly to escort Gwen home" he reminds them.

Anakin grins looking over at Gwen "If Arthur lets Gwen come back" he teases sharing a smirk with Robb who quietly sniggers in response before he slips an arm around Morgana's waist ahead of shaking Merlin's hand. "You're always welcome here in Winterfell Merlin" he tells him. Merlin nods "Thank you Robb" he replies. It had only been a month since Morgana left and Merlin attempted to forget his feelings for her and he was still working out his attitude to Robb who was being nothing but friendly.

It was at that moment Gwen in her pale pink dress with light shawl moved over towards them with part of her curly hair held up in a bun with the rest falling past her shoulders. Merlin smiles despite the enchantment, when it broke Arthur was not going to be believe his eyes. "Gwen you look lovely" he tells her seeing her blush as Lancelot nods "She really does" he echoes as Morgana moves over towards her friend giving her a hug

"Have a lovely time with Arthur" she says as Gwen smiles "Thank you Morgana" she replies before Lancelot helps her up onto her horse just as Merlin gets up on his horse and Jon, Lancelot, Anakin, Morgana and Robb watched Merlin and Gwen ride out of Winterfell heading back home to Camelot not knowing the real reason for Merlin's surprise visit.

As Merlin and Gwen made their way back to Camelot, Arthur was waking up ready to fight to declare his love for Lady Vivian despite his father insisting he call off this fight and trying to knock some sense into him however Uther had no done well in trying to convince his son to back down

Flashback - Last Night

Uther paced up and down once more in his son's chambers attempting to keep his frustrations under control as Arthur idly flopped onto his bed. "It's no good" Uther tells his son "Olaf will not resend the challenge, he says its his honour that has been tainted" he explains "He demands recommence" he informs him as Arthur innocently smiles over at his father

"You didn't have to do that father" he replies as Uther's eyes widen over at his son in horror. "The fight is to the death!" He exclaims "What did you think you were doing?" He asks adding "Did you even think about what your brother may do if you lose this battle?" He asks him seeing his son now standing before him giving his father a shrug

"You cannot help who you fall in love with" he replies going on "Anakin stopped his wedding because he was in love with another girl, he would be proud of what I was standing up for" he reminds him as Uther sighs once more "You do realise that your actions are going to destroy peace and bring war to Camelot" he warns

Arthur innocently shrugs once more "I'm happy to fight for what I believe in" he only replies as Uther is unable to believe what he is hearing. "What's happened to you?" He asks him "Is this acting out because you miss your brother and Morgana?" He asks however Arthur gives him an innocently pleasant smile

"It's Lady Vivian" he replies "Nothing more" he says before he starts to move away still grinning "Yet who could wish for more" he mutters. Uther, still unable to believe what he was hearing and finding himself overwhelmed without the help of his other son Anakin or Morgana and without another word storms from his son's chamber just as Arthur flops down onto his bed idly unaware of just what he was getting into.

End of flashback

The crowds had made their way through the city towards the stadium to watch the fight between King Olaf and Prince Arthur. Gaius was becoming worried because Merlin was still not back from Winterfell and Gaius feared with Arthur under his enchantment it wouldn't be a fair fight and so as Gaius arrived at the stadium seeing everyone take their seats with Uther already standing before his seat and King Olaf and Prince Arthur standing in their chainmail waiting to fight. Lady Vivian smiling, nervous but eyes only for Arthur. There were also two empty seats to Uther's left and right, which would have been where Anakin and Morgana sat.

Uther swallowed the lump in his throat before he spoke to address the crowds who were all now in their seats. "King Olaf has demanded recommence" he informs them crowd "By the ancient laws of Camelot, the matter will be settled by three stages" he informs them as Olaf glances over at Arthur who was giving him a goofy playful grin hearing Uther go on "The weapons chosen are the quarter staff" he tells them as Arthur holds up his quarterstaff he was holding as Uther went on "The mace and sword" he pauses before he goes on "The fight will be to the knight's rule and to the death" he concludes

Olaf keeps a stern stoic look as Uther looks sombre and still hoping his son would come to his senses whilst Arthur idly and playful looks over at Vivian who gives him a sweet smile. "Are we all clear?" He asks them. Arthur simply innocently nods,Vivian playfully grins as her father only gives a small stern nod before Uther raises his hand just as one knight places an hour glass on the barrier right at the moment Uther brings his hand down to begin the fight taking his seat just as Olaf wasted no time moving into his fighting position with his quarter staff turning towards Arthur.

He lunges towards Arthur who is given seconds to react and instantly turns towards him raising his quarter staff to block Olaf's first strike, Arthur, his hands gripping his staff locks eyes with Olaf. Olaf raises his quarter staff high bringing it towards Arthur who raises his staff high above his head blocking another strike. Arthur then brings his quarter staff towards Olaf's chest causing him to jump back as Arthur raises his staff aiming towards his face causing him to pull back as Arthur then cheekily smirks over at Vivian blowing her a kiss seeing her grinning excitedly however this only annoyed her father more who tightened his grip on his staff as Uther could only watch on in silence as Olaf strikes again, his staff clashing against Arthur's who stumbles and was pushed back by Olaf. Arthur twirls to avoid a blow as Vivian watches on as he dodges another two more strikes from her father.

The crowd suddenly gasps as they see Olaf's staff come within inches of Arthur's face before they both step back from each other and encircle each other. Arthur steps forward raising his staff to clash against Olaf's who blocks each strike until Arthur then sees an opening and brings his staff towards his opponent's stomach causing Olaf's to hunch over as Arthur smiling turns towards Vivian seeing her and the crowd begin to clap excitedly.

However, in his distraction, Arthur didn't see Olaf regain himself and bring his staff around in one clean strike towards the back of Arthur's legs knocking him to the ground. The crowd gasps in shock as Arthur lays on the ground seeing Olaf move closer towards him preparing to deliver another blow. His staff begins to lower towards Arthur who is quicker and brings his staff up to block the strike.

Arthur raises one leg to kick Olaf away who cries out and allowed Arthur to jump to his feet. He knocks his staff into his face as Vivian watches on in horror as their staffs block each other's parries right before Olaf manages to land a blow against to the prince's side seeing him silently gasp in shock right at the moment the sand in the hour glass has run out. The crowd, thinking Olaf's managed to injure the prince watches as he gets to his feet. He looks over at Vivian who tilts her head curiously thinking he's been here at the moment the knight taps the glass on the hour glass to signal the round is over.

It is then Arthur cheekily grins revealing his now broken staff, which was snapped in two. Vivian smiles once more with glee as both opponents head off to rest and recover before the next round.

Meanwhile, Merlin and Gwen didn't stop riding from the moment they left Winterfell. They rode through the trees and across the wide grass plains until they finally saw the Camelot castle in sight. When they finally arrived back in Camelot, Merlin found there was no one in the village, confused. Merlin gets off his horse before he notices two Camelot guards standing at their post.

"Excuse me, where is everyone?" He asks as one of the guards looks down at him. "King Olaf issued a fight with Prince Arthur demanding recommence" he informs him as Merlin's eyes widen "Recommence for what?" He asks as the other guard spoke up "The Prince was found in Lady Vivian's chambers last night" he replies. Merlin shakes his head - he had hoped to get to Arthur before anything bad happened. He didn't need to look up at Gwen to know she had heard the guard's words.

"Merlin?" She softly asks as Merlin moves over towards her, helping her off the horse. "We need to get to Arthur now!" He tells her grabbing her hand as they raced towards the stadium however Gwen wanted to get some answers before they went any further.

"Merlin!" She cries however Merlin wasn't listening as Gwen tries again "Merlin! Stop!" She cries managing to pull her hand from Merlin's causing him to stop "Gwen! We need to find Arthur before it's too late" he tells her as Gwen shook her head. "No Merlin!" She cries "You tell me why did the guard say Arthur was Lady Vivian's chambers last night?" She asks. Merlin runs a hand through his hair knowing they didn't have time for this

Gwen then goes on "You said Arthur misses me and yet he's been seen with another girl. Did he even ask for you to bring me here?" She asks trying to hold back her tears as Merlin sighs "Gwen, please you just need to trust that Arthur still has feelings for you!" He cries as Gwen shakes her head "It seems he has feelings for Lady Vivian!" She cries as Merlin knowing they were running out of time suddenly blurts out "Because he's enchanted!" He reveals stunning Gwen before she then argues back

"Yes, with Lady Vivian, I heard the guard!" She snaps as Merlin sighs in frustration before he argues back "No! Literally enchanted!" He cries "His feelings aren't genuine!" He insists as Gwen looks at her friend. She wanted to believe him and Arthur did promise after Sophia he wouldn't do it again. She then heard Merlin go on

"Gwen, none of his feelings are real" he explains "But if the you do not break the spell, his death will be!" He cries seeing her nervously bit her top lip hearing him go on "Search your heart, you know who he loves" he tells her. Gwen looks back at Merlin locking eyes with him and there was something in his eyes which told her to believe him and without saying another word, Gwen takes off past Merlin leaving him with no choice but to run after her in the direction of the stadium hoping to stop Arthur's fight against King Olaf.

As Gwen and Merlin raced to stop Arthur, he was resting and being checked over by Gaius, who was discovering that when Olaf broke his quarterstaff against his side, the impact did more than just broke his staff.

Gaius was inspecting Arthur's side as Arthur leaned to the side, holding his shirt slightly up to Gaius could touch his skin. He gently prodded his side feeling there wasn't something quite right. Gaius then looks up at the young prince.

"One of your ribs is broken sire" he informs him as Arthur gives him a goofy playful grin "Nothing can hurt me today Gaius" he only replies. "I'm invisible" he informs him as Gaius looks back at him confused and unable to respond as Arthur then suddenly and unexpectedly leans forwards and places both hands on Gaius's face. "Love really can conquer all Gaius" he tells him as Gaius is unable to respond hearing him go on "It's true" he gushes before Arthur then lets go of his face getting to his feet to start getting re dressed in his armour.

Gaius, worried for Arthur's life and knowing that he already had one broken rib, he was only going to injure himself more. "Are you sure you can carry on sir?" He asks as Arthur continued to get re dressed in his armour. "As long as I have Vivian to gaze at, I can conquer the world" he smirks as he finishes putting his armour back on looking back at Gaius "Besides, the mace is my forte, you'll see" he confidently replies before Gaius watches the prince head back out towards the stadium for the second round.

Minutes later…..

Barely minutes into the second round, and Arthur suddenly felt the brunt and sharpness of the mace Olaf was swinging as it hit his stomach. Arthur gritted his teeth however he remained standing determined to continue the fight. Vivian watches on in horror as her father begins to swing his mace towards Arthur, who jumps back to avoid another blow but Olaf doesn't stop moving closer towards Arthur swinging his mace. His mace clashes against Arthur's shield before Olaf swings the mace again, this time landing another blow in his stomach

Arthur stumbles but refuses to give up as he hears Olaf's mace clashing against his shield as Vivian can only watch on in worry seeing Arthur bravely lift his mace and through his helmet he moves towards Olaf swinging his mace as his father, face full of concern leans forward in his seat. Olaf swings his mace as Arthur backs further away, mace clashing against each other's shields. Arthur twirls around, swinging his mace to clash with his opponent's shield before he jumps back to avoid another strike

Olaf swings his mace as Arthur raises his shield before Arthur swings his mace spinning it towards Olaf who quickly blocks his strike just as Arthur sees an opening and kicks Olaf square in the chest. The crowd gasps as they see Olaf turn his back on Arthur allowing Arthur to aim squarely for his back. He fells to his knees as the crowd starts to clap as Arthur grins through his helmet eyes locked for Vivian who excitedly claps with glee

However the victory was short lived for Arthur, who did not see Olaf get to his feet and little time to react. He grunts as Olaf's mace hits Arthur's shield. He crashes through the shield and leaving Arthur little time to push him, he raises his mace again to bring it down on Arthur's shoulder armour splitting it from his shoulder. Arthur stumbles and falls down onto the ground. Uther can only watch as his son tries to crawl away seeing Olaf, swinging his mace edge towards him.

The crowd watches in baited breath including Uther and Vivian as Olaf slowly steps towards Arthur who watches him begin to swing his mace around once more preparing to bring it down on his opponent. His eyes locked with Arthur's when suddenly the timer sounds and the hour glass is once again empty revealing the end of the round. Uther breathes a sigh of relief as Arthur relaxes back. One more round to go, the question was, would Arthur even survive the final round?

When Merlin and Gwen finally arrived at the stadium they found the round to be over and Arthur had headed back to his tent to be checked over once more by Gaius. Merlin looks over at his friend who was feeling even more nervous then she did when they first arrive. Merlin sees her take a deep breath before she storms straight for Arthur's tent.

As she reaches the tent, she sees Gaius coming out from the tent taking him by surprise but he was also slightly relieved because if Gwen was here, then Merlin was back and had found his answer from Obi Wan. He watches her brush past him and enters the tent seeing Arthur slipping his red shirt back on. He smiles over at her as she enters

"Ah, you're here to wish me good luck?" He asks "Cause I really don't think I need any" he boasts. Gwen shakes her head realising that Merlin was right and Arthur was enchanted because she had been gone a month and Arthur didn't react to her being in front of him.

Gwen shakes her head "No Arthur, I've not come to wish you good luck" she simply informs him as Arthur looks slightly offended. "Well honestly that's rather rude" he grumbles as Gwen decided to end this. "Then let me make amends" she simply replies moving straight for him, her arms on his shoulders, pushing him back into the wooden post which was supporting the tent before he feels Gwen's lips touch his in a tender, romantic sudden kiss taking him completely by surprise.

However, instead of pushing her away, Arthur felt his eyes close and allowed the kiss to continue as Gwen continued to passionately kiss. As the kiss drew on, the enchantment started to weaken as Gwen then felt Arthur lean her back wrapping one arm around her waist and the other at the top of her back, gently resting at the back of her head, eyes closed, lips locked in a passionate kiss. It was a private and intimate moment and as Gwen slowly opened her eyes finding herself in his arms and staring up at him, as he was giving her his familiar lovingly smile he had always given her, she had realised the enchantment had been broken.

"Guinevere" he breathes before he looks at her confused "What are you…" he starts to ask before she then sees him gasp and moan in pain. It appeared that with the enchantment broken not only was his feelings for Vivian gone but all the pain from the two rounds against Olaf was hitting him hard. "What am I doing?" He asks her as Gwen looks at him with worry. "You're in a fight" she reminds him "To the death" she breathes. as she sees his eyes widen in horror "But….." He breathes as Gwen places a hand on his face "There isn't any time" she insists softly stroking his neck.

"Just….." She pauses "Live for me Arthur, that's all I ask right now" she tells him. She still couldn't believe after all this time she was saying these words and to a prince however with Merlin telling her about the enchantment and true love, she realised she too, was in love with Arthur. It was just at that moment the horns sounded to informing everyone the final round was due to start. Hopefully, Arthur would be able to focus on the round and perhaps win the fight.

Knowing that Arthur needed to see the fight through to the end, hopefully without dying or killing Vivian's father, Arthur, now back in his armour walked back out towards the stadium with Merlin by his side. He was surprised to see Merlin having noticed his absence which he will question him further about later. Merlin held onto Arthur's helmet as they reached the edge of the stadium at the same time Gwen heads into the stands to take a seat on the edge, close to the front.

Arthur then looks over at Merlin "Merlin, if anything should happen to me" he begins to say "Look after Guinevere" he informs him as Merlin looks at him shocked, unable to respond as Arthur then goes on "The world may think she is just a servant and dispensable" he says before he smiles shaking his head "But she's not dispensable to me" he confesses as Merlin feels a smile cross his face - the enchantment was broken, Arthur was back to his old self and in love with Gwen as it was before Vivian came to Camelot with her father.

Merlin smiles back at his friend before he takes the helmet from him to place it over his head before minutes later the hour glass was turned over and the round began.

Arthur and Olaf's swords clashed as Olaf lunged forward as Uther is forced to watch once more as his friend aims his sword for his son's shoulder who was able to successfully block the strike as Vivian can only watch on in concern as the two swords clash again as Arthur side steps another strike from Olaf, his sword hits his opponent as Uther watches as they both pressed on - Uther noticed that somehow he noticed his son was fighting a little more better than the previous rounds.

Arthur begins to feel the strain his injuries were giving him and looks over at Gwen locking eyes with him where he then found the strength to press on with the fight however Olaf, showing that he was much stronger and more determination, managed to knock Arthur onto his back. Uther, now back on his feet, full of worry watches Olaf stand over Arthur, who's eyes widen before he then kicks Olaf in the stomach causing him to fall over Arthur and onto the ground. Arthur jumps up onto his feet as Uther and Vivian both watch Arthur, sword in hand aims it over Olaf's chest.

Arthur stares down at him, his sword hovering over his chest as he looks up at him now suddenly fearing for his life as Gwen watches on with worry. Merlin too watches and wonders just what was Arthur about to do. Vivian leans forward in her seat as Arthur slowly loosens his grip pulling his sword away from Olaf's chest as he looks up at him confused as Arthur plants his sword in the ground beside him.

He looks around at the crowd. "I have been foolish and dishonoured our guest while they have been here!" He declares reaching for one of Olaf's hands to help him up. "King Olaf, I want to apologise for my behaviour and offending your honour" he tells him "And I'm sorry. I hope you can forgive me" he insists as Olaf looks over at the young man with a glare before he then takes the prince's hand to shake as the crowd began to clap and Uther feels a smile cross his face as Vivian excitedly claps once more as Arthur looks around at the crowd before he locked eyes with Gwen who gives him a small sweet smile. The enchantment was broken and Gwen realised now that she was Arthur's true love.

A short time later, Arthur, still unable to believe that Gwen was here in Camelot, had asked her up to his chambers. As Gwen enters his quarters, she found him leaning against his table, holding one single long stemmed red rose in his hand.

Arthur then moved over towards her holding out the rose towards her watching as she took the rose. "Arthur" she smiles before he wraps his arms around her lovingly staring down at her. "I can't believe you're here" he admits "I didn't think I'd see you for a while" he confesses as Gwen places a hand on his face, giving him a smile

"Well, when Merlin came to say how much you missed me, I was surprised but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I was missing you too" she replies adding "And then when we got to Camelot I realised what was really going on" seeing Arthur lowering his head before he sighs. "Gwen" he softly whispered before he lifts his head to look at her.

"I want you to know that I've only ever had feelings for you" he reminds her "That my feelings for…." He pauses before he then goes on "I know it's not the first time where I've found myself captivated by another girl but in both those situations, my feelings were not real" he says before he then gently touches his chin. "I've never loved another" he insists. Gwen is lost for words "Oh Arthur" she breathes "I never thought I'd hear you say that given our situation" she admits referring to what would happen if Uther would find out. "Our time together will one day past" she reveals as Arthur holds her close.

"I refuse to believe that. I love only you Gwen. My brother only loves Padme, Morgana fall in love with Robb, I should be allowed to be with who I love" he tells her holding her close, his head resting on top of her head as she rests her head against his chest. "I'll only love you Gwen" he tells her before he looks down at her with a smile before she felt his gentle lips touch his in a tender romantic kiss.

Meanwhile, Merlin had only been back a few hours in Camelot and Arthur had wasted no time in ensuring he had plenty of work to do to make up for his time away in Winterfell. He was just re entering his and Gaius's chambers after he had finished cleaning and polishing Arthur's armour from the fight, with a little magic help to help with the repairs sustained in the fight. He also ensured all of Arthur's laundry was up to date.

He was tired and starving when he arrived back at his chambers and was relieved when he found that Gaius was preparing a late lunch for them. Gaius looks over at him as he enters seeing how tired and worn the young boy looked. "No rest for you after your journey" he notes as Merlin sighs taking a seat "When Arthur realised where I really was even if it did help him win his fight" he explains "He insisted that I repair, clean and polish his armour, ensure all his laundry and room were cleaned and the stables were cleaned" he tells him.

Gaius then places a plate of food down in front of him before smiles "Well, Arthur might not tell you how grateful he is, but I'm proud of you" he tells him "And that your trip to Winterfell gave you the answers you needed to break Arthur's enchantment" he tells him. Merlin nods "Obi Wan was very helpful. He explained that it was true love's kiss that was needed to break the enchantment and it was kind of Morgana to allow Gwen to come back with me not knowing the real reason" he informs him taking a piece of chicken off his plate to eat.

"They seem to be coping well up in Winterfell, Anakin and Morgana" he admits as Gaius takes a seat at the table hearing Merlin go on "It was nice to see them again" he adds as Gaius nods "It has been different without them but hopefully one day we will see them back in Camelot again" he replies starting to eat his food as Merlin nods. He didn't know when that would be but he did believe that day would come however he was looking forward to seeing them when he escorted Gwen back to Winterfell tomorrow.

Arthur wanted to spend the rest of the day with Gwen which meant he wasn't ensuring Merlin was working and he would enjoy his food before he continued on with his chores. He was just relieved to be back home and Arthur was back to his normal unenchanted self.

Meanwhile, beyond Camelot's border, deep within in her cave, Cailleach, had been watching the fight through her looking veil and she had known the moment she felt her enchantment break over Arthur by true love's kiss.

"Arthur Pendragon" she spat in a cold voice her teeth sneered "You may have escaped me this time but your future will indeed be a dark one" she spoke in a cold voice. She couldn't believe her enchantment failed, if she had known Arthur had a true love she would have attempted the destruction of Camelot another way.

It was then Cailleach realised she did have another way and one that not even Uther would see coming thinking that when he banned magic, everything died. Cailleach moved over to another part of her cave, where she had taken in a small dragon years ago and had raised it to full size. The dragon innocently looks up at him having come to see her as his mother. She placed a hand on his scaly skin.

"You will help me bring about the destruction of Camelot my sweet" she smirks seeing the dragon raise its head before she leads the dragon down the entrance of the cave towards the setting sun. Once outside of the cave, Cailleach watched the dragon extended his wings, flapping in the wind as they prepare to take flight.

"Ensure nothing is left of Camelot my pet" she replies before she watches him start to take flight into the sky in the direction of Camelot. "Uther Pendragon" she spoke in a cold voice "You have seen so many of my kind dead, now you watch your people die and your kingdom burn" she declares before she retreats back into her cave.

Whilst, far away from Camelot and Winterfell altogether, Palpatine and Morgause were seeking a potential new ally to help them take down Uther Pendragon. Uther had his alliance with Ned Stark in Winterfell, Palpatine and Morgause decided to venture to the city known as King's Landing to visit Cersei Lannister, wife and Queen to the King Robert Baratheon. Palpatine hoped they could sway Cersei to help them and allow them refuge in King's Landing until they were able to devise a plot greater than the last one in which would ensure Uther's sons would ensure their father's death.

King's Landing was far larger and greater than Camelot, with many many people living in the city. Palpatine and Morgause kept their hoods up over their heads hiding their faces as they made their way through the crowds and followed the path to the palace.

Once they had made their way to the palace, they had sought an audience with the Queen. The King's guard, who was also Cersei's brother Jaime Lannister was curious and unsure as to why these two strangers wanted an audience with his sister however Palpatine insisted that it was a matter of great importance and the formation of a new alliance.

Jaime escorted them to the throne room where Cersei had been informed of their arrival. She stood by the throne which had been named the Iron Throne, and silently watched them enter. Jaime stood at the back of the throne room as Palpatine and Morgause slowly approached her stopping just meters of the steps to the throne.

"Your highness" Palpatine spoke in a cold but firm voice "Thank you for seeing us" he tells her as Cersei looks down at him giving him a small smile. "I must admit I was surprised when the Kings guard informed me that we had two visitors in our kingdom who wanted to meet with me" she says tilting her head "But I don't understand why" she admits.

Morgause then pushes back her hood, revealing her long blond hair flowing down her back, "What do you know of Uther Pendragon of Camelot?" She asks her eyes piercing straight at hers as Cersei scoffs "The King who banned all magic and who's ward recently married Ned Stark's son Robb" she replies as Morgause detected a sense of disgust in her voice as Palpatine spoke

"I take it you are not fond of the Pendragons or Starks?" He asks as Cersei shrugs "I never said I didn't like them, it's what I fear they mean for my family and could they be a possible threat" She replies as Palpatine smirks. "The future is uncertain but it's not what Uther or Ned could do, it's what their children might do" he warns him "Align with us and my companion and I will ensure that the Starks and Pendragons pose no threat to you and your family" he promises

Jaime watches his sister who briefly glances over at him before she looks back at Palpatine and Morgause. She then moves down the stoned steps from the throne towards them. "I'm holding you to your word. I will help you in anyway necessary to ensure that the Pendragons and Starks are no threat to my family, my people or my kingdom" she states.

Palpatine and Morgause both exchanged smirk with each other before they turned back to Cersei. "Your alliance with us will allow us to devise a plot that will ensure your kingdom will be safe and our revenge on Uther Pendragon will be complete" Palpatine promises before they shook hands with Cersei. The path to Uther's demise was clear once again.

Next time: With Palpatine and Morgause's new alliance with Cersei Lannister, they begin to form a new plan however they are unaware of a surprise dragon attack on Camelot which threatens to burn Uther's city to the ground which sees Uther send Arthur and Merlin looking for help at Gaius's advice, seeking out Daenerys, the Mother of Dragons. However will she help them in their time of need or allow Camelot to burn? And a new dream for both Anakin and Morgana has them fearing for their family and friends

Next time: As Merlin leaves Winterfell with Gwen, he has no idea how much time is against him until arriving back to Gaius hearing that Arthur is about to duel Olaf for Vivian's love! Can he convince Gwen to help break Arthur of the enchantment whilst in Winterfell, Anakin and Morgana realise they are really not in home anymore but they appreciate their friends the Starks and Morgana loves her new husband Robb and finally, Palpatine and Morgause seek refuge in a new city and a potential new ally!